Black Lives Matter Founder Cries About Mean Right-Wingers on Social Media

The mean right-wingers are pointing out that it’s a little rich for Patrisse Cullors to purchase millions of dollars worth of real estate while she bloviates about HER struggling black people.

Cullors wants you to believe she is the victim!

I thought this story had gone away a week ago when Candace Owens called her out, called her a typical Marxist enriching herself while claiming to work for the little people.

Owens went one step further and asked if she found white people so racist why did she buy a $1.4 million dollar home in a ritzy white community in California?

Why doesn’t she want to live with black people? Owens asked.

By the way, in case you’re wondering why no post here since Friday, it is because I had to hop over to Refugee Resettlement Watch to report on another humorous situation, this time, the mess the flip-flopping Biden/Harris administration is making of the Refugee Program—all immigration in fact.

Oh joy! They have succeeded in royally pissing-off their NO Borders base.

You may have seen the news on cable TV yesterday when Biden finally admitted there was a crisis at the border and that they couldn’t do two things at once.  Be afraid, be very afraid.

Here is what I wrote over the weekend.  And, I will have more today.

Biden/Harris Make a Hash of Refugee Plan; Infuriate Their Friends


Back to BLM and Marxist Patrisse Cullors!

We have to stay focused on white supremacy she says! 

From The Independent

Black Lives Matter founder breaks down in interview over right-wing attacks on her new home

Black Lives Matter (BLM) co-founder Patrisse Cullors held back tears while discussing criticism she faced last week over her housing portfolio, worth $3m (£2.17m).

Her $1.4 million digs near Los Angeles—helping black people, aka her family, she says.

Ms Cullors, 37, who created the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter in 2013 and later co-founded the Black Lives Matter Network, was criticised last week after the New York Post revealed that she had spent $1.4m (£1.017m) on a Los Angeles property, her third residence in the city and fourth overall.

She has bought two other homes in the Los Angeles area over the last few years, which sit in her portfolio alongside a 3.2-acre property in Georgia that she purchased for $415,000 (£301,950).

She says attacks on her are racist, but WTH Whitlock is black and so is Candace.

Questions were raised about how the director of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation had acquired the funds to pay for the properties, with Black sports journalist Jason Whitlock accusing her and other BLM founders of “making millions of dollars off the backs of these dead Black men who they wouldn’t spit on if they were on fire and alive”.

However, during an interview with Marc Lamont Hill for Black News Tonight on Thursday, Ms Cullors described the scrutiny over her homes as a “racist and sexist” attack by the “right-wing media”.

Ms Cullors also rejected claims that the purchases go against her self-described ideology as a “trained Marxist”, explaining that she bought the homes for her family, and defines her wealth “as my family’s money, as well”.

She added: “I think that is critique that is wanting. The way that I live my life is a direct support to Black people, including my Black family members, first and foremost.


“We have to stay focused on white supremacy,’ she added as she urged people to ‘see through the right-wing lies,’” Ms Cullors added.

What lies?

Cullors, with tears trickling, claims she has had to hire security because of the verbal attacks.

More here.

Now watch Candace Owens on Tucker last week.  She is so good!


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25 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter Founder Cries About Mean Right-Wingers on Social Media

  1. Dear Patrisse:

    Take your ill gotten gains, and the big bucks you scammed for from the pig trough, and go FAUCI yourself..

    In fact, please take him with you..

    These people are disgusting trash..

    And yes, this is the nicest thing I can say about these people..

  2. Funny how these SJWs can dish it out , but are such sensitive little flowers when they get it back ! As to helping blacks–her family. But surely this dedicated, “trained Marxist ” should know, that in Socialism the State IS the family. Your fellow travellers are your family. Individuals do not matter.Blood ties do not matter. You are as guilty of fraud by using money raised to help the proletariat on your blood relatives under socialism as under a democratic state. ( apart from Democrats who are exempt from prosecution for fraud, jobbery, swindling.)The only way Cullors Khan can clear her socialist conscience is to throw open these big houses to tghev million + immigrants her “president ” is welcoming into the country.

      1. She wouldn’t even do that for black homeless people. People have suggested she do it before. She did finally get kicked out of Black Lies Matter that racist, terrorist, hate group though because of her fraudulent actions. She’s also been caught defrauding one of her charities which is supposed to help black and minority group American prisoners.

        1. If any of our charities excluded others of a different color…..they would be all over it calling us “racists’. Actually….they call us that no matter what.

          I want everyone to recall this statement that was a staple for Obama…..” IN CHAOS, THERE IS OPPORTUNITY.”

          I think what has been happening since Joe stole the election with corrupt machines and people, proves that statement.

  3. My response to this story: OH, BOO-HOO! POOR LITTLE RICH GIRL….TRYING TO BRING DOWN AMERICA WITH HER MARXIST CRAPOLA and want us to feel bad for her.
    What needs to be done is the less well off Black people need to storm her mansions…and use it to live the good life while babbling about how unfairly they are treated.

    I thought when President Trump was gone…the rioters’ TDS would go away…..when actually it has become a full blown official mental illness. There seems to be no cure in sight.

  4. I did not know the BLM chapter of NYC, who are demanding her answers on these house purchases in white @hoods, were White Supremacists ?

  5. Thank you Ann for this video of this poor little rich black girl fake crying. This was hilarious and the funniest thing I have seen all month. I got a good laugh out of her
    victimhood. Surely her supporters and fundraisers can see thru this little drama?

    1. She only got rich through lying and defrauding the organisations she worked for in the first place. She is a blatant racist and I have no time for her.

  6. Ann:

    Thank you for the information that others will not report. Amazing how some cry when they have been caught with their fingers in the cookie jar.

    Candace calls out those who do wrong no matter who they are.

    1. SJWs try to pick on me for telling the truth about George Fentanyl Floyd. They always retreat when I use facts and the truth to hand their arses to them. Facts and truth don’t care about people’s feelings.

    1. Thanks, yes, I saw it. And think how they used the poor man’s death as a prop for their Trump impeachment proceedings. Shameful!

  7. I know I’m preaching to the choir, here, but I recently was “warned” by the Nextdoor neighborhood app. It’s been a nice tool to see what’s happening in your neighborhood: prowlers, bobcat and coyote sightings, restaurant openings/closings, and traffic and zoning issues. But, someone recently mentioned stopping in traffic to save a turtle. Of course, I responded that all lives matter and noted that most of us really do believe in the sanctity of life. I was thinking of preborn babies, elderly, handicapped, etc. But, Foolish Nextdoor.
    Surprised when I stated “all lives matter” about someone saving a member of wildlife (a turtle) from oncoming traffic and I received a warning message that it could be an offensive statement! Today I see this: Nextdoor has been a helpful tool for our community. Bye, bye Nextdoor. The ridiculous warning on a statement that all life is sacred and matters is outrageous and, more than that, foolish.
    Of course, most of the folks in the neighborhood responded with shock and dismay at the censorship, except one who gave me a list of articles to read which explain why saying “all lives matter” is something only the ignorant and uninformed would do. I lost one job because I wrote on Refugee Resettlement Watch anonymously about the fraud I saw in that industry. I sure would hate to lose another job, but, here goes, and, under my real name:
    Nope, not ignorant; and my Sudanese, Nigerian, Eritrean, and South American friends wouldn’t consider me ignorant or racist, either. BLM is a Marxist group whose intent is to race bait; it has nothing to do with not hurting the feelings of people who are black or brown; we are ALL differing shades of brown. It has to do with division, discord, compliance, race baiting, fear, and control. BLM is disrespectful and ignorant of basic concepts like the sanctity of (all) life, the brotherhood of man, freedom of speech, freedom to disagree, the sovereignty of God (man is not God, God is). I will not be silenced and don’t care whom I may offend. This is a matter of personal integrity for me. Will not comply. Lose friends, lose family, lose a job. No matter. My integrity is too important

    1. Good for you! I hope a lot of people see your comment. Maybe put it on Nextdoor (or did you?). Just kidding! Don’t do it! There are some really unhinged and dangerous people lurking it seems everywhere!

      1. Oh, yes, I put it all on Nextdoor; the complaint I made to Nextdoor for “warning” me, the lame response from Nextdoor educating me on why “all lives matter” is so insensitive and offensive, and my final response. So, yes, it’s on Nextdoor along with my name and neighborhood. So over all this. Not looking for trouble or a fight; I’m a little old lady, but, I plan to die with integrity. All Lives Matter! And, Biden is not my President. :-/

        1. Look forward to hearing what kind of response you get! Please keep us posted.

        2. The “all lives matter ” hooey is sickening when you you see the numbers of aborted babies every day….AND TAXPAYERS ARE PAYING FOR IT!!! My body, my choice!
          They can take the choice not to get pregnant in the first place.

          I hear a lot of the Left wailing that we’re taking away their rights to kill unborn children. What is the choice for the helpless human in their womb that they carelessly created?
          Not one of the people talking about -LEFT OR RIGHT – are mentioning these women have a choice.
          Number one is there is birth control pills on every street corner …..they have a choice…they are lying about that. With birth control there is no baby to kill.
          Men can use condoms.
          This isn’t about killing babies…..this is about graduating to euthanasia of the elderly or infirm…..Obama and his ghouls were pushing that hard when he was in office. People keep forgetting that.

          “My body, my Choice.” Does not apply to vaccines. Total hypocrites.

          This is about who they intend to control who lives or dies…..the ultimate control.

          This now includes the vaccine…..people are dying because of the vaccine and preventing our population from getting herd immunity.

          All of this is very Hitler-like. And God is not pleased.

    2. I am of the same ilk as you. When I see something ….I say something.
      My final straw was when the Marxists decided to rename Mothers as “Birthing persons.”

      They’ve gotten away with so much violence and destruction they now feel empowered to start changing the meaning of anything they want.

      I am a Mother of 4 grown kids. I was not and never will be their “birthing person.” Mother” is full of meaning….we carried them in our body….we went through many changes in our bodies, we got no sleep during the first six months of them adjusting to not being in a warm safe space next to our beating hearts.

      Birthing person sounds like the nurse in the hospital….without all the love and work of rearing a child.

      They want us all to not share the same language and continue their mental illness on full display.

      We are swiftly becoming the Tower of Babel. And the Biden/Obama/Soros administration is accelerating it every day.

      Don’t give in.

  8. Love your attitude & determination marilou. If we were all so brave, we might not be in this fix that we are in.

  9. I can’t stand that woman. She is a trained liar. She’s been caught at least three times now being dishonest and committing fraud. She couldn’t care less about the death’s or the lives for that matter of the violent black criminals she used to get rich and famous.

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