America First Has No Effective Opposition to Recreating the Third World on American Soil

Saying that the US must “solve the global refugee crisis” is meaningless pabulum.  It will never be solved as third world countries send their excess people off to America and America says sure come on in, we can take care of everyone.

And, then one day, we too will be the third world.

I don’t know if you have been following the controversy about Biden’s flip-flopping on how many refugees he is welcoming to your towns.  I’ve been writing about it for days at Refugee Resettlement Watch where it was a clear demonstration of the power the refugee resettlement contractors have over this President.

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We have no organized opposition!

Not just tension between ethnic groups, but big city African Americans resent and attack Asians a large segment of the refugee flow to America.

Our side, the side that believes in America First! and says that America cannot take care of the world with growing factions of ethnic groups that don’t plan on assimilating in cities that are powder kegs, has no organized opposition to the US Refugee Admissions Program.  None!

Yes, there are some immigration control groups working in Washington, DC, but they are either think tank types, or are focused on the illegal alien crisis at the southern border.

Last week, the refugee contractors and their many cohorts in the refugee industry were able to gin-up opposition in a matter of hours when Biden really screwed-up by setting the refugee level for this year at the exact level that the “racist” Donald Trump had left it.

And, that is when the wailing began….

One of the major leaders of ‘bring in the third world’ is the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) and it was their CEO Mark Hetfield who made that comment about America’s duty to lead in solving the global refugee crisis quoted in a report at their blog.

HIAS CEO Mark Hetfield

HIAS’s blog post chronicles what they did on Friday along with the others in the refugee industry lobby to slap Biden silly and to remind him not to wander off the ranch again.

Refugees are money to not just the refugee contractors, but to business interests looking for cheap labor who got in on the action as well and piled on Biden’s team.

HIAS blog...

April 16 was a tumultuous day for refugee resettlement in the United States.

Early that day, President Biden delivered a long-awaited announcement. It was bad news: he would keep this year’s refugee admissions cap at 15,000, the all-time low number set by the Trump administration. While he ordered the end of discriminatory quotas on refugees from certain countries, Biden broke his repeated promises to significantly raise the admissions cap, setting off an avalanche of criticism from politicians, religious leaders, refugee advocates, and the public. By the end of the day, the administration had dramatically reversed course, pledging to raise the cap after all.

“HIAS is relieved that the Biden administration finally got its refugee initiatives back on track,” said HIAS President and CEO Mark Hetfield. “Doing the right thing takes courage. It will take courage for America to lead by the power of our example in solving the global refugee crisis.”

If you feel like it, keep reading.

It’s a handy summary of what happened in recent months and how their massive network of activists went to work on Friday to tell the administration to jump.  Jump it did!  They also call upon their people to continue pressuring Chairman Joe to keep the third world moving in—to your neighborhoods.

RCUSA’s Annual Advocacy Days

This week, Hetfield’s HIAS and others that make up the Refugee Council USA, the lobbying arm of this branch of the international No Borders movement, held its annual lobbying week in Congress.

It was virtual this time (normally they fly refugees in to show the warm and fuzzy side of refugee resettlement), but it basically follows a pattern they have developed over the years—upstanding refugees tell their “stories” to members of Congress to guilt-trip them into pushing for ever greater numbers of refugees to add to the millions we have already moved from Africa, Asia and the Middle East to almost all 50 states.

And, please Congress give us more MONEY!

Refugee Council USA (RCUSA), its members, and our partners convene to host a special refugee virtual advocacy week from Monday, April 19 to Friday, April 23, 2021. This virtual week of action and training comes at an important point for the refugee resettlement program. After four years of orders and policy that sought to dismantle the program, we now have the opportunity to rebuild stronger than ever – but we need your help. This week, we ask our community members to join us in championing pro-refugee legislation, and the funding and oversight to make it happen.

We are looking for residents of key states and cities whose representatives can make a big difference in rebuilding the refugee resettlement program…

They don’t have enough refugees to show off, so all activists are welcome….

You can be a seasoned advocate, or hoping to get involved for the first time! RCUSA will be providing a series of trainings, discussions, and materials so each participant feels confident. RCUSA will handle setting up meetings, participants just need to bring their passion and personal stories.

Continue reading and note their refugee “story-telling” training!

And hurry on over to see the list of Senators and members of Congress they are targeting this week. It isn’t everyone.  And, I would be curious to know why they have selected certain members and not others.

They have targeted some of their obvious friends, maybe just to keep them in line.  But, some others strike me as unusual choices.  They are targeting Lauren Boebert, Matt Gaetz, Madison Cawthorn, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Louie Gohmert and Jim Jordan among others.

In the Senate they have listed John Kennedy, Rand Paul, Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz and Marsha Blackburn.

I am assuming these choices are just to give them a guilt-trip.

Perhaps of most interest to me is that they have listed both Republican Senators and Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming even as Wyoming has NO refugee program and never has.  It is the only state in the nation that has never ‘welcomed’ refugees.

Bottomline, America Firsters have no such organized structure to do what they have done year after year to pressure Congress to do their bidding and welcome in millions of (impoverished) New American Democrat voters (at taxpayers expense!) as the great replacement chugs along.

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21 thoughts on “America First Has No Effective Opposition to Recreating the Third World on American Soil

  1. Think it’s well past time to accept the death of the West and the U.S. We just don’t have the warm bodies or the will to stop the onslaught of incompatible human organisms overtaking our lands. Half of our number are against us and themselves — they just won’t see the ramifications until it comes to their nice little suburbs and shopping districts in the form of surges in low-income housing and poor, unskilled, uneducated

    No politicians or party will or can help now. It’s over. You can’t undo this unless you commit to deporting all illegal aliens and closing our borders permanently. We’re well past that stage. We’re essentially going to be a suburb of Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. Look at the officers of many of our major corporations; notice any changes? Of course you do. And they call us racist for noticing and for, you know, being here and breathing air. Non-Western cultures are gleefully, slyly pursuing lebensraum without firing a shot – just bleeding us dry and outbreeding us. Not natural by any means, but absolutely true Best bet is enjoy your life now, and hope enough of our youths live to find a place in outer space, or at least Greenland, and this time shut the doors on all outsiders.

  2. Hi Ann. Yes it is nauseating and beyond frustrating that ‘our’ side (of restraint, of America First!, of law and order) has NO ADVOCACY against the rising hordes.
    Refugees ( and illegals) = MONEY for low wage workers in hospitality, farming and food processing industries.
    What is the central factor to oppose? Freedom, liberty, etc has no money-making aspect. Maybe CITIZENS NEED TO UNIONIZE to advocate for America First policies. 🤣

  3. HIAS has been the official name of the organization for a number of years. They dropped the “Hebrew” from their name and have been going by HIAS exactly for quite some time. In addition, the percentage of Jews that they aid (process) is just a tiny few percent. Less than 5%. These are predominantly Jews from the FSU who must have a first degree relative living in the US. Very strict definition if “first degree” . To receive aid from HIAS one must be amongst minority religions persecuted in the former soviet union (FSU). Jews qualify, under the Lautenberg Amendment. From their website, it appears that it is somewhat more difficult for Jews from the Ukraine to qualify, but again, it is dependent on the Lautenberg act.

    This blog repeatedly refers to HIAS by their old name Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society. That name has been obsolete for years and the organization has no particular association with anything Hebrew (Jewish) for years.

    I highly admire Ann Corcoran, but have written this before, several years ago, but Ann still has not updated the official name of the organization. Being that she is the expert in all such matters, her resistance to using the legal official name of HIAS is puzzling.

    1. Generally the media uses the names interchangeably, so I am not sure what your concern is with my “resistance.” In fact, just this past week I saw a headline somewhere on this topic at some media outlet using their full original name. Can you be more clear about why this is so concerning?

      1. It is inaccurate. The other media outlet also is using an obsolete inaccurate name. Is that a reason to perpetuate it? Most of the 9 refugee immigration organizations are associated with a religion as you frequently list them. Btw, more people should be aware of what a money making business this is, so I am pleased that you frequently list them all. HIAS is not a Jewish organization (Hebrew = Jewish). Why perpetuate the non-existent connection? We use FSU for Former Soviet Union, no? Over the years, many countries changed names. LOL I have a stamp collection, left over from childhood, with stamps of many countries whose names are long forgotten.
        Catholic, Lutheran charities have religious cores. HIAS is not a Jewish organization.
        I wonder at your wondering about my “concern”. I need to justify for you why using an erroneous name is incorrect? Go to HIAS website and you will not find the word Hebrew. (only on leftist wikipedia).
        I’ve been reading your blog for half dozen years or more. I admire your work tremendously.

      2. I somehow can’t seem to respond to your second response with the link claiming Jewish connection. Ok. Nevertheless , the name is wrong. So 95% of those that they resettle are non-Jewish, and of those, well over half are Muslims. Hetfield seems not to understand concept of loving one’s neighbor as oneself. Critical word being “neighbor”. Not love one’s sworn enemy. As the Koran requires.

        1. I wrote about the name change years ago at my other blog Refugee Resettlement Watch. My theory is that the name change came because they were not resettling Jews, but large numbers of Muslims with contracts from the federal government. I am betting somehow with the word “Hebrew” in its name it was causing problems with resettlement perhaps even in winning grants and contracts and possibly even from those Muslims they resettled not wanting to be resettled by Jews. The name change in my view was purely for some reason that would benefit the organization going forward. I don’t see why I must help them change their messaging. And, I assume you have followed the criticism of HIAS by the Zionist Organization of America. See here:

          1. Thanks Ann for your reply. Actually, I have not read the ZOA on HIAS.. Tried clicking on your link, (to pressreleasepoint) and got an error msg, “too many requests”. wth? I will search ZOA stance on a non-google search engine. Thanks.

  4. Non-profits that work overseas should be speaking out. It costs about 10 times more to care for refugees in a developed country than in the home region. They need to publicize this fact and an encourage donors to tell the government to spend money on helping refugees more wisely. Once people are past the immediate crisis, long term low interest loans for housing, business and trade schools are much more sustainable and can help more people. Most Americans want to see refugees helped by the government in immediate crises. After that, they want them to take care of themselves or be helped by private charity.
    America First is a good stand for general immigration, but for refugees, the best stance is “Stretch your tax dollars. Help them in their home regions, whenever possible .”. People feel compassion for refugees, but charities can’t even get in to help without the outside military help to secure refugee camps.

  5. IMHO you’re the obvious person to lead such an effort, that the Trump administration didn’t have you do it in 2017 was a major mistake—or sabotage by GOP. Let me know when he invites you to Mar-a-Lago for a press conference…until then, nothing will happen sadly.

    1. Thank you as always for your confidence in my work. I’m too old and besides I love my work outdoors which is where I have been since early this morning and why I didn’t see all of the excellent comments posted here until now.

  6. Is all of this just about money? If the Jewish organization was advocating for Jews to be granted asylum, I could understand, but that isn’t what they are doing at all. Why would a bunch of Jews push, and push hard, for importing more muslims into the USA, a group of people the Jews know well has always hated them and wishes every Jew dead? I just cannot understand turning against every single aspect of one’s religion, ethnicity and the country that took in their ancestors and gave them freedom. So, is it all just about money? Does power play any part?

  7. Since Judith Albaum hasn’t posted any reply to your query I will offer a guess that what she is driving at without stating it bluntly is that she feels you are skating too closely to being “anti-semitic” by calling HIAS by its full original name. As a Jewish American voter who doesn’t like what HIAS does or how they do it, I take no offense at all to calling them by their full original name. In fact and unfortunately, too many American Jewish voters keep voting for people who will be the undoing of not only American Jews but of Americans entirely. Judith might consider focusing more on that.

  8. It’s the symbolism…you could go back to gardening after he stood shoulder to shoulder with you…unfortunately he Trump Administration didn’t build institutions and the Left did…tweets don’t last…jobs for the boys and government grants/contracts do. If Refugee Resettlement Watch had gotten a billion dollars to spread around things would look different today…money talks.

    1. You are right about that. Trump didn’t build any networks and the other side has gobs of money to hire gobs of workers to pretend they are all just passionate grassroots types.

      Ha! A prime example was the media stunt the other day to protest about global warming. Did you see the women pushing pink wheelbarrows full of s*** through the streets of DC. Someone had to plan that and order and pay for matching wheelbarrows.

      Once upon a time, oh, about 30 years ago. I organized a protest at the Antietam Battlefield as we were trying to save our farms from being taken by the federal government for an expansion of the federal park. Our local farmers picketed the battlefield when some big muckety mucks came on a bus from DC and got a lot of media attention. Then a bright young fellow from the Heritage Foundation came out to do a story on our legitimate activism. Having been an environmentalist I told him the problem with Republicans is that they think their conservative ideas are so brilliant that anyone with a brain would see that and just fall in line. I told him no, Republicans had to do grassroots organizing like the Left does and that is where they were failing. The bright young fellow was Tucker Carlson.

      1. Amazing! Has Tucker had you as a guest on his show to discuss this problem?

        1. No. They did schedule me once a couple of years ago then cancelled a few hours before they were to pick me up. They probably saw that I was a hater via the Southern Poverty Law Center. Notice they don’t have any really excellent bloggers on like Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Jim Hoft and so forth. Honestly though, I would not do a good job. I am not good at that sort of thing. You may know I was on Fox & Friends once a few years ago. Here is what they do: a producer gets on the phone with you and grills you with the kinds of things the host might ask and they want to see what you would respond. This went on for an hour the day before the Fox & Friends show. Doocy never asked any of the questions they prepped me for. But I did manage to get in a parting line when I said “Immigration is our existential threat.” I purposely did not say ILLEGAL immigration. I think that is what did me in, never was invited back.

  9. I have been following you for years. I now also listen and read information from Anna Von Reitz. May I ask you your thoughts of her concept regarding “our government” ? As I have agreed with all of your research and postings, I am very interested in your opinion. Asking because Anna was my first thought when I read this post.

  10. Ann, Tucker pulls his punches as does Fox—why the Left always wins, IMHO. If anyone was serious, you and all the bloggers you mentioned would be TV regulars along with Mark Steyn.

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