Minnesota: Trial Opens in Case of Somali Police Officer who Killed Unarmed Woman

And, get this, Mohamed Noor’s defense attorney brought up the Somali police officer’s early life in a refugee camp in Kenya, and Minnesota Public Radio makes a point of mentioning the makeup of the jury—half are white and half are “people of color” with several immigrants among the jury members.  Sickening the way this is being set-up!
If you are new to this story, see my post at Refugee Resettlement Watch from last year. There are links to follow for a review of the news that Noor killed Australian Justine Ruszczyk  (sometimes referred to as Damond, her fiance’s name) when he says he feared for his and his partner’s safety.

Here is what MPR said yesterday about the trial that opened yesterday in Minneapolis,

Noor trial: Sounds, figures, fears surface in first day of testimony

Was there a thump, or not? Did two officers in a dark Minneapolis alley have reason to fear for their lives, or not?
Those crucial questions surfaced Tuesday during opening statements in the trial of Mohamed Noor, the ex-Minneapolis police officer charged in the shooting death of 911 caller Justine Ruszczyk.

Noor with attorneys
Noor with his attorneys, that is Peter Wold on the left.  Photo from last year. https://www.mprnews.org/story/2018/09/26/ruszczyk-damond-police-shooting-noor-court-minneapolis

Noor’s lawyer argued the officer fired his weapon to protect his terrified partner in an alley after seeing a figure by the driver’s side window of his police squad raise their right arm.
Calling it a potential “ambush scenario, a setup,” Peter Wold told jurors that Noor feared for his life and his partner’s life as they responded to a 911 call.
Noor, he said, fired after his partner, officer Matthew Harrity exclaimed “Oh Jesus” after hearing a thump or bang on the squad.
Prosecutors, however, argued that the thump was a story that was made up later — that no police at the scene that night talked about a thump on the squad. Assistant Hennepin County Attorney Patrick Lofton told jurors that experts will testify Ruszczyk, who was in her pajamas, could not be considered a threat.
The prosecution also reported officers at the scene turned their body cameras on and off, including the sergeant who took Noor’s statement, meaning there is no audio of that encounter, just silent video.  [What! the police were protecting Noor?]
Noor is charged with second- and third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in the killing of Ruszczyk, also known as Justine Damond, in July 2017.
She had called 911 to report what she thought was an assault happening behind her home.
Investigators say Noor, one of the responding police officers, shot Ruszczyk through the open driver’s side window of the squad. He’s only the second officer to be charged in an on-duty killing of a civilian in Minnesota.

Here we go, sympathy play to the jury about Noor being a refugee!

Wold talked to jurors for 25 minutes about Noor’s history, saying he’d been born on a small farm in Somalia and immigrated with his family to the United States as a 7-year-old after living in a refugee camp in Kenya.

Who are the Jurors?

They are 12 men and four women, including alternates. Six appear to be people of color or indigenous or have identified themselves that way.
Several talked about their experience as immigrants.
None of the jurors of color are alternates. So, in final deliberations, the verdict could be decided by a 12-person jury that appears to be half white and half people of color.
Race has been at the center of this trial already with questions for the jury about implicit bias and whether any of them have had negative experiences with Somali people.

More here.
Heck, why wasn’t there a demand for six jurors to be Somali?  (I’m joking of course, but I can see that in Minnesota’s future!).

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9 thoughts on “Minnesota: Trial Opens in Case of Somali Police Officer who Killed Unarmed Woman

  1. I live here.. I attended her memorial at the Lake Harriet Band-shell.
    I know these people, and their culture of denial in Minnesota very well..
    WOW! The MPR comment relating to the second police officer.. “Oh Jesus”! They even have to create a fiction, involving invoking the name of Jesus, in order to more humanize the situation?
    If all of that post shooting CRAPOLA were true, and there was this pre-shooting jumpiness afoot, WHY WERE THE BODY CAMS AND DASH CAM NOT ON, as their training would demand?
    Mr. Noor FAILED HIS PRE-MPD-ACADEMY ENTRANCE PSYCH EXAMS THREE TIMES.. Mr. Noor also had (in his short 2 year MPD career) three separate complaints lodged against him, by three separate WOMEN..
    His time in Somalia and Kenya? STOP IT! He was either qualified or not qualified to carry a gun and a badge, OR NOT!
    Post WWII, and Korea, my Dad was a Special Investigations Unit Officer attached to the NYPD.. …Noor, was either qualified or not qualified to carry a gun and a badge, OR NOT!
    Why were the two “rookie MPD officers” UNSUPERVISED by a veteran commander, and in that squad car together?
    …Let’s hear from their training officers with the MPD..
    And, what ever happened to the MPD Somali police officer, who, only two weeks after this killing, and on the day after he was sworn in, was charged (by his spouse) with threatening to “shoot (her) in the head”, and claiming that “he would get away with it”?…while laughing at her.. Was he a victim of his upbringing and East African “cultural problem with women” as well?
    This is just one more ugly example of a very sick, very dysfunctional, Minnesota culture of denial, and cover-up at all cost. These people are not adults, and face up to NOTHING!
    In the end (not per the civil trial – if it is not settled quietly out-of-Court) will likely end up getting a medal.. Seriously, it will be a hung jury in the end..

    1. Well put, it is good to hear from a local about the denial delusion and deceit of the sjw crowd who are actually social terrorists shredding the fabric of the society we built.

  2. I can’t think of a more stark example of how thoroughly incompatible with the West these cultures are, yet those infected with pathological altruism can’t stop virtue signaling them into America. When does it rise to the level of sedition?

  3. This immigrant had no business carrying a gun. He should be found guilty. If his training was that piss poor that he shoots someone who walks up to the car, the agency that trained him should be sued.

  4. There was a great time in history, when émigrés to America had high hopes to create happy families, get honest jobs, find decent neighbors. I am sure that Justine Ruszczyk enjoyed the same kind of bright hopes. Instead she has met there by a Somalian murderer, lovingly defended by a crowd of 100% Soviet-like “judges”, “lawyers” and “community activists”. Some change – and a really fundamental one, indeed!

    1. You just described all of my Grandparents, who entered OUR country LEGALLY through Ellis Island NYC…just seeking an opportunity – without any guarantees or safety net(s) – and worked their backsides off to carve out a future for themselves and their children…and ME and my family eventually..
      Australian born Justine Ruszczyk Damond was an excellent human being, a life coach, and loved by everyone she knew…and murdered just weeks before her wedding..
      For a time the media types here – and the “Grifter” saturated Somali community, actually tried to make Justine the perpetrator, and Noor the victim..
      The people of Minnesota killed her too. They killed her with their stupidity, their chronic propensity toward the embrace of an insane form of denial, and their refusal to tell the TRUTH, in spite of overwhelming evidence in support of it. They killed her with their Land of Oz style cultural weakness and lack of courage..
      For the most part, most Minnesotans living in Minneapolis and St. Paul, cannot tell the difference between actual Right vs.Wrong – embrace only THE LEFTIST point of view, (“Left over Right”) – and they have NO HONOR..

      1. PS.. Those Minnesotans I just described above are now sitting on this Minnesota Jury..

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