Lewiston, ME (again) Where the Joys of Diversity Increase by the Day

But, at least in this story, the ‘new Americans’ are robbing and beating their fellow ‘new Americans.’  (See my recent post about the death of a white man at the hands of an immigrant gang.)
Move over Minneapolis, little Lewiston, ME is trying to catch up with you in the diversity-is-beautiful race to the top by keeping the local police busy.
If this is an example of what happens when dying cities ‘welcome’ migrants, maybe Lewiston should have been left to die?
(I wonder, does adding jobs in the police department count as a way to improve the local economy in dying cities? Pew?)
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From the Lewiston Sun Journal (hat tip: Kafir),

Judge denies bail for Lewiston man accused of fracturing man’s skull

LEWISTON — A judge revoked bail Monday for a local man who police said fractured a man’s skull on a downtown street last summer and robbed him.

Mouamed A. Mouamed
New American Mouamed A. Mouamed

Mouamed A. Mouamed, 21, of 135 1/2 Barlett St. had been indicted on five felony charges stemming from the alleged assault and two felony drug charges connected to an earlier arrest.
He is charged with elevated aggravated assault and robbery, each punishable by up to 30 years in prison.
He is also charged with robbery and two counts of aggravated assault, each punishable by a up to 10 years in prison.
A misdemeanor charge of violation of condition of release is punishable by up to six months in jail.
The victim, Ahmed Abdulle, 36, of Lewiston told police he had been walking home Aug. 10, 2018, listening to music on a wireless portable speaker when a couple of males approached him on Knox Street. He said he knew one of them, describing him and where he lived. He said the two of them had “issues” in the past, according to a police affidavit.
The man, known to Abulle as “Moe,” told him he wanted his $30 speaker, and the two men argued. The argument escalated into the man pushing Abdulle and striking his head with a beer bottle, causing him to fall. His limp body was dragged to the side of the street when someone yelled and his assailant ran away, according to the affidavit.

More here.
By the way, if you want to learn more about Somalis in Maine, go to my old blog Refugee Resettlement Watch and type ‘Maine’ into the search window.  There are a whole lot of posts over the years about the Somali capital of New England—-Lewiston!

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4 thoughts on “Lewiston, ME (again) Where the Joys of Diversity Increase by the Day

  1. The answer to the question is fairly simple..
    As in the film, Field of dreams, there is the line; “If You Build it, He will come”..
    Well…Here in Minnesota, and in Lewiston, Maine also – as I have mentioned before.. “If you destroy it, THEY (Personal wealth – and businesses) will leave.. Thus, Detroit/Dearborn, Michigan..
    Most of us have heard the movie line from ‘Field of Dreams’ and the James Earl Jones character, Terrance Mann, …”Shoeless Joe Jackson Comes to Iowa”..
    …Well…East African madness and hell on earth, and Somalia, comes to America, is all I can say about all of this…
    This has nothing to do with skin tone, or religious this or that, or political and cultural uniqueness. It is ALL about behavior..
    This IS how it IS done in that part of the world..
    ..A radio.. A woman.. A piece of meat.. Whatever I want, I take.. If he or she will not give it to me when I demand it, I can attack he or she and TAKE IT..
    This IS how it is done in Somalia..
    And, appeasement does not work.. Appeasement is seen as weakness..
    In 2016, the Minnesota legislature gave the ‘Somali community’ $2 Million Dollars.. 45 days later, 30 Somali men attacked women on the affluent Lake Calhoun area of Minneapolis FOR 3 DAYS IN A ROW.. No consequences for the attackers. Many more attacks have followed since..
    Far too many horrible things have happened between then and now to mention here..
    This Minnesota legislative session, and ‘the buy them off crowd’, are now proposing to give them 8 Million more of Minnesota Taxpayer Dollars.. Why? FEAR..
    ‘TRIBUTE’ does NOT WORK.. They will be back for more. They always come back for more.
    In the meantime, more Minnesotans will be assaulted; more will be raped, more will be injured, and more will die.. This is true for the good people of Lewiston, Maine as well..
    Again, This IS how it is done in parts of East Africa, AND especially, Somalia.

  2. Increasing the capacity of agencies in terms of the number of cases they could handle wouldn’t just make things move faster; it could forever change the lives of a vast number of people around the world.

  3. ‘the Atlantic’ had an article 4/26 but I couldn’t copy the site ; How Technology Could Revolutionize Refugee Resettlement

    1. Thanks, I think I have the link, but haven’t had time to look at it.

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