Computer Program Dubbed “Annie” Making Decisions about Refugee Placement (so we are told!)

Several people sent me this story from The Atlantic about a new computer program that is being tested by the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society to determine which American town or city could be the most hospitable to a third worlder arriving in the US.

I’m posting it just so you know about it and especially for those of you who came over from Refugee Resettlement Watch and have told me you miss news about refugees.

Screenshot (34)
This is a Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society anti-Trump rally at the White House in 2018. Do you want HIAS and their computer program choosing refugees for your town?

Before I give you a few snips from the story, you need to know that at present the nine federal resettlement contractors meet on a regular basis in the Washington, DC area and divide up the incoming cases.  One long-time observer refers to the process as “bidding for bodies.”

I would love to be a fly on the wall watching the process because, at the present time, the Trump Administration has drastically reduced the incoming refugee flow and so I suspect there is some squabbling among the ‘humanitarian’ agencies for those few paying customers. (For newbies, refugee contractors are paid by the feds on a per refugee head basis.)

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Texas: Five People Sentenced for Multi-million Healthcare Fraud; Nigerians Among Them

As I have said on many previous occasions, I hope the Trump Administration is gathering their successful fraud-busting cases together to use as examples of what the Trump team is doing for us—finding and punishing those ripping off the US taxpayer!

At every rally he should be giving an update on how much fraud he is uncovering and busting!

medicaid fraud

The Medicaid fraud, Medicare fraud, Food stamp fraud have been doing great damage to the US Treasury and often there is a ‘new American’ component that makes it even more egregious.

We welcome immigrants and then they rip us off!

Normally we are never told if a convicted criminal is a new American, but this story has a mention at the end.

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Lewiston, ME (again) Where the Joys of Diversity Increase by the Day

But, at least in this story, the ‘new Americans’ are robbing and beating their fellow ‘new Americans.’  (See my recent post about the death of a white man at the hands of an immigrant gang.)


Move over Minneapolis, little Lewiston, ME is trying to catch up with you in the diversity-is-beautiful race to the top by keeping the local police busy.

If this is an example of what happens when dying cities ‘welcome’ migrants, maybe Lewiston should have been left to die?

(I wonder, does adding jobs in the police department count as a way to improve the local economy in dying cities? Pew?)

Editor:  I’m going to be gone for a few days, so trying to get a couple of posts up this morning for you before I dash!  I will be tweeting while I’m away so watch my right hand sidebar here at Frauds and Crooks for news that you can use!

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Pew: Dying Cities Need More Refugees/Immigrants

Editor:  I’m going to be gone for a few days, so trying to get a couple of posts up this morning for you before I dash!

Frankly I have never bought into this idea that we have to continue to import millions of people to America every year to prop up dying cities and the Chamber of Commerce.

Erie PA protest
Immigrants protest President Trump in Erie, PA (Erie is the star of this story).  

Does anyone ever ask what the longterm costs are of ‘welcoming’ third world poverty to impoverished cities?

There is all this talk (as in this latest from Pew) about how they fill houses and apartments that would have otherwise been vacant, and that they supply low wage workers for global corporations (can you say BIG MEAT!).

But, what are the costs to the federal taxpayer as you will see obliquely mentioned in this latest prescription? And, what are the costs to our uniquely American culture?

Maybe dying cities are dying for a reason!  Maybe we should let them die (the buggy whip analogy)!

But the assumption always is—-accckkk! We can’t let that happen!

So we have the Dems teamed up (these cities are all Democrat-run and “new Americans” vote for the D’s) with the big corporations and the Chamber of Commerce merchants begging for more refugees and immigrants of all strips!

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Michigan: Canadian Muslim Sentenced to Life for Attempting to Kill Police Officer


“Do I regret what I did? Never. If I had to do it one more time, I would do it. I regret I didn’t kill that cop.”

Amor Ftouhi
Amor Ftouhi

He is really a Tunisian, but all the earlier reports I read kept referring to him as a Canadian.

He was living in Canada legally and is therefore obviously one of their great diversity picks!

Now American taxpayers get to pay for his incarceration for life and you can bet he is going to be a demanding prisoner when it comes to his religious ‘requirements’!

I didn’t get around to this story last week, but I expect most of you didn’t see it anyway, although much to my surprise this is a Reuters story posted by NBC. What is going on at NBC, they have had some pretty useful stories of late!

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Erie: Justice Department Grant Awarded for Refugee Victims of Crime

So why not a federal grant for all victims of crime?

rally for refugees Erie
A 2017 anti-Trump rally in Erie.


I know this isn’t the most interesting news you will read today, but it is again an example of how the federal government plays favorites as it spends your money, and thus is a topic of interest to me!

And, for those of you who followed Refugee Resettlement Watch this is one more case where the federal refugee contractors, which live off of your tax dollars, are still being funded even as the numbers of incoming refugees have dropped under President Trump.

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Think About It! A UN Staff Person is Deciding who Will Become a New American

“Given such high stakes, and the reports of abuses, the U.S. government might want to reconsider the whole resettlement referral system put in place by UNHCR.”

(Nayla Rush, Center for Immigration Studies)

That is the conclusion that Nayla Rush at the Center for Immigration Studies comes to after doing a deep dive into that recent NBC investigation about fraud and corruption within the United Nations as it does the first sorting-out of potential refugees for America.

Bangladesh: Thousands of new arrivals assisted to transit centre, camps
Rohingya refugees.  Who makes the first cut on who your new American neighbors will be?


See my report here about what NBC found.

What Rush prescribes is exactly what the Trump Administration should have been doing from day one—REFORMING the entire system of refugee resettlement that begins in Africa, Asia, or the Middle East when a wannabe refugee first registers with the UN for permanent resettlement.

Rush’s report (published yesterday) is here and this is her wrap-up (emphasis is mine),

logo CIS

The United States is entrusting the local staff of UNHCR with the selection of refugees eligible for resettlement in the United States, and entrusting the RSC staff with pre-screening and preparation of case files for resettlement applicants. We don’t know much about these men and women the U.S. government believes possess the exceptional good judgment, expertise, and integrity needed to make refugee determinations and resettlement referrals. But we do know that most work in difficult conditions and are citizens of unsettled countries where corruption is at times deemed an acceptable, even necessary, means of survival.

Let’s not forget that resettlement is one of UNHCR’s “durable solutions”. Resettled refugees are required by law “to apply for a green card (permanent residence) in the United States one year after being admitted as a refugee”.18 They can apply for citizenship four years later (not five, as the five-year count for refugees starts on the day of arrival). From this perspective, a resettlement card gives access to citizenship. UNHCR staff are, in a way, deciding not only who can move to the United States, they are also choosing who will have the opportunity to become an American. Given such high stakes, and the reports of abuses, the U.S. government might want to reconsider the whole resettlement referral system put in place by UNHCR.

If “vulnerability” is no longer the key to selecting refugees for resettlement, does that mean bribery is?

Read it all here.

For the umpteenth time, Trump did a good job slowing the flow to America especially from countries that have been Islamic terror-producing hot spots.  (BTW, Rohingya Muslim arrivals are coming at a fast pace.)

However, the entire flawed system is still firmly in place to be refueled with more of your tax dollars the minute Trump is no longer in the White House.