Canada: Muslim Doctor Brutally Murders Wife who Wanted Divorce

Screenshot (38)Sick, sick, sick!

And, CAIR would surely call me an “Islamophobe” for even reporting this news.

The evil creep killed her while the kids slept and had the nerve to tell the court that he should have killed himself—then why the hell didn’t he!

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CAIR’s 2019 Funding “Islamophobia” Report is Worth a Look

Screenshot (973)Released this week, the Council on American Islamic Relations report contends that over a thousand foundations (listed in the appendix) fund a vast array of organizations who hate Muslims (they say).

Of course my first thought was, well who funded this report endorsed by the disgraced Southern Poverty Law Center and who funds CAIR?

And, my second thought was that if there is so much money sloshing around in the “Islamophobia Network,” why haven’t I seen any of it?

I know a lot of citizen volunteers/writers working on educating America about political Islam who work for zip, zero, nada!

Hey, rich foundations! I am over here! (Donation button in right hand side bar!)

Thanks to a reader for sending me the news.

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