Ohio: Westlake "Man" Indicted in Multi-million Food Stamp Scam Involving Illegal Slaughterhouse

The Westlake “man” (men) who is alleged to have ripped off US taxpayers for $2.7 million is a ‘new American’ from somewhere in the Middle East.

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I hate to resort to photos like this one, but unfortunately it is rare to see a photo of the ‘new American’ fraudsters!

Of course none of the stories I’ve found mention the nationality (or immigration status) of the man and his son indicted by the US Justice Department yesterday in what may be the most egregious case of fraud I’ve seen in ten years of following these stories!
Rather than summarize the stunning news, here is the first half of the press release from US Attorneys Office of the Northern District of Ohio.  (Emphasis is mine)

A Westlake man with a history of food stamp fraud was indicted on charges that he continued to illegally accept food stamps at seven Cleveland-area gas stations, laundered the profits, illegally had firearms, operated an unregulated slaughterhouse and polluted a stream by dumping animal blood and other fluids into it.
Amin M. Salem, 59, and Mohamed Salem, 32, were both indicted on one count each of conspiracy to launder money and one count of engaging in real estate transactions using laundered funds.

Papa Salem had previous convictions for food stamp fraud!

Amin Salem is additionally charged with one count of making unpermitted discharges into a waterway, one count of distribution of adulterated, misbranded or uninspected meat and one count of being a felon in possession of firearms. That charge stems from Amin Salem having an AR-15 rifle and a Savage 12-gauge shotgun, despite previous convictions for conspiracy to defraud the United States, food stamp fraud, mail fraud, and money laundering.
Mohamed Salem, also of Westlake and Amin’s son, is also charged with trafficking in counterfeit goods for his sale of counterfeit clothing and apparel.
Zahran al-Qadan, 55, of Cleveland, was indicted on one count of conspiracy to launder money.
Prosecutors are seeking to forfeit properties at 43588 Stang Road and 7250 West Ridge Road in Elyria owned by the Salems.
According to the six-count indictment:
Amin Salem secretly owned several area gas stations: Henry’s Marathon at 3106 Fulton Road; Gas Way at 10606 Bellaire Road; Turney Sunoco at 6009 Turney Road in Garfield Heights; Harvard Gas USA at 7020 Harvard Ave.; Bellaire Gas USA at 3934 West 117th Street; Rapid Stop at 1712 East 55th Street and Memphis Shell at 7210 Memphis Ave.
Mohamed Salem managed the gas station’s finances of behalf of his father. The gas stations had terminals to accept and process Electronic Benefits Transaction (EBT) cards as part of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as food stamps.

Papa Salem was not permitted to own stores due to previous convictions, so Mohamed was running them!

The gas stations and the EBT terminals inside were in the names of Mohamed Salem or another person, since Amin Salem was prohibited from owning stores that processed EBT transactions because of previous convictions for food stamp fraud and related crimes.
The gas station terminals were used by the Salems to process more than $2.7 million in fraudulent SNAP transactions between 2010 and 2016.

The words halal slaughter are absent, but you know what this was all about!
black river
Blood and bodily fluids went in to Ohio’s Black River

Amin Salem slaughtered lambs and goats at his property on Stang Road in 2015 and 2016. He sold the meat, which was not inspected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
He also caused, without a permit, the discharge of blood and other bodily fluids from the slaughtered animals into Engle Ditch, which flows into the Black River and eventually Lake Erie.

There is actually much more in the US Attorney’s press release (click here).

joe cimperman
Joe Cimperman of Global Cleveland  https://globalcleveland.org/about/staff/

One of yours Joe?
My first thought was to wonder where the ‘Welcoming Cleveland’ propagandists are about this ‘new American’ entrepreneur in their midst! (Westlake is a suburb of Cleveland).
Here is what Global Cleveland wants you to know:

“Immigrants strengthen our community in so many ways, and one of them is by opening businesses,” said Joe Cimperman, president of Global Cleveland, in a written statement. “These businesses do more than create jobs. They add vitality to our neighborhoods and become part of the cultural tapestry that makes Cleveland so special. They reflect our deepest DNA and remind us of the best of ourselves.”


question markWhat can you do?  If you live in the Cleveland area send the DOJ press release to Global Cleveland and to everyone you know! If you live elsewhere, this story must get out to social media because the national big media never reports these stories!!!


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9 thoughts on “Ohio: Westlake "Man" Indicted in Multi-million Food Stamp Scam Involving Illegal Slaughterhouse

  1. Dear Ann, Great work, but the quotation marks need to be around the word “Westlake”, not man. We all know he’s a man, but the problem is he’s not from Westlake, but is an interloper. The MSM tries to legitimize these crooks by denying their real origins, and attaching them to an American locale, as if everything is normal. In Mass. we have many of these “Medfield” or where ever men, but that’s not the truth. Thank you for your service and may the peace of Christ be with you. John Falvey

    1. Thanks John, but one of my driving themes is that the media always calls these types “man” or “men” rather than say Westlake “Arab” or Westlake “muslim” or “Arab man” or “Syrian man” and so forth. It is something Ann Coulter pointed out in her great book “Adios America.” She says we need a secret decoder ring to figure out where crooks who are immigrants come from. Likewise you will see the Left and the Leftwing media increasingly calling all immigrants (legal and illegal!) “new Americans” and so I then use those words when describing creeps like this guy!

  2. Westlake and North Olmsted have a disturbingly growing Muslim population. My son worked painting houses during summer break and he happened to work next door to a Muslim compound where the wife, kids, grandparents and siblings of one of the men in the attached article lives. Looks like these new Americans are working overtime to scam us out of money and destroy our youth and neighborhoods with drugs.

  3. From the Epoch Times, 1/22/19
    You go to the stores, especially when it’s food stamps day, and you can see these people with a lot of groceries, two carts. And then you wait. You can be outside in the parking lot and wait for those people that you saw in the line. You can see them putting the groceries in their Mexican car [and] heading back to Mexico with those groceries,” she said.
    “You can follow them all the way to Mexico and they have their little stores and they sell those products they bought with our food stamps. They sell them over there.”

    1. If you find a link for that story, please send it my way! Thanks!

  4. My head is still shaking in complete disbelief..
    This is cultural, political, and economic suicide..

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