Will Illegal Alien be Charged in their Murder?

nevada killerWe are still waiting to hear if authorities in Carson City, Nevada will be filing charges against a “man” they have in custody.
See my post yesterday (click here) for news about the arrest of Wilbur Martinez-Guzman, 19.  Police believe he is responsible for a murder spree in Nevada earlier this month that left four people dead in their homes.
Here are two of those murdered Americans. (Thanks to TwoLaine for sending the link).

nevada murders
Jerry David, 81, and his wife, Sherri, 80

More information here.
If you see that the charges have been filed before I do, please send a link!

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3 thoughts on “Will Illegal Alien be Charged in their Murder?

  1. More updates:
    ICE: Man Linked to Four Killings Was From El Salvador
    Very interesting…
    “The murder charges against Martinez-Guzman could include enhancements, since a deadly weapon was used in the crimes and because three of the four victims were older than 60. Each enhancement adds one to 20 additional years in prison per charge. First degree murder convictions in Nevada can result in life in prison with or without parole, 50 years in prison with parole after 20 years, or the death penalty. According to the Nevada legislature, the average death penalty trial costs $532,000 more than other murder trials.”
    I vote for the death penalty, no appeals. He did not give his victims appeals.

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