Bail Granted to Detroit Doctor in Largest Opioid-Related Fraud Case in US History

This is an update of the story I posted two weeks ago, here.

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Dr. Rajendra Bothra

Dr. Rajendra Bothra had not been granted bail at the time because of a fear that he would flee to his native India. But, reporter Robert Snell at the Detroit News, who has been following the case closely, says Bothra was granted bail  on Tuesday—believed to be a new record high.
You know we keep talking about migrants bringing drugs across our southern border when in fact “new American” doctors are allegedly dispensing them like Pez candy!
(And, likely ripping off US taxpayers to boot!)

Judge frees doctor on record-setting bond in opioid case

Detroit — The accused architect of a nearly $500 million health care fraud could leave jail within days after being freed on a record-setting $7 million bond Tuesday.
U.S. District Judge Stephen Murphy granted the bond for Dr. Rajendra Bothra, 77, of Bloomfield Hills, despite the government’s concern the doctor has hidden money that could bankroll an escape to his native India.
The amount shattered the previous record-high bond of $4.5 million granted two years ago to Dr. Jumana Nagarwala, who is charged in the nation’s first case involving female genital mutilation.
Bothra, the lead defendant in one of the largest health care fraud cases in U.S. history, must liquidate an $8.5 million retirement account to cover the bond, a process that could take three days. Bothra will be released on home confinement and tracked by a GPS tether and must identify all assets under penalty of perjury.
His wife and daughter, who attended the hearing Tuesday, will surrender their passports to alleviate concerns that the family might flee while Bothra awaits trial in July.
Prosecutors have been unable to pinpoint Bothra’s net worth, which could be as high as $35 million. Assistant U.S. Attorney Brandy McMillion noted that Bothra owns a real-estate company that owns 22 properties across Metro Detroit, including $2.8 million worth of condominiums and commercial buildings in downtown Royal Oak.

Continue here.  There is much more including photos of the real estate holdings Bothra may have purchased with funds from his alleged fraud scheme.

question markLast year that New American Economy propaganda outfit (they are everywhere!) named Detroit as one of its top ten Welcoming cities
I wonder do they count “new Americans” like Dr. Bothra as entrepreneurs bringing economic revival to struggling cities (thanks to the US taxpayer!)?

Americans ripping off Americans too! NY State Charity Questioned

A commenter here at Frauds and Crooks tells me I’m not writing any stories about born and bred American frauds, crooks and criminals while focusing on “new Americans.”
I have written about several American crooks, maybe more than I know because the media and law enforcement never tell us the immigration status of the likes of Mumtaz Rauf, or Haytham “Tom” Fakih. Maybe they were born here?
That whole bunch of propagandists at Welcoming America are Americans.
And, of course there are American deceivers at the Southern Poverty Law Center.
So here is a story from late last month first reported by the New York Post and then embellished by the Daily Caller (hat tip: Cathy):

Black Lawmakers’ Charity Didn’t Give Out A Single Scholarship, Top Pols Hide Financials


new york lawmakers
Photo (Americans):

The caucus of black New York state lawmakers runs a charity whose stated mission is to empower “African American and Latino youth through education and leadership initiatives” by “providing opportunity to higher education” — but it hasn’t given a single scholarship to needy youth in two years, according to a New York Post investigation.
The group collects money from companies like AT&T, the Real Estate Board of New York, Time Warner Cable and CableVision, telling them in promotional materials that they are “changing lives, one scholarship at a time.”
The group — called the Association of Black and Puerto Rican Legislators, Inc. — instead spent $500,000 in the 2015 – 2016 fiscal year on items like food, limousines and rap music, the Post found.
The politicians refused to divulge the charity’s 2017 tax filing to the Post despite federal requirements that charities do so upon request.
Its main activity is holding and selling tickets to an elaborate party each year intended to raise money for its stated mission of providing scholarships for youth. But year after year, essentially all the money simply seems to go to festivities.

Continue reading here, or go to the New York Post for more of the gory details.
Just realizing what an abundance of stories I might be able to develop in my category on ‘Charity fraud.’

question markIf you have a local charity fraud story (a published story!) send me a link and I’ll see if it fits with my objectives here at Frauds and Crooks.


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