Canada: After Terror Arrests, Trudeau's Muslim Immigrants Fear Backlash

Yup, once again, it is the ‘community’ we must protect and shelter from backlash.
Three days ago Reuters reported the news of the arrests, here.

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More ‘New Canadians’ on the way!

But, immediately the Christians who helped resettle the Muslims joined with a local Imam and others (and the media!) to be sure the public gets the message—this has nothing to do with Islam.

It is election year in Canada!

The stakes are high for Prime Minister Trudeau who made a big show of inviting tens of thousands of Syrians to Canada and chose a Somali man as his Immigration Minister.
Maybe they are protecting Trudeau as much as the Muslim ‘community.’
Below are a few snips from the CBC backlash story:

Community leaders work to head off anti-Muslim backlash as Kingston terror arrests wind up political debate

Community leaders are working to calm fears and find ways to prevent an anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant backlash in the wake of two arrests related to an alleged terrorist plot in Kingston, Ont. — yet the probe already has touched off a political debate over security screening for refugees.
Islamic community groups, mental health workers and police officers met earlier today to discuss their concerns about the broader community implications after the RCMP’s national security team charged one youth with two terrorism-related offences and arrested an adult male named Hussam Eddin Alzahabi in connection with an alleged plan to detonate explosives at an undisclosed location.

Bronek Korczynski (see his bio!)

Alzahabi, who was released late today, is originally from Syria and came to Canada with his family in 2017 through a private refugee sponsorship program after living in Kuwait for 10 years. [prime example of refugee fraud because this guy was living in a safe country—ed]
Bronek Korczynski, who led the family’s sponsorship through Our Lady of Lourdes church, said the community groups that met today will attempt to head off rumours and spread the message that the alleged offences have nothing to do with Islam.
Mohamed Bayoumi of the Islamic Society of Kingston told CBC there could be an anti-Muslim backlash in the community because of the arrests, and said the group must work to ensure that does not happen.
Korczynski said he also fears the arrests and publicity surrounding the alleged terrorism case could spark unnecessary concerns about immigration.
“This certainly doesn’t suggest in any way, shape or form that Canadians shouldn’t remain open to support newcomers, whether they’re immigrants or refugees,” he said.
The backlash fears come as the political debate over immigration heats up again.
Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, who has accused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of maintaining lax control over the border and immigration system, attempted to assign some blame for the developments to the Liberal government.

It is a big story, there is much more here.

question markI’m thinking that Canada is way worse off than we are in terms of political correctness and denial! What do you think?