Somali Crime From Maine to Minnesota

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Remember the story from last summer where roving gangs of Somali ‘youths’ got into a “brawl” with locals in the city park in Lewiston, Maine.  I wrote about it here. A local Maine man died after being hit by a brick.
Breitbart also reported the news, but the story was written before Donald Giusti  died from his injuries.

Breitbart published this screenshot from a video taken the night of the June attack that resulted in Giusti’s murder.

Last week, locals returned to the park for a vigil for Giusti, and the Bangor Daily News headline says,

Lewiston vigil turns violent

It is really an incredible story as it explains that Giusti’s friends and family were attacked again by a “group” who drove up and got out with “bats and stuff” and began hitting the attendees.
One man was taken to the hospital, but not one word about who the people in the “group” were!  Police say they are investigating.
Oh, and by the way, they have never been able to make any arrests or solve the mystery of who killed Giusti even as there is video available of the June fight with the group of Somali ‘youths.’
This latest “brawl” happened on December 27th and I am not seeing any other stories, so if you do, send me a link! I’m curious to see if the ‘S’ word is mentioned.


On Tuesday, Alpha News trumpeted this headline,

Large Violent Crime Increase in Minneapolis Cedar-Riverside Neighborhood


Star Tribune reports that largely driven by a surge in robberies, and assaults the Minneapolis Cedar-Riverside neighborhood has seen over 60% increase in violent crime in 2018.
This increase in crime comes at a time when Minneapolis is having trouble recruiting police officers.
Authorities put the blame on a violent rivalry between St. Paul and Minneapolis East African gangs.
The rise of Somali gangs is not new to Minnesota. In 2009 CBS reported that somewhere between 400-500 Somali youth were active in gangs.
Some of the active gangs include Somali Hot Boyz, the Somali Mafia and Madhibaan with Attitude.

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Note that the media never makes any mention of how the Somalis were seeded in Maine and Minnesota through the US Refugee Admissions Program. Your average American, reading these stories, must wonder why and how so many Somalis got to America in the first place! Why is that? Is it that the media is loathe to put the word “refugee” in a story about violent crime?

Are "New American" Doctors Fueling the Opioid Crisis?

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No bond for Dr. Rajendra Bothra

Surely some of the doctors who prescribe unnecessary pain medications and hook hundreds of thousands of Americans on drugs are American born and bred, but check out this story from Michigan in December.
Not only did these ‘new American’ doctors and health professionals turn unsuspecting Americans into drug addicts, but they did it by using your taxpayer dollars in multi-million dollar fraud schemes involving Medicare and Medicaid.
They got rich destroying lives!
And, when they got caught, many fled the country!
From the Detroit News:

Rich and on the run: Doctors flee country amid fraud, opioid crackdown

Detroit — More than a dozen doctors and medical professionals charged with federal crimes locally have fled the country in recent years amid a federal crackdown on illegal opioid use and health care fraud.
Prosecutors used the fugitive status of 16 medical professionals who have fled since 2011 to keep Dr. Rajendra Bothra jailed Wednesday while he awaits trial in a nearly $500 million conspiracy, one of the largest health care fraud cases in U.S. history.

Here is a bit more, but please read the shocking story!

The medical professionals who have fled for overseas destinations including Jordan, Pakistan and Egypt in recent years have two things in common: foreign ties and big bank accounts that have financed flights from justice. In Bothra’s case, he has eight siblings in India and amassed a $35 million fortune and vast-real estate holdings, including a $1.99 million island estate.


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The Detroit News did a great service by publishing this list of Detroit doctors/medical professionals who have left the country to avoid prosecution. Too bad those last two columns are blank!

More here.
In case you have forgotten, last summer then Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the largest healthcare bust of Medicare and Medicaid fraud scammers in US history and linked it to the opioid crisis.

Medicare Fraud Strike Force

To help find and prosecute frauds and crooks, the feds established the Medicare Fraud Strike Force involving a coordinated effort between the Fraud Section of the US Justice Department, US Attorney’s offices, the FBI, the Department of Health and Human Services Inspector General and local law enforcement.
I bet you’ve never even heard of it because the national media rarely (if ever!) mentions its work, which the Strike Force says has resulted in successful prosecutions of 4,000 defendants who have collectively billed the Medicare program for more than $14 billion.
In addition to the Detroit area, the Strike Force is operating in 12 locations around the US: Miami, FL, Los Angeles, CA, Houston, TX, Brooklyn, NY, Baton Rouge and New Orleans, LA, Tampa and Orlando, FL, Chicago, IL, Dallas, TX, Washington, DC, Newark, NJ, Philadelphia, PA and the Appalachian Region.
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I wonder why these huge Medicare and Medicaid fraud stories never seem to be front page news across the country and why aren’t they widely reported by cable news?