Tuberculosis in the Migrant and Refugee Population: Is Silence Deception?

This story from Fargo, ND this week got me thinking.

Refugees and tuberculosis: After Fargo commissioner expresses fears, other officials offer perspective

Before I tell you more about the apparent sudden realization by some in North Dakota that refugees are admitted to the US with tuberculosis (I was shocked by that fact in 2007!),  know that this is how and why the US Refugee Admissions Program has become reviled by many: the contractors and promoters of it keep secret certain things they don’t want the public to know because the general public would find it unacceptable.
When citizens learn the truth, then they believe they have been lied to!
One such example involves the issue of the infectious diseases that are permitted entry to the US with the refugee flow. (A separate issue is the one involving diseases that arrive with illegal aliens and travelers.)

Symptoms and signs to watch for!

We permit refugees with Latent TB and HIV entry to the US and then we, the taxpayers, must fund their medication and the cost of tracking those people through our local health departments.  There is even some evidence that we have admitted refugees with active TB as well. (See one of many stories on that subject at Breitbart, here.)
Just recently the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) put out an analysis of their data from 2017 which confirms that, yes, we have thousands of active cases of TB in the US and most involve immigrants. Asians top the list (that would include refugees from Burma).
Here is the news from Fargo that attracted my attention:

FARGO — City Commissioner Dave Piepkorn proposed this week to cut off refugee resettlement in Fargo after airing concerns about local refugees who carry tuberculosis. His proposal floundered after other commissioners did not support it.

Now we have the media scurrying to put peoples’ minds at ease!

We talked with health and refugee resettlement officials about TB, a potentially serious infectious bacterial disease that mainly affects the lungs, and got some perspective on the issue.

In 2018, Cass County had 133 cases of latent TB. Those are cases in which someone carries TB, but isn’t contagious. Of those 133, 24 were refugees. There were also five active cases of TB, none of which were refugees.

Desi Fleming

Monday’s City Commission meeting took a contentious turn after Piepkorn called for a stop to refugee resettlement in Fargo. “People will die,” he said. His concern appeared to be with the 24 refugees carrying latent TB.

Desi Fleming, public health director for Fargo Cass Public Health, explained why people with latent TB are not considered a threat. “Someone with latent tuberculosis can not spread the disease to others,” she told WDAY-TV. She said anyone with latent TB would be watched closely and caught before they posed a health risk.

“People with latent TB have no restrictions. They are being followed medically. They’re on treatment, and the treatment kills the germs inside the body,” Fleming said.

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Once again, we see the effort being made to lull concerned citizens back to sleep.
cdc logo
Here (under Prevention Challenges), and in response to Ms. Fleming, is what the CDC said just last month on the issue of latent TB and the problem with managing it so it doesn’t become active!

Treatment duration and completion
~Treatment TB disease can be lengthy. Patients are often unable or reluctant to take medication for several months. For people with TB disease, inadequate treatment can lead to treatment failure, relapse, ongoing transmission, and development of drug resistance.
~For people with latent TB infection, medication for a condition with no symptoms of illness is often not a priority.

So Ms. Fleming can say she is watching her latent TB immigrants carefully, but is everyone? How about when they move from one meatpacking town to another, are they tracked? Does someone make sure they are taking their meds after they move? And, how about the fact that taxpayers are paying for all of this!

question markI debated with myself about whether this news fits my overall theme here at Frauds, Crooks and Criminals, but obviously decided that deceiving citizens by keeping important information about “new Americans” from us is a form of fraud. What do you think?