Texas: Egyptian Father Believed to have Killed Daughters in Honer Killing (finally) Caught

I remember the horrific story well.  It happened in 2008, only a year after I began to investigate the US Refugee Admissions Program and its connection to Islam. It was a pivotal event in my understanding of what had been unleashed in America.

Two beautiful teenage girls were becoming too Americanized, so allegedly their father had to shoot them to death in what can only be characterized as an honor killing.

Amina and Sarah have been dead for 12 years. They were found shot to death in their father’s cab. He must have had many accomplices who kept him hidden all this time right there in Texas when it was assumed he had left the country.

The bare-bones news story is here at CBS (hat tip Judy), but be sure to see Jihad Watch where Robert Spencer asks the important questions that of course will be categorized as Islamophobic!

Here is Spencer:

Texas: Son of Muslim who murdered daughters denies it was honor killing, says ‘Religion has nothing to do with it’

(oh really!)

Read it all here.


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One thought on “Texas: Egyptian Father Believed to have Killed Daughters in Honer Killing (finally) Caught

  1. Not one word about what kind of visa he had or how he was able to get into the country.
    Of course why wouldn’t he? He probably had never killed before. That is why immigrants need to be vetted on their beliefs, for example, “would you commit murder if your children were not adhering to Sharia Islamic law?” After all it is allowed under strict Islamic law. One thing these immigrants don’t understand is that they are in a new country now and the US does not allow murder no matter what your religion says. Thankful for this detective/policeman who stayed glued to this case to find the murderer. Was he a refugee? Texas received many many refugees during the Obama years.

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