Americans ripping off Americans too! NY State Charity Questioned

A commenter here at Frauds and Crooks tells me I’m not writing any stories about born and bred American frauds, crooks and criminals while focusing on “new Americans.”
I have written about several American crooks, maybe more than I know because the media and law enforcement never tell us the immigration status of the likes of Mumtaz Rauf, or Haytham “Tom” Fakih. Maybe they were born here?
That whole bunch of propagandists at Welcoming America are Americans.
And, of course there are American deceivers at the Southern Poverty Law Center.
So here is a story from late last month first reported by the New York Post and then embellished by the Daily Caller (hat tip: Cathy):

Black Lawmakers’ Charity Didn’t Give Out A Single Scholarship, Top Pols Hide Financials


new york lawmakers
Photo (Americans):

The caucus of black New York state lawmakers runs a charity whose stated mission is to empower “African American and Latino youth through education and leadership initiatives” by “providing opportunity to higher education” — but it hasn’t given a single scholarship to needy youth in two years, according to a New York Post investigation.
The group collects money from companies like AT&T, the Real Estate Board of New York, Time Warner Cable and CableVision, telling them in promotional materials that they are “changing lives, one scholarship at a time.”
The group — called the Association of Black and Puerto Rican Legislators, Inc. — instead spent $500,000 in the 2015 – 2016 fiscal year on items like food, limousines and rap music, the Post found.
The politicians refused to divulge the charity’s 2017 tax filing to the Post despite federal requirements that charities do so upon request.
Its main activity is holding and selling tickets to an elaborate party each year intended to raise money for its stated mission of providing scholarships for youth. But year after year, essentially all the money simply seems to go to festivities.

Continue reading here, or go to the New York Post for more of the gory details.
Just realizing what an abundance of stories I might be able to develop in my category on ‘Charity fraud.’

question markIf you have a local charity fraud story (a published story!) send me a link and I’ll see if it fits with my objectives here at Frauds and Crooks.


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5 thoughts on “Americans ripping off Americans too! NY State Charity Questioned

  1. Do you have a category fr school district and college ripoffs? I would imagine there is a lot of fodder there. 😉

    1. Not yet, but I surely will when I post my first story on the topic! If you have a link about recent news on that front—like those colleges luring foreign students so the college can stay afloat (but not limited to only that topic). Send it my way!

  2. Shameful but we cannot do anything about those crooks that were born here except prosecute them. We can do something about the crooks that we are importing and giving amnesty to. We can build the wall and stop importing refugees, end the visa lottery, end chain migration, shut down visa overstays, institute e-verify for all business and fine businesses for hiring illegal workers. That would save the country millions if not billions.

    1. Yup and good summary of some of the LEGAL programs that need to be dumped or reformed. Isn’t it maddening when you hear some dumb politician spout off with this: “Legal immigration is good, but I oppose illegal immigration.” You know right away they don’t know what they are talking about (or are trying to con you!).

  3. I am a retired member of the Armed Forces of the United States of America and I support the building of the Wall between Mexico and the United States of America. In addition, I am appalled by Nancy Pelosi and her constant bullying of Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America for his desire to protect Americans from criminal aliens from any country. I believe that It is a disgrace that many individuals enter the United States of America and they become abusive to the Laws of the United States. Such Individuals do not have to stay in the country and they should get the first vehicle out from the United States of America and back to their home countries. Although Nancy Pelosi and most of the democrats refuse to support the laws of the United States of America. Therefore, we must build the wall between United States and Mexico because most criminals enter the United States through that southern border. These unlawful criminal aliens then become protected by sanctuary cities.
    If illegal aliens are deported and sanctuary cities that harbor criminal aliens are closed and become law-abiding, even in the face of traitors like Governor Brown and Governor Knudsen of California, then billions of dollars will be saved, and myna American lives will also be saved.

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