Update: Kenyan Killer Overstayed a Tourist Visa, Married an American

On my daily hunt for more news about Billy Chemirmir, accused of murdering twelve elderly American women by smothering each with a pillow, I see no mainstream media has shown further curiosity about an alleged serial killer who preyed on vulnerable white women in order to steal from them.

Chemirmir and victimes
New American Billy Kipkorir Chemirmir pictured with four of his alleged victims.

His killing spree went on for several years before investigators caught a break and arrested him in March of 2018.
No major media is interested, but thank goodness Breitbart reporter John Binder was curious enough to find out how Chemirmir actually got into the US.
We earlier reported that Kenyan media had an interest in a case involving one of its citizens, however, no major media in the US has pursued his immigration status, indeed most have never even mentioned the case!
Authorities in Texas are now searching through information on other deaths of elderly women who died alone and fit a certain profile—white and with some means (so they had possessions for Billy to sell!).
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Here is Binder’s report yesterday,

Accused Illegal Serial Killer Given Green Card After Overstaying Visa


An accused illegal alien serial killer who has been charged with murdering 12 elderly women overstayed his visa, was never deported, and was able to obtain a green card.
As Breitbart News reported, 46-year-old illegal alien Billy Chemirmir, born in Kenya, had been living in Dallas, Texas when he was originally charged in March 2018 with murdering 81-year-old Lu Thi Harris.
This month, however, Chemirmir was charged with murdering 11 other elderly women, all between the ages of 76 to 94-years-old. The illegal alien worked as a home healthcare worker and was a home aide to many of the women.
A law enforcement source confirmed to Breitbart News that Chemirmir first arrived in the U.S. on a B-2 visa — commonly known as a tourist visa — in July 2003.
Though Chemirmir was supposed to only temporarily be in the U.S., he overstayed his visa and became an illegal alien who was eligible for deportation.
Rather than being deported, however the illegal alien was able to use a loophole in the country’s legal immigration system that allowed him to obtain a green card after marrying a U.S. citizen.
In November 2007, Chemirmir was approved for a green card allowing him to permanently resettle in the country. Every year, more than 1.2 million legal immigrants are admitted to the U.S.
A law enforcement source also said the illegal alien had a criminal record, including convictions for drunk driving, trespassing, assault, and obstructing a police officer.

More here.
You will be hearing about the Kenyan Killer regularly as he is the classic poster child for what is wrong with our immigration system.  His case also has brought to our attention the plight of elderly women who are easy targets for evil creeps like Billy. 
BTW, he was clever enough to allegedly suffocate his elderly victims making it possible for an easy assumption to be made that the older women died of natural causes.  More on that hopefully tomorrow.
I’ve made a tag here for ‘Billy Chemirmir’ that will make it easier for you to go back to earlier posts on the horrific serial murder case.

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8 thoughts on “Update: Kenyan Killer Overstayed a Tourist Visa, Married an American

  1. I found this review on Amazon about the book Christopher Columbus & the Afrikan Holocaust.
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    November 24, 2014
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  2. “BTW, he was clever enough to allegedly suffocate his elderly victims making it possible for an easy assumption to be made that the older women died of natural causes.”
    Actually, Ann, if a doctor looked closely at the dead womens’ eyes what he would see (as a result of suffocation) is petechiae – tiny, circular, non-raised patches that appear on the skin or in a mucous or serous membrane. They occur as the result of bleeding under the skin.
    Petechiae on the face and conjunctiva (eyes) can be a sign of a death by asphyxiation, particularly when involving reduced venous return from the head (such as in strangulation).

    1. One step ahead of me! There is a story I haven’t posted yet that mentions this. They are also exhuming some bodies to look for fibers (from a pillow) in the nostrils. I’m guessing the original medical examiner (if one was even called!) did not examine eyes and probably just assumed the elderly person died naturally.

  3. I wonder who the U.S. wife was and what became of her. I wouldn’t doubt it was a sham marriage. After the creation of DHS and it’s subordinate agencies, no one investigates marriage fraud anymore, or any other type of immigration related fraud, for that matter.

    1. I bet it was too! In my dreams I want to go to Texas and dig into this story. It is a book in the making. Everything that is wrong with America (or almost everything in one horrible crime).

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