Feds Provide Training for In-Home Day Care for Refugees

That headline is not exactly correct!  You, the American taxpayers, pay for Day Care training so refugees who have been in the country for less than five years can have “culturally appropriate” child care, and get paid to stay home with their own kids and a few others.

Congolese women in Iowa get federally-funded training to take care of their kids at home.

I’ve written about this grant program provided by the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement over the years (see one 2015 story at RRW), but a story from Iowa (hat tip: Joanne) reminds me I should tell new readers about it especially in light of news I’ve posted here since January about how just this type of taxpayer-funded day care leads to fraud.
In one case, the day care provider paid other families to pretend to drop off kids and then the provider submitted for payment an inflated number of attendees.

From KCRG in Cedar Rapids,

Catherine McAuley Center offers child care training for refugees


CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) A new training course is hoping to help refugees and solve a daycare shortage at the same time.

American citizens need not apply!

The Catherine McAuley Center hosted its first training for the Refugee Child Care Program in Cedar Rapids on Wednesday. The training is only available to refugees or people granted asylum who have lived in the U.S. for less than five years.
Once people are done with the training, they will be able to open a daycare in their home and be registered with Iowa’s Department of Human Services.
Rebeca Furaha is Congolese and has lived in the U.S. for just nine months. She has been considering starting an in-home daycare business.
“I need to learn the rules and regulations in the U.S,” Furaha said.

Hannah miles
Hannah Miles Child Care Coordinator for CMC which seeks to “increase the amount of culturally and linguistically appropriate child care” in Iowa. So much for assimilation into American culture or learning to speak English! https://cmc-cr.org/new-refugee-child-care-program/

A trained instructor helped the group go over those topics, including the necessary state paperwork needed for various age groups of children.
The entire program is eight training sessions and most go over best practices for childcare.
“And then first aid, CPR and mandatory reporting,” Refugee Child Care Coordinator Hannah Miles said.
“It works well to give some of these people an opportunity to stay home with their children, but also watch other children,” Miles said. “So, not only the provider is making money, but other parents in the community can go to their jobs outside of the home and make money.”
After the training, staff will help each refugee submit registration to DHS, and prepare for a home inspection. The center will also provide a few small business classes, where people can learn how to keep record books and do taxes.
Federal dollars from the Office of Refugee Resettlement pay for this program.

And, besides overtly discriminating against Americans, the program sets up unfair competition for those wishing to open a child care business using their own, or borrowed, funding.
Of course the federal grants for the training go to the usual refugee contractor cabal, see here.
Not mentioned in the KCRG story is that the Catherine McCauley Center got $159,196 of your money to run the program. Wonder how much that works out to per refugee day care trainee?
This is the kind of federal program I had hoped would be eliminated in a Trump administration (but then again, it might be right up Ivanka’s alley!).

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8 thoughts on “Feds Provide Training for In-Home Day Care for Refugees

  1. Oh gosh… What could go wrong here?
    Every time I think that we may have reached the bottom of this ‘pit of stupid’, someone grabs a shovel and starts digging..

  2. New people here don’t have the love for our country & patriotism so they won’t have qualms about ripping off our government or the taxpayer. I am generalizing- but I see this SO often today. Another thing- would YOU trust your child to a total stranger from a country that is known as the Rape Capital of the World (Congo)? Other countries don’t think twice about striking children, even other people’s children. This happened to me years ago with my school friends, we got lost in the jungle and the locals jeered at us, demanded a dollar for directions back to the street, then one man struck me on the head. We’re importing people from highest violent crime rates on the planet now. It really doesn’t matter what country they’re from, or what color they are, but people are so terrified of appearing racist they keep their mouths shut. This is wrong. We should treat all people the same regardless of race, and that means speaking out and not accepting this influx of criminals and potentially dangerous persons.
    Another thing Ann- I wrote earlier they’re also training refugees to work as aides in nursing homes and for Home Health care. Terrible! Imagine a 27-year-old Afghan man who’s never been in the same room with a woman taking care of bathing & dressing your senile grandmother, or quadriplegic cousin. These agencies gush on how wonderful refugees are, then keep news reports of their crimes a secret or disguise them, like they did THIS guy from Ghana: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/penn-state-professor-moonlighting-uber-driver-charged-second-kidnapping-case-n1009061

    1. Thanks for the good comment and the link. I can’t believe it, I have 4 stories now to post on “New Americans” attacking women. That is in addition to the monstrous Billy Chemirmir!

  3. Look at this…Minnesota has now declared being a Somalian a mental illness.
    On Thu, May 23, 2019 at 4:05 AM Frauds, Crooks and Criminals wrote:
    > Ann Corcoran posted: “That headline is not exactly correct! You, the > American taxpayers, pay for Day Care training so refugees who have been in > the country for less than five years can have “culturally appropriate” > child care, and get paid to stay home with their own kids and” >

    1. And, we should be asking how many mentally ill Somalis did we screen out of admission to the US…I bet none!

  4. They didn’t finish this sentence: “So, not only the provider is making money, but other parents in the community can go to their jobs outside of the home and make money.” To finish it- Once they make the money they will then remit it back to the Congo or wherever and put those dollars to work in their country and not ours.

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