North Dakota: Somali Refugee Charged with Murder of Young Mother

Such a sick, sick story on many fronts.

North Dakota has been roiled with refugee tensions over the years as I reported extensively at my other blog, Refugee Resettlement Watch.

I visited the state in 2016 to get a feeling for the situation there mostly a result of Minnesota Somalis spilling across the border into the state, but some refugees have been directly placed there by a Lutheran resettlement agency.

And, as you read this news, keep in the back of your mind that Biden will this month be making the decision on the refugee ceiling for the new fiscal year that begins on October first.  Among the 125,000 he has so far indicated would be arriving, thousands of Somalis will be among them.

But, that isn’t all.

The refugee industry is pushing for the number to be 200,000.  Those tens of thousands of Afghan evacuees beginning to arrive may end up being in addition to 200,000 from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East—all will be needy people looking for the generosity of the US taxpayer!

Here is the bare bones news story from Valley News Live:

Manslaughter charge amended to Murder in Grand Forks shooting

We have enough criminals of our own. Why must we import more from Africa with the help of Lutheran do-gooders?

GRAND FORKS, N.D. (Valley News Live) – Grand Forks Police have identified the victim of a weekend shooting as 28-year-old Megan Lea Gustafson.

The manslaughter charge originally filed against 26-year-old Ahmen Mohamed Abdullahi has been amended to Murder.Abdullahi is also charged with one count of unlawful possession of a firearm and theft of property.

Grand Forks Police say the shooting happened just after 1:30 Sunday morning at a home in the 1300 block of 8th Avenue North. Officers responded to a report of a suspicious man in the area, they knocked on an apartment door and talked to Megan Gustafson.

Officers walked away and shortly after, they heard an argument coming from inside the apartment.

Megan’s obituary is here:

Court documents say officers saw the door open; Gustafson was standing in the doorway with her back toward the street and Abdullahi was facing her.

Officers heard a single gunshot, heard Gustafson scream, and then saw her run into the lawn and fall to the ground.

Abdullahi walked out of the apartment holding a handgun, according to court documents. Officers were able to detain Abdullahi without incident.

Police say Gustafson had a gunshot wound in the chin/neck area.

They tried to save her, but she later died at Altru Hospital.

Court documents also say the handgun found at the scene was reported stolen from a vehicle in Grand Forks in September 2020. Abdullahi is prohibited from owning or possessing a firearm due to a felony terrorizing conviction in Grand Forks County in March 2021.

Diversity is not beautiful!

As I have said here on many occasions, more young women might be alive if the mainstream media wasn’t chicken to publish stories like this one!

You will see, this won’t go beyond the local news.

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9 thoughts on “North Dakota: Somali Refugee Charged with Murder of Young Mother

  1. Has anyone who got these “refugees” sued Joe Biden and the government for bringing in people from other countries who have been violent and killed people ?

    Has anyone sued the government for taking our tax dollars to support foreigners in our country? Those are our tax dollars…Not Joe Biden’s for non-citizens?

    When did we the people lose the right to say how our government is done?

    Was it somewhere around the time of the Clintons? Or maybe the fake Republicans the Bushs? Definitely we lost many rights under Obama.

    Here’s something you should look into…the history of George Soros…formally George Swartz…of I think Hungary….. who is very vocal about despising America and has sworn to bring us down. He got a dual citizen with America in 1961 under Nixon.

    He has funded a lot of destruction in America…..funded really bad DAs who have let out thousands of criminals to destroy our towns and cities…kill us…

    I would be here all day if I told you all I know about this very evil man…’s one I can leave you with….he’s friends with the Clintons….He’s funded lots of our politicians who stab us in the back. He’s pals with the Chinese who fund the corrupt, criminal Biden family. …and many others.

    The so-called Republican Liz Cheny’s husband works at a firm that answers to the Chinese….

    Most of our politicians are in some way connected to these two evil forces….Soros and the Chinese.

    Time to clean house in our Congress.

    1. >Time to clean house in our Congress.

      That’s going to be difficult, assuming you mean via voting — watch the video where Zoe Lofgren, a congressional fossil (she’s been in office since 1995), when discussing a bill (some aspect of which apparently would have granted amnesty/citizenship to illegals) said she would oppose an amendment to the bill that would exclude MS-13 gang members — do you find that extreme? — it’s more mainstream among Democrats today, so any ‘housecleaning’ would have to also be extreme.

      Find the video here — listen carefully to her rhetoric:

      Tucker Carlson: Open borders means the death of young Americans, but Biden doesn’t care — Democrat’s ultimate goal is to change the country forever

      Keep in mind: people keep voting for this woman, and many others like her, in large numbers.

  2. I agree. Lets vote for true Patriots running for seats in the House and Senate who love America and believe in “I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” Yes to a Patriotic curriculum so our kids grow up loving the Country and themselves. Be well.

  3. Never elect Communists (Democrats), and thoroughly vet all other candidates. We-the-people are ultimately responsible for electing evil!

  4. Therein lies the problem. How many people, never mind Americans, research their candidate ? The Party ticket transcends all common sense. Country is no longer supreme, but my Party, right or wrong. Perhaps leave the RINOS to stew, and create a new, third party, which dissidents from the others can join. An All American Party.

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