Refugee Resettlement Watch Turns Twelve Tomorrow (if it still exists)!

Tomorrow marks 12 years since I launched Refugee Resettlement Watch, and although I do all of my new writing here at ‘Frauds and Crooks’, faithful readers know that the site was still available with nearly 9,000 posts for research purposes.
Until just recently that is….
I’m waiting to hear why WordPress has suspended that successful educational blog after all these years.  I’ve reached out for an explanation and am still hoping it is some simple thing involving something like billing.
This is what you will find if you try to visit RRW today:
Screenshot (1030)
I sure hope to be updating you soon with a report that it was all an error.

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27 thoughts on “Refugee Resettlement Watch Turns Twelve Tomorrow (if it still exists)!

  1. Ann: It looks like WordPress is out to muzzle anyone who speak negatively about muslims. Recently they shut down Creeping Sharia, a great source of muslim news!! I read that NWO is using muslims as their army to accomplish their goal of world domination!! One question: how do you control the muslims afterwards?

    1. FROM what I see, hear and read I do believe that our first amendment rights are systematically being taken away one by one. Any news media, blog or facebook item that the editor or owner does not like is being removed and or destroyed by the communist’s censor. What will happen to the America we grew up and became adults thinking our country was the greatest and best place to be and now it is being taken over by socialist and communists. SAD DAYS AHEAD!!!!

  2. You are witnessing the death of this kind of medium .As they sensor more and more for whatever stupid reason they are eroding whatever base of credibility they had.

  3. Ha! I hope you have a good lawyer and sue to at least get your content back to post elsewhere—those words have a cash value! (when I was trying to make a living as a writer, I was told one dollar a word…minimum), not to mention the defamation if they pulled it because of false charges of racism or whatever…and you PAY for WordPress, so not even a freebie…I would think a very good lawyer could get you money damages…I still think you made a mistake not to sue SPLC for the enemies listing…reckless, false, malicious and defamatory.

  4. Hi Ann,
    Maybe you would need to post to RRW at least once a month or something in order to keep it active. Please let us know when it is back because it is such a valuable resource.
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    1. Hi Hugh, that can’t be it because I have two older wordpress blogs that I haven’t posted at for many years and they are still up! Let’s hope it is a dumb error!

  5. RRW was the go-to site regarding the glitches and inexcusable mistakes of this federal government boondoggle. It was, and is, much appreciated.

  6. Ann, it’s so discouraging to learn WordPress has joined with the likes of FB, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Wikipedia to suppress the First Amendment. There’s an effort afoot to control us. What better way to control the masses then by suppressing thought and free speech with the PC movement. I don’t understand why Conservatives haven’t come up with platforms of their own that encourage free speech.
    I appreciate what you and others do to keep us informed despite the efforts of Google and other platforms to keep us in the dark. In less than a couple of hours YouTube took down Project Veritas’s undercover video of Google’s plan to control what we see on the internet and how that will affect the outcome of the 2020 election…..chilling! The good thing is the videos can still be found on Project Veritas’s website. It was insightful to listen to one of Google’s executives express angst Google might be broken up….then she opined smaller companies wouldn’t have the power Google has…hmm….imagine that!
    Perhaps you are familiar with Professor Epstein. Below is a link to one of his articles about on line privacy.
    The information you publish on your websites has been invaluable. It’s because of you and others like you we are able to function as a free society. The irony of all of this is the Left’s faux accusations that Trump and his followers are Nazis when the fact is it’s the Left and Social Democrats that are attacking free speech and using tactics reminiscent of Hitler’s 1930’s Germany…’s time to pull the curtain back and expose the real enemies who want to destroy America and what she stands for.
    Thank you again Ann. Nancy Wright Moultonborough, NH
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  7. Congratulations, Ann! You’ve weathered a terrible storm in your efforts.
    Each day I wake up I wonder if you and Pamela Geller’s site is still there given how many conservative sites are disappearing.
    Keep up the good work! We need you! Carol Austin

    1. Not weathered yet! Still waiting to hear why WordPress took down RRW.

  8. WordPress is leftist and since your blog talks about and deals with a subject the left protects, you will probably not get it back. WordPress has been censoring for a while. If this site is WordPress, it can be shut down as well.

  9. Dear Ann. … I want to thank you for the wonderful job you have done for us during the past 12 years. You fill in the blanks the MSM does not touch….Singlehanded, you are helping our democracy survive..Thanks so much for all you do. George Heinrich

  10. This is emblematic of the MSM, the narrative is being controlled.
    Thank you for all you do, Ann, I know it is not easy and I commend
    Most Sincerely,
    Linda Dian Myers

  11. To: Ann Corcoran I feel compelled to complain about censorship of your intelligent, factual, informative blog! Please advise this computer novice where & how to do so. The word press web-site does not seem to have a complaint department prominently displayed; neither does twitter. (So surprised.)
    Thank you! Freda

    1. Thanks for your words of support, but I still haven’t gotten an explanation, so don’t complain yet!

  12. It was probably taken down for the same reason Creeping Sharia was taken down.
    You can export all your posts/comments/content and load it into another site hosted by someone other than WordPress. You should even be able to get all your links redirected (if you are willing to pay WordPress a few bucks…and they except it).

  13. Dear Ann- as always thanks for everything you’ve been doing for the last many years. You are a personal hero of mine and I consider you a brave Patriot.
    As far as WP taking you down- I’m surprised they let you keep the blog as long as they did.
    Commie bastards.

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