CNN Posts News Entitled “Here’s what we know about person accused of killing Mackenzie Lueck”

Looking for updated news on the horrible murder of a Utah college student (see my post on the arrest of Ayoola Ajayi here on Friday evening), I see that CNN did an update last night with the above headline.

ayoola ajayi booking photo
Ayoola Adisa Ajayi is expected to be charged tomorrow. We will be watching!

Eager to learn what more the mainstream media might have dug up about the man arrested in the horrific case in Salt Lake City, I opened the link.

They don’t know squat!

There is absolutely nothing new there, but more importantly there is no mention of what alternative media had already reported—that he is Nigerian! (that according to his booking report!).

Some alternative media are also reporting that he came on a student visa and never left. 

Shouldn’t a good investigative reporter find that information with just a little work?

Where are you New York TimesWashington Post?

And, hey CNN, if you don’t know anything, than don’t post headlines like this one!

The Kenyan illegal alien allegedly killed elderly women by suffocating them with a pillow.  Have you seen his face on cable news?

It is maddening, just like the Texas story of the ‘Kenyan Killer’—-now it appears this ‘new American’ may have killed a minimum of 18 senior citizens—these stories are kept from the average American who only watches cable news.

(Thanks to Breitbart for getting the Texas story out more widely!)

Why aren’t we competing with our stories?

The Left loves to tell their heartwarming stories about “new Americans,” but we dare not tell the horror stories.

And, frankly, immigration control activists aren’t good story-tellers for the most part!

Why is that?

9 thoughts on “CNN Posts News Entitled “Here’s what we know about person accused of killing Mackenzie Lueck”

  1. Hello Bud!    I subscribe  to this web site & you can really see how our once proud country has been overrun & contaminated with this human garbage & filth.I hope you are doing better & the pain is subsiding.   Best Regards,   John


  2. Like the proverbial frog slowly being boiled to death in a pot of water…..we will wake up one day and find out we just let the Globalists and their minions turn us into a socialist country where the government owns everything and controls everything….from food, to goods and services, to health care…exactly like what the Dim candidates for President raised their hand for in their last debate.
    First goes our freedom of speech to call out the atrocities…already people losing their jobs because they speak out and being physically attacked….then comes the tearing down of our historical monuments and not teaching our young about true American history….Marx told his followers this is how you create a “new history” for the ignorant masses….

    We are the FROGS….and we are now two degrees from being cooked.


  3. The following is where, and how, such vicious humans are IMPRINTED for life:

    See recent news..


    Nigerians describe horrors of Fulani atrocities: ‘There is a genocide going on’

    ‘Unborn babies ‘slaughtered like chickens,’ entire tribes now homeless’


    And, this is what we are importing into Minnesota, and into the rest of OUR country, FOR VOTES, and for ‘THIRTY PIECES OF SILVER’..


  4. And, this is what we are importing into Minnesota, and into the rest of OUR country, FOR VOTES, and for ‘THIRTY PIECES OF SILVER’..

    …and disguising it all as ‘Welcoming’..

    This Islam THING is a ‘death cult-ure..’ Unfortunately, they thrive by killing and destroying everything IN THEIR WAY..

    Like their not-so-fearless leader of yesteryear, we shall call ‘Mo’ for short, they kill everything IN THEIR WAY for their own sake.

    In contrast, Jesus sacrificed himself on the Cross, willingly, and for the sake of the world, and all of us.

    It’s like a little clue..


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