Happy New Year and Happy First Anniversary to ‘Frauds and Crooks’

It has been a year and a day since I launched this website with the goal of balancing the news coming from the Left (and most of the media) about how ‘new Americans’ are here for a better life and will bring us the joys of diversity as well as economic boom times to struggling cities.

For new readers, I use this artwork that the Southern Poverty Law Center commissioned of me (and others) that it was targeting a few years ago in its effort to silence anyone who doesn’t agree with their political views.

I noted that the warm and fuzzy immigrant stories (the Left loves emotion-generating stories!) were increasing as the 2020 presidential contest looms.

Yes, many are here for America’s benefits and many will benefit America, but I was sick of the lack of balance and the blatant efforts to downplay stories involving fraud, murder, violence, terrorism and crimes generally perpetrated on us by those who shouldn’t have been here in the first place.

(See my welcoming post from January 1, 2019)

I think in the last year I’ve documented some pretty horrendous cases, most having never been reported on a national level.

We can tell emotional stories too!

LOL! Also when I began this blog, I was discouraged (and bored) by any lack of progress by the Trump Administration to reform the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program which I had been blogging about for 11 going on 12 years.  Refugee Resettlement Watch (RRW) had been retired and tucked into bed (I thought safe there as an educational resource for anyone who was interested.).

All that changed mid-year when the ‘speech police’ convinced wordpress.com to delete RRW.  See here.

Not to be silenced, I had to hire someone with technical skills to recover RRW. Frankly, those who wanted to silence me on the subject of refugees should have left sleeping dogs lie.  Now, I am back to full time writing at RRW and here at ‘Frauds and Crooks.’  And, just in time since the President did make a move to reform the dysfunctional Refugee Admissions Program See RRW here.

I’m continuing as best I can to get news up at both sites every day or every few days at the least.

So, what do you do in 2020?

Put Donald Trump back in the White House for four more years!


Besides educating (read! read! read!) yourselves on the issues, I posted here that the most important goal perhaps of all time for America is to reelect Donald Trump.  I know he is not perfect, but the contrast is stark between Trump’s ‘America First’ view of the world and the view held by the Democrats stable of Socialists.

You might be thinking that the Trump machine is so powerful that you don’t have to do much, but it is only as powerful as you (who stand behind him) make it.

My friend Richard Falknor at Blue Ridge Forum penned a New Years day  piece yesterday that I recommend you read entitled,

So Many 2020 Challenges For Grass-Roots Patriots — But So Little Time!

Here is just a bit of what he advised:

[W]e have watched the president — heroically –achieve much in the teeth of unremitting and planned opposition from the Permanent Government and their allied media and from the toxic bond of hostility of former leaders in the Justice Department and the self-styled intelligence community.

We suggest, however, that all of us grass-roots patriots still have much to do both in terms of realizing immediate goals, e.g., keeping the Second Amendment and controlling immigration, and in how we guard against and confront future perils.


[W]hat should we grass-roots patriots now be doing day-in and day-out to restore what remains of the Republic, which is the bedrock of our personal freedom and our self-government?

Realize first that we shall have to outwork and out-study the People of the Hard Left for whom shaping a new and likely hostile society occupies much of their daily energy and social life.

This last bit is what makes us different from our adversaries on the Left.  They live to change America while we have generally worked hard to raise families and be good citizens ignoring the dirty business of politics.  You can’t do that this year.

In other words, Papa Trump isn’t going to take care of us all by himself.

While you are visiting the Virginia-based Blue Ridge Forum note the excellent blog roll on the right hand column.  It is a fantastic resource of some of the most important sites you should be accessing on a daily basis to stay informed.

Why wander around the internet for your education, simply see Falknor’s essential reading list.

Finally thanks to all of you who read my work at both blogs and special thanks for your kind words of support and encouragement. Donations that have helped defray the cost of recovering Refugee Resettlement Watch were very much appreciated.

And, thanks too for news tips which I use whenever I can.  Apologies to all who write to me. I wish I was a better correspondent, but there aren’t enough hours in my blogging day to keep up with everything.

Happy New Year and off to work to keep America Great!

P.S. I almost forgot!  I said I would tally-up the posts from certain states that seem to have the most frauds, crooks and killers (at least those reported on these pages).  I feel sure that Florida and Michigan are a close first and second.

But maybe if you have the time search here for Florida and here for Michigan (or using the search window find any other state you think might have extensively graced the pages of ‘Frauds and Crooks’ over the past year) and let me know who wins!


Welcome to My New Blog!

As many of you know, I wrote the blog Refugee Resettlement Watch for eleven years beginning in July of 2007. My goal was to educate Americans about the US Refugee Admissions Program and related refugee issues here and around the world.
Ann SPLC artwork
I wanted to see the USRAP reformed, and although President Donald Trump has slowed the flow of refugees into the US, it is not enough.

I could be wrong, but I don’t see the major reform I believe is needed happening as the Democrats now control the House of Representatives.

Beating my head against a wall for two more years strikes me as nuts!
So, I’m doing what I threatened over the years and am writing a blog about frauds and crooks.

UpdateOver the summer the speech police removed Refugee Resettlement Watch, but it has since been reconstructed, here.  I’m writing there regularly now along with ‘Frauds and Crooks’ primarily because I couldn’t let them win.

My inspiration and purpose at ‘Frauds and Crooks’ is to balance news like this news from Columbus, Ohio about a Left-wing film company planning a ‘diversity is beautiful’ film just in time for the 2020 Presidential election!

If you have been a long time reader of RRW, you know my side interest was in SNAP fraud, otherwise known as food stamp fraud, not the little stuff, but the huge scam involving trafficking in food stamps.

This blog will be about that fraud and a heckuva lot of other frauds being perpetrated on US taxpayers and average citizens. There is medicare and medicaid fraud, money laundering scams, daycare fraud, vote fraud, immigration and asylum fraud, and even frauds on lonely little old ladies using popular dating services….

….not to mention crimes and terrorism that don’t involve money, but threaten our safety and the safety of our country.

So you can see, I will have a lot of material to write about!

You will be happy to hear that I don’t expect to write more than one or two posts a day with the exception of sending out short, time sensitive fraud alerts as they come up.

And, one last thing!  I have chosen a clean website format and hope to keep it simple to read and navigate.  There won’t be any ads popping up either!

Don’t miss my twitter feed in the right hand sidebar!

(I occasionally still post a few things at twitter, but they clearly were working to diminish my reach.)

Thanks for visiting!


P.S. Be sure to read my rules about commenting under the header.