California: Ringleaders in Massive International Fencing Ring were Afghan Special Refugees

You know those “brave boys” who worked for the US military in Afghanistan I’ve been telling you about; the ones who supposedly would have been killed if we left them in their home country; the ones we have been admitting as refugees to the US by the thousands—56,000 so far!  See here.

I’ll bet if you live in any state other than California, this is news to you.  Gotta hand it to local NBC for their great reporting and the Freemont, CA police for their undercover work!

And, many thanks to reader Michael who spotted the information (buried several paragraphs into the story) that those busted ringleaders include three who were welcomed to America by the US military!  So much for robust screening!

Upon their arrival you (your tax dollars) set them up with apartments, medical care and an assortment of social services.

I think we need to find out who in the military vouched for three of the Afghan creeps!



From NBC Bay Area earlier this month:

From an undercover car in a nondescript Hayward strip mall, detectives snapped photos as Isaiah Langley and D’anthony Larks walk into a cellphone store called Torspin Wireless with a bag police believed was stuffed with brand new iPhones.

A few minutes later, photos and video shot by detectives captured the men strolling casually out of the shop towards a black Audi SUV. The bag appeared empty, and they were openly carrying large bricks of cash. It was June 7, three days before Langley would sign a professional football contract with the Oakland Raiders.

Investigators from at least eight different Northern California law enforcement agencies were zeroing in on a crew police say were tied to more than 60 strong-arm robberies and grand thefts – from the Bay Area to Sacramento – targeting delivery drivers carrying shipments of brand new cellphones. Police tracked the crew for three more months, arresting Langley, Larks, and 10 others in August.

But as the Oakland Police Department and Alameda County District Attorney’s Office led the investigation into the suspected robbery crew, detectives from the Fremont Police Department took an interest in Torspin Wireless, the Hayward store police believed was just a front for a major fencing operation trafficking in stolen electronics.


Detectives began a months-long surveillance operation on the shop – watching time-after-time as customers walked into Torspin carrying boxes or bags and walking out with cash. Detectives would come to believe they’d found the Bay Area’s largest fencing operation for stolen electronics – and the starting point of an international pipeline of stolen phones spanning at least four continents.


Zemlok [ Fremont Police Detective Rick Zemlok] said the man calling the shots for the operation was one of the store’s three owners, Muhibullah Nuristani. The store’s other owners – Mohammad Mustafa and Abdul Janah – also took part in the suspected fencing ring, as well as Mujibullah Nuristani, a relative of Muhibullah, according to Zemlok. All but Mustafa had been granted citizenship in the United States after serving as translators for the U.S. Army during the war in Afghanistan, according to police and attorneys for the men.

Stolen phones were sold….

all over the globe, in Mexico, China, Russia, Vietnam, Singapore, Dubai, and Australia, among other countries.

There is much more here, see how the police stung the perps.

You paid for their flight to America, set them up with social services and now guess what….

….if found guilty you pay for their incarcerations!

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5 thoughts on “California: Ringleaders in Massive International Fencing Ring were Afghan Special Refugees

  1. Thank you Ann. Unfortunately California is a sanctuary state so ICE won’t be allowed to deport them.

  2. Thanks so much for posting this to your network Ann! It just ticked me off to no end to see how these creeps pay us back for our hospitality and generosity–and the naivete of our useless military’s “extreme vetting” (Hahaha–extremely what? Sloppy? Clueless?). And I have newfound faith in my longtime local news anchor, Jessica Aguirre, who finally acted like a real journalist. If only all news stations would!

  3. This Islamic scourge will continue unless and until the American people as a whole recognize that the Islamic ideology is extremely adverse to what we know as right and wrong. These three, and many others, think and know that we the people are, for lack of a better term, infidels, and we are no better than dogs or pigs.

  4. you dont have to be so f… racists and hateful!
    there are millions of people who have committed crimes and are in jail from different races. including whites, black etc. they are all the same human with same qualities.
    i hate it when some ignorant people like you spread hate and racism.

    1. Yes, there are a lot of criminals of all races, but the point is that we didn’t have to have these criminals living here. We should have left them in Afghanistan!

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