More than 600 Children Recycled at the Border in the Past Year

That is one of the shocking pieces of news the Senate Homeland Security Committee heard on Wednesday while the entire media apparatus of the United States was fixated on the Trump Impeachment Extravaganza.

Luckily for us Stephen Dinan at the Washington Times was not mesmerized by the Schiff Show in the House of Representatives.

Just now when I received Dinan’s story (h/t Joanne), I quickly searched to see who else reported this disgusting news and only see a reference to a C-Span video of the hearing.

Shame on the media. It appears that no one other than the Washington Times covered the important Senate hearing.


More than 600 children ‘recycled’ by migrant smugglers at border: ICE

More than 600 children were “recycled” through the border over the last year, including some who were carried across eight times, by a different person each time, looking to exploit lax policies to gain a foothold in the U.S., a top ICE official told Congress on Wednesday.

And those are only cases that were detected, officials said.

ICE: Fake families in a quarter of the cases!

The recycled children are one of the more disturbing aspects of illegal border flow over the last 12 months, which set records for the number of children and families who snuck into the U.S.

The families were drawn by a lax policy, imposed by a federal court, that gives adults a quick release into communities as long as they brought a son or daughter with them.

The result was massive levels of fraud, with adults renting or outright buying unrelated children in order to present themselves as a family, authorities said. In some cases it was a one-off, but in other instances children were “recycled” across the border multiple times, said Derek N. Benner, acting deputy director at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“We’ve identified over 600 children that have been recycled,” he said.

That means that once they came across with an unrelated adult, they were then separated by the smuggling operation and taken back south across the border to be brought back again with a new adult, he said.

“Some of them had indicated they’ve made the trip as many as eight times, with separate, unrelated adults each time,” he added.

Mark Morgan, acting commissioner at Customs and Border Protection, recounted one case where they caught a Honduran man who’d “bought a child” for $80, then attempted to cross into the U.S.

“Why did he do it? Because the loopholes in our system told him — and the smugglers made sure he understood — ‘You grab a child, that’s your passport into the United States,’” Mr. Morgan told the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

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Fake refugees everywhere!

Lies, fraud, corruption from Africa to our Southern Border.  If you aren’t reading RRW yet, see that the UN is being accused of fraud and corruption in one of the major camps in Africa (Uganda this time, not Kenya) from which we receive refugees.

Note to those who have sent me stories recently.  Thank you!  I hope to post more of the horrible frauds, crooks, criminal news that you have been sending.   So much to report and so little time!

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    1. I forget that most of you never go to the sites themselves where there is a handy side bar location to switch between the two. I’ll try to be better at putting it in the posts that most people read in an e-mail. RRW is here if you want to bookmark it.

    2. I see that I do have a link to RRW at the end of the post about the 600 recycled children.

  1. WHEN Will Trump militarily seal the border; and if he doesn’t ACT So like a true CinC; he and We, the People Will ALL L0$E !

  2. It is with sadness that I have observed the decline of our once great country.
    I first observed this decline as a young person from reading The Poor Seekers, by Dick Dromgool. Further, I took the oath and served in the USAF and beheld waste and foolishness all around me. As a college student, I heard the rantings of flaming liberal professors and witnessed the stoned-out, liberal trained, zombies protest the Viet Nam war. As a father, I studied along with my children what they were learning in school.
    I protected them as best I could from the mindless drivel of a liberal system by providing them with critical thinking skills. There are a lot of “I’s” here but This is MY personal testimony.
    First comes a violation of the principle of “separation of powers” through legislating from the bench.

    Then follows violation of our rules of immigration.

    Followed closely by a flood of immigrants, primarily illegal and the fruit of their unlawful presence, encouraged by people in power to enter the country to pad the population to grow electoral college votes.

    I have compassion as others do on the “huddled masses” but first and foremost I support the rule of law. By-the-way, My OATH is still in effect.


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