Trump Administration Halts Deportation of Possibly 300,000 Aliens

Hundreds of thousands of migrants have been here for more than a decade under a program that gave them temporary legal status, but is a flat-out sham.

Organized demonstrations like this one have happened wherever enclaves of certain ethnic groups have settled.


Temporary Protected Status protects those who were already in the country from about ten countries when something bad happened in their home country and that country claims it can’t take them back.  In order to get TPS status the migrant had to have been in the US already through some other means, including through illegal activities like visa overstays.

The protection was supposed to last no more than two years!

In reality the impoverished country from which they came doesn’t want them back because some are crooks and criminals, but others, those working and/or collecting benefits of some sort, send millions ‘home’ in the form of remittances.

Dollars that would go to fueling our economy now go to prop-up the economies of the third world.

Trump initially wanted to stop it, but the extensive legal network of Open Borders Inc. filed lawsuits and have thus caused the government to back down.

Hundreds of thousands (you know they have drivers licenses and are likely voting) will get to stay until about two weeks before the President is sworn in in January 2021.

Here is the depressing news at the Washington Examiner:

DHS to extend deportation protection program for citizens of six countries into 2021

The Trump administration is extending a program that allows illegal immigrants from six specific countries to obtain legal protection from deportation due to their home country’s inability to take back its own citizens.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, an agency within the Department of Homeland Security, announced Friday it will continue granting protections under the Temporary Protected Status program for people from El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Nepal, Nicaragua, and Sudan through Jan. 4, 2021. USCIS will publish a 27-page notice in the Federal Register detailing the plan on Monday.

The move could affect an estimated 300,000 in the U.S., according to a Congressional Research Service March estimate.

The move comes weeks after a federal judge ordered a temporary stop to the winding down of the six programs. DHS extended TPS due to the unresolved litigation over related cases.

Under TPS, those from certain countries who were in the U.S. illegally at the time of a natural disaster, war, famine, or similar situation, can apply for permission to legally remain at work in the country for two-year terms until their home country says it is stable for people to return.

Many of these countries had had their programs renewed many times, some for up to 15 years. Some recipients have been in the United States for 20 years under the program. [They put down roots and then scream how unfair America is for wanting them to go home!—ed]


Former DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen also extended protections for recipients from Syria, South Sudan, and Yemen. Citizens from 10 countries are TPS recipients as of Friday.

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Just another reminder, I am writing almost daily again at Refugee Resettlement Watch because news is coming fast and furious these days on the US Refugee Admissions Program.

TPS recipients are not refugees!