Special Immigrant Visa Holders Coming in by the Thousands from Afghanistan, but Iraqi Flow has Slowed

In my previous post we learned that an Iraqi refugee (from a Special Immigrant Visa holder family) has been arrested in New Hampshire for the murder of a man who was once his neighbor.
(Local news reports say that the alleged killer’s father was a driver for western and UN diplomats, so I am assuming they are an SIV family.)
The story reminded me that I wanted to fill you in about where we stand with admitting these ‘special refugees’ who supposedly once helped us in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Related posts lately include my number crunching for the regular refugee program and for the Unaccompanied alien children (teens!) program which can be found here and here.  

SIV afghan-immigration (1)
Ticket to America for 56,000 Afghans (so far!)

The Special Immigrant Visa program is one more legal immigration program.
The number of SIVs from Iraq has dropped under the Trump Administration, but Afghanistan is another story.

The numbers coming in are huge!

And, this is what I wonder: If we bring to the US all of those supposedly educated Afghans supposedly friendly to the US, where does that leave Afghanistan, with a population completely comprised of people who don’t share our values and don’t like us?
Here below are some screenshots of portions of the Refugee Processing Center data base for Afghanistan (unfortunately I can’t fit all of it on a page).
If you want to see how many your state welcomed, go here, and then download the spread sheet.  (I’ll give you instructions below about how to find the data.)
The columns begin with FY 2007 and the whole data base shows in which states the refugees and special immigrant visa holders were placed.
This is the last few years since Trump took office.  The numbers I captured in this shot are for Alabama, Arizona and Arkansas.  And of course the cumulative column.
Screenshot (984)
Screenshot (983)
Now this is the bottom of the columns for FY 2017, FY 2018 and FY 2019 and cumulative.  Those bottom three states are:  Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin.
Screenshot (985)_LI
But look at that number! We admitted 10,000 plus refugees from Afghanistan from FY07 up to the present time, but they were joined by over 56,000 Special Immigrant Visa holders and their family members!  Really! That many people helped us in Afghanistan!  I don’t believe it. Did we bring everyone who took out the trash in some office somewhere?

Of the 56,411 we admitted almost 31,000 were resettled in America during the Trump Administration!

They were spread throughout the country with these top five ‘welcoming’ states getting the most:

California: 20,752

Texas: 8,418

Virginia: 7,782

Washington: 3,078

Maryland: 2,900

I’ve been told that it is the SIVs that are helping to keep the nine federal resettlement contractors in the money as Trump slowed the regular refugee numbers.

While Afghan numbers are still increasing, Iraqi numbers are now slowing.  However, since 2006 we have taken in huge numbers of Iraqis to live here permanently as new Americans—more regular refugees and fewer SIVs than from Afghanistan. 

From October 1, 2006 to May 27, 2019

Regular refugees:  142,943

Special Immigrant Visas: 18,455


How do you find this data?

First go to the US State Department’s Refugee Processing Center, click here.
A portion of the page looks like this.  When you are at the site, click on the the lines I’ve checked to download spread sheets for Afghanistan and Iraq.

Screenshot (987)_LI
This is a screenshot (links are not hot) so go to this page: http://www.wrapsnet.org/admissions-and-arrivals

There is lots of useful data there, so have fun!
As we fixate on the border crisis, remember that there are myriad ways migrants of all stripes are becoming your new neighbors—not just in big cities, but in places like little Laconia, New Hampshire.
And, the mainstream media is staying mum about it!  Gee! why no Leftwing praise for Trump on his welcoming embrace of Afghans!

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15 thoughts on “Special Immigrant Visa Holders Coming in by the Thousands from Afghanistan, but Iraqi Flow has Slowed

  1. Every time we send soldiers to a country we end up getting refugees from there because they used them for interpreters and other uses. US govt doesn’t want to leave them in that country for fear of them getting killed for helping the US. The military uses that enticement to get them to help us- that they will get to go to the US. Everybody uses everybody and no one thinks of the long term consequences. Our congress in complicit in endangering the good ole USA with criminals and 3rd worlders that have very different cultures and values. Don’t we have enough criminals of our own to deal with? Don’t we have enough homelessness? why do we keep importing more? I know the answer do you?

  2. “There is lots of useful data there, so have fun!” – if it’s possible to have fun with THAT kind of useful data, it means one thing only: the proverbial “last days” are not in some safe future, they are right here already, stay the mainstream media mum about it or not.

  3. So we are now importing 56,000 Afghans to live here and become citizens as a reward for simply defending their own country??!! Every day seems to bring more news of really how little Trump has done for us, how little of the whole refugee/asylum/immigrant system that’s destroying our country has changed since he was elected, how little influence over our over our borders and our country’s destiny our people have, and indeed how impotent our whole “representative” government has over this unending deluge of foreigners. I want to forward this post immediately to the White House, on the slight chance Trump is unaware of this—but the link is not on this page, as it used to be in the site Refugee Resettlement Watch. I will find it somehow; but I sure would love to see it on this page–it makes it so much easier to report it to POTUS.

      1. I’m talking about your blog-page itself: Frauds & Crooks has never had the very convenient link to the White House that Refugee Resettlement had. I think it was in the upper right border-column. So I just go to old Resettlement pages and use it there–I suppose I could Google it up too. But it was nice having it on the page itself.

        1. Okay, thanks for the feedback. I can put a link to the White House on my front page!

  4. I been living in USA for more than two decades. People in Afghanistan using fraudulent documentation to prove they helped USA . The people who coming to USA from Afghanistan has zero dangerous to their lives in Afghanistan. Some of them I been told never help Americans. The real number of principle applicants and their families are over 130 thousands. The whole program of special immigrant visa is a fraud. These people never helped USA and some of them extremely dangerous.

  5. We are ‘Dumb and Dumber’ in Washington DC and the Pentagon.

    As they say.. …You can take the man out of the cave, but, you may not take the cave out of the man..

  6. SIVs collaborated with the losing side, the US. If they stay, they and first degree relatives and their children will be murdered. Hello Mohamed, wife, kids, parents, siblings, spouses, children. Did brother and sister apply, too? Next time, hire US citizens to interpret–cheaper in the long run.

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