Maryland in Top Five States Receiving Unaccompanied Alien Teenagers

When you hear the mainstream media use the phrase “unaccompanied children” coming across our southern border, don’t be fooled!
The vast majority of the “children” are teenage boys (in FY18, 85% were teens with 71% being males).
They are being distributed to “sponsors” in all fifty states.

Here come the “children!”

According to data maintained by the Office of Refugee Resettlement over 30,000 were spread out across the country in the first six months of Fiscal Year 2019 alone.  Five states got the lion’s share.
We are thus on target to surpass the numbers seen in several Obama years.

Did you know you can check the data to see how many mostly teenagers from mostly Central America were placed in which states and which counties in recent years?

Not surprisingly Harris County, TX ‘welcomed’ the most as Texas was also the top receiving state for UACs followed by California, Florida, New York, and with Maryland coming in at 5th place.
See for yourself. Click here for states and here for counties.
Below are some data tables from the Office of Refugee Resettlement for your edification:
Screenshot (45)
Screenshot (46)

Screenshot (50)
We learned from the state data that we have processed 30,000 in the first six months of this fiscal year, so that would mean we are on track for a total of 60,000 UACs (surpassing a couple of Obama years) if nothing is done to stop the flood.

Now here is the data for counties where I’ve highlighted Maryland:
Screenshot (47)
Through March represents only SIX MONTHS of FY19

Screenshot (48)
Again, go here to learn more about the “children” being spread throughout America.
Notice above that 35% of the unaccompanied “children” we took in in FY18 were 17-years-old. 35% of the total of 49,100 is 17,185 teens who turned 18 this year.
What do you think happened to them when they turned 18 and their sponsor’s responsibility ended?
You guessed it—free to go!

question-mark-1Looking for something to do? Why not use this data and write a letter-to-the-editor! 
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  1. For years there have been complaints about the prisons being overcrowded and that the blacks are over represented in the prison populations. Therefore, let’s bring thousands more and where will they end up? This is not being prejudiced, it is speaking the truth.

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