How Fast Could You Get Your Gun in a Home Invasion?

I saw this news yesterday at The Blaze and was pretty impressed that a senior couple was ready and willing to blast a home invader as he attempted to break down their door while they ate breakfast.

And, I fully expected by today to have a name and photo of the invader who the homeowners shot dead especially because we are told he was on parole from a previous home invasion arrest.

I sure couldn’t find a name or a photo!  The story is nevertheless worth posting as a cautionary tale.  Many of us would be ready for an invasion after dark, but heck in the a.m. the doors are open, at least in my house, and weapons aren’t just laying around at the breakfast table.

Of course you could be one of those families I heard about recently who has a 9mm home defense handgun in most every room (presumably with no kiddos living there).

Check it out, really nice neighborhood ….

From The Blaze:

Armed man on parole kicks down door, enters home while couple in their 60s eats breakfast. But homeowner also has a gun — and fatally shoots intruder.

A California couple in their 60s were having breakfast Tuesday morning when they heard a knock at their door, followed by an attempt to kick down the door after they didn’t respond to the knock, Fairfield police said.

What happened next?

A Facebook post from Councilwoman Catherine Moy indicated the homeowner saw the suspect on his Ring surveillance camera.

The husband, fearing for his life and his wife’s safety, grabbed his legally owned gun to defend them, police said. Moy’s post said it was a .357 Magnum.

The intruder then broke down the door completely and entered the residence, police said.

With that, the husband fired at the intruder, who fled from the home, police said. Moy’s post said the homeowner shot twice at the intruder and hit him in the chest area.


Authorities said the intruder [who was found with a semi-automatic handgun.—ed] was a 27-year-old male from nearby Suisun City who was on parole for a violent crime in Alameda County. KTVU reported that the crime for which he was on parole was a home invasion.

Here is another story with a few extra nuggets of information.

Let me know if you find a name and a pic of the dead intruder.

And, would you be ready at breakfast?

Pair Arrested and Charged in California Road Rage Murder of Little Boy

Surely you have seen the news.

Aiden Leos was murdered while being driven to school on May 21st

But, I decided it needed to be mentioned here as I have seen several stories in the last few months about deadly road rage incidents (not just in California) and I want you to be careful on the highways as we have newfound freedom to travel.

It was difficult to find a report that included photos of the pair arrested and included a mention of the fact that the boy’s mother had flipped a middle finger at the driver of the car in which Marcus Anthony Eriz, 24, and Wynne Lee, 23 were allegedly riding in a lane change dispute of some sort.

Eriz was charged with murder, Lee as an accessory. Arraignment set for June 18th.


That is no excuse for Eriz to fire on the car, but I just want everyone to stay calm out there on the highways as there are some evil and insane people possibly in a car near you.

Don’t do anything that might provoke them!

As usual the UK Daily Mail has a lengthy account.  See it here.

Here is another road rage murder case from back in March that I never got a chance to post.  This one from North Carolina:

29-year-old man charged with killing Pa. mother of 6 in North Carolina road-rage incident: police


California: Grandmother and Dog Slaughtered in Residential Neighborhood

***Update*** UK Daily Mail has more details and photos, says the attacker is Hispanic and will be arraigned on Tuesday.


Random Act of Violence?

It is so very shocking and sad. She was just out for a nice afternoon walk with her dog.

One of several stories on the horrific case is at The Blaze:

Los Angeles grandma stabbed to death along with her dog in broad daylight


The man arrested (no photo so far) is Ricardo Saldivar.

Fox News has a story too and commenters speculate that Saldivar is an illegal alien.  Here is what one commenter said:

As an alternate to the death penalty in this case, why not send the suspect, if found guilty, to a CA Police K-9 Academy as a live “training aid”. He would be given a rubber knife to defend himself. That would get better TV ratings than an injection.


When we learn more about Saldivar, I’ll post it.

I spent my writing time today at RRW writing this week’s refugee news round-up.

Refugee News Round-up: Fourth Week of March 2021

LA Race War: Hispanic Gang Member Sentenced in 2014 Fire Bombing

“The defendants in this case perpetrated hate crimes that targeted innocent victims in their homes simply because of their skin color.”

(Acting Central California U.S. Attorney Tracy L. Wilkison)


In a recent post I highlighted an interview by Los Angeles radio personality Jesse Lee Peterson of a Washington DC libertarian lobbyist, Alex Nowrasteh,  in which Peterson told the open borders pusher that illegal aliens from south of the border attacked and made life miserable for American inner city blacks.

Peterson says illegal aliens are “destroying black communities” while Nowrasteh says race relations between “new Americans” and blacks are going well. 

For years I have been hearing about how ‘new Americans’ of all stripes were making life harder for struggling blacks as the immigrants and refugees pushed their way into traditional African American neighborhoods.

Here is corroboration of Peterson’s allegations that Nowrasteh didn’t want to believe.

After all, everyone knows that minority groups naturally love each other in the great American (mythical) melting pot, right?

From Courthouse News Service (hat tip: Cristina):

LA Gang Member Gets 16 Years for Firebombing Black Homes


(CN) — Carlos Hernandez, ranking member of the Big Hazard street gang, was sentenced Tuesday morning to 192 months in federal prison for his role in orchestrating the 2014 firebomb attacks in Los Angeles that targeted African American families.

Hernandez, 36, also known as “Rider” and “Creeper,” was sentenced nearly seven years after he and several other Big Hazard gang members arranged a plan to firebomb several apartments at the Ramona Gardens housing complex in Boyle Heights with the intent to target African Americans and force them from their homes in the dead of night.



According to court documents, Hernandez led a team of seven gang members on May 11, 2014 – Mother’s Day – to the housing complex in the middle of the night to attack four separate apartments, three of which were occupied by African Americans. After Hernandez divided the gang members into groups and armed them with lighters and hammers, as well as arming himself with a semiautomatic handgun, the gang threw lit Molotov cocktails into the occupied apartments.

In one of the attacks, a mother with a sleeping infant on her chest only just missed being hit directly by one of the explosives after she rolled onto the floor upon hearing the window shatter.

“The defendant planned, coordinated, and led these racially-motivated attacks that targeted vulnerable families, including grandparents and infants, while they were sleeping peacefully in their own homes,” Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Pamela S. Karlan of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division said in a statement.

Well-planned attack

Law enforcement officials determined that this plan was by no means a random assault. Hernandez made sure that all of his members were masked to conceal their identities and had all ditched their cell phones prior to the attack to avoid being tracked. The group even traveled to the L.A. complex using a preplanned route that kept them clear of surveillance cameras.

Hernandez managed to cover the group’s tracks so well that the case went unsolved for two years following the firebombing before law enforcement managed to determine who was behind it. Once caught, all of the gang members in the case admitted to police that they went out of their way to specifically attack African American families and wanted them to move away from the complex, which receives federal funding.


Acting Central California U.S. Attorney Tracy L. Wilkison said the sentence should serve as a reminder that the federal government will continue to prioritize bringing to justice those who would engage in these kinds of violent and racist acts.

“The defendants in this case perpetrated hate crimes that targeted innocent victims in their homes simply because of their skin color,” Wilkison said. “These despicable acts are simply unacceptable in our society.

More here.

And, see that later in 2014, the feds busted the Big Hazard gang.  The UK Daily Mail covered the story.

California Pastor Does Striptease to Make a Point

No, he didn’t take off everything just his tie in a bid to make the point. If strip clubs can be open in California, then so can churches.

Thanks to reader Marilou for sharing this uplifting story. Oh, and by the way, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

This will give you a laugh.  And, yes, I know that the Supreme Court weighed in subsequent to Pastor McCoy’s performance to slap down New York governor Cuomo’s edict restricting church attendance.

I think there is some kind of revolution going on in Cali!

From RedState:

California Pastor Temporarily Turns His Chapel Into a Strip Club to Be Deemed ‘Essential’

Since the time various shutdowns, stay-at-home orders, et cetera, were enacted to “slow the spread” of the Wuhan flu, the list of businesses and activities considered “essential” has been illogical at best. In California, marijuana dispensaries and liquor stores have remained open, while gyms and churches have been shut down.

Multiple churches in California have sued over the shutdown order and their “nonessential” designation, arguing that shutting down churches violates the First Amendment. Others have continued to hold indoor services despite the shutdown order, including Godspeak Calvary Chapel in Ventura County, led by Pastor Rob McCoy – who stepped down from his post as a member of the Thousand Oaks City Council before defying the health officer’s order back in April.

Strip club owners in the state have also challenged the shutdown order in court, saying that their businesses are “legally protected speech guaranteed by the First Amendment.” On November 12, a San Diego Superior Court judge ordered that county to temporarily reopen strip clubs, pending a full hearing at the end of the month, after an initial hearing in a case brought by two strip club owners.

Since being able to provide live adult entertainment is a protected right in at least one county, for at least a few weeks, might churches be able to use this ruling to their advantage?

Pastor McCoy, inspired by former Gov. Mike Huckabee, decided to take a chance.

There is more here.

And, see what the pastor did below.

Remember what Saul Alinsky taught his Leftwing revolutionaries: “Humor is essential to a successful tactician, for the most potent weapons known to mankind are satire and ridicule.”

And, Lefties have NO sense of humor!  So, laugh at them every chance you get!


While we are on the subject of humor, God and Leftists. Twitter was blowing up over the last day or so when Joe Biden, speaking from a teleprompter, couldn’t pronounce the word “Psalmist.”

Remember the Dems put this mentally challenged man in this spot, so we are free to laugh!