California: Grandmother and Dog Slaughtered in Residential Neighborhood

***Update*** UK Daily Mail has more details and photos, says the attacker is Hispanic and will be arraigned on Tuesday.


Random Act of Violence?

It is so very shocking and sad. She was just out for a nice afternoon walk with her dog.

One of several stories on the horrific case is at The Blaze:

Los Angeles grandma stabbed to death along with her dog in broad daylight


The man arrested (no photo so far) is Ricardo Saldivar.

Fox News has a story too and commenters speculate that Saldivar is an illegal alien.  Here is what one commenter said:

As an alternate to the death penalty in this case, why not send the suspect, if found guilty, to a CA Police K-9 Academy as a live “training aid”. He would be given a rubber knife to defend himself. That would get better TV ratings than an injection.


When we learn more about Saldivar, I’ll post it.

I spent my writing time today at RRW writing this week’s refugee news round-up.

Refugee News Round-up: Fourth Week of March 2021

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3 thoughts on “California: Grandmother and Dog Slaughtered in Residential Neighborhood

  1. I like the K-9 training aid idea. It’s also a bit of payback for all the dogs in the illegal dogfights our illegal “new Americans” have organized.

  2. Look for lots of more stories like this….it will never stop in my lifetime…what’s left of it.
    Once you let in hordes of people who don’t share our love of country and mankind…this will be the norm, not the exception.

  3. Will HE be charged with a HATE Crime, White Lives DO’T Matter, prove ME wrong!

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