DC Uber Driver Murder: American Pakistani Organization Wants Black Girls Charged with a Hate Crime

Here is an update to my post about the horrific carjacking and murder case involving a Pakistani Uber driver killed when two black teens attempted to steal his car.

DC: Black Teens Charged in Death of Muslim Uber Driver

I asked in my post—where is CAIR?

You know they would be on it long before now if white punks had committed the horrible murder.

Is it because they have thrown in with Black Lives Matter and its anti-police campaign that they dare not speak out against black crime?

CAIR’s headquarters in Southeast Washington, DC is within a mile of where the carjacking and murder occurred.


Don’t they get it that fewer police means more crime against vulnerable people of all races and creeds?

Or, are they pulling their punches afraid of getting on the wrong side of Mayor Bowser?

I just checked again to see if CAIR national, located not far from the scene of Mohammad Anwar’s death, had said a word and I am not seeing it.

Check out their press releases.

Among other things they are busy trying to get rid of Maryland’s ‘racist’ state song.

But a Pakistani American organization isn’t shy about demanding a “hate crime” charge in the case.

And, meanwhile Fox News reports that the coverage of the murder by the mainstream media is uneven to say the least.

From CBS News:

Teen girls charged with carjacking and murder in death of UberEats driver in Washington, D.C.

After reporting that the girls have been charged with felony murder, the report goes on to say ….

On March 25, one day after the suspects’ first court appearance, the American Pakistani Public Affairs Committee called on police to investigate the death as a hate crime.

In a statement posted on Twitter, the organization said Anwar’s “death is a devastating loss to his family and community and our hearts go out to all who are mourning his loss.”

“This unspeakable act is another tragic example of the hatred and violence that Muslim Americans regularly endure,” the committee said. “We demand authorities investigate this incident as a hate crime and prosecute the alleged assailants to the fullest extent of the law.”

“As our nation reckons with rising incidents of hate and violence directed toward minority communities, APPAC stands in solidarity with all who fall victim to the senseless consequences of Islamophobia, racism, xenophobia, religious prejudice and oppression,” the statement continued.

More here.

Of course we can’t know what these evil girls were thinking when they left home with a taser to try and steal a car, but I will bet a million bucks that they wouldn’t have done this to a black Uber driver.

I’m not defending them, but surely they didn’t know the man was a Muslim.

However, they likely knew he was an immigrant of some sort, and not black.

It is all one more example of the uneven application of standards of right and wrong (no matter who the victims and who the perpetrators are) in the Left’s ever-expanding game of racial politics.

And, as they keep it up, and twist themselves into knots trying to figure out what reaction to take depending on skin color politics, it makes for a wonderful opportunity to laugh at their hypocrisy.