Why Does Any Conservative Want their Kids in Public Schools?

I wouldn’t be surprised if this book became a textbook in public middle and high schools. I’m reading it, but it is slow going because it makes me sick. Author Styron is a pal of Rep. Jamie Raskin. https://fraudscrookscriminals.com/2021/02/10/house-impeachment-leader-jamie-raskin-a-radical-socialist-democrat-rising-star/

[T]he new “education threat” is “a one-two punch that combines Alinskyite community organizing with woke education based on Critical Race Theory.”

(Stanley Kurtz)


I have been puzzled for months when I hear from just about any conservative media a demand to get kids back in school during this Chinese virus ‘crisis.’

Even our President Trump is demanding kids get back to public school.

Why does anyone with a passion to make America great again want their kids indoctrinated at the hands of Leftist teachers like the ones Stanley Kurtz informed Breitbart readers about recently?

Why isn’t every patriot homeschooling or finding an alternative school, perhaps a small Christian school if one absolutely can’t make homeschool work?

The Chinese virus has given all American parents the opportunity to escape the education system’s Leftist indoctrination, so make the break now!

Here is Stanley Kurtz telling Breitbart author Dr. Susan Berry what is on the horizon.

And, what a coincidence it involves Alinsky community organizing, reminding me to tell you (again) to read Alinsky so you know what it is all about and you will know how to fight back.

Stanley Kurtz: ‘Action Civics’ Curriculum Is ‘Alinskyite Community Organizing’ with Critical Race Theory


“One of the nation’s key researchers of the Common Core standards and the revised Advanced Placement U.S. History framework warns the proposed “action civics” curriculum will teach America’s students how to community organize for leftist causes with a woke education program based on Critical Race Theory.

Stanley Kurtz, senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, explained to Breitbart News the new “education threat” is “a one-two punch that combines Alinskyite community organizing with woke education based on Critical Race Theory.”

He observed that, in this new “action civics” framework, “teachers organize their students for demonstrations and lobbying on behalf of leftist causes.”  [That is exactly what Styron’s book is about.–ed]

“Action civics also lets students volunteer with leftist community organizations and participate in their advocacy for course credit,” Kurtz noted. “If you layer ‘culturally responsive’ woke education on top of that, teachers are forced to indoctrinate students with ideas like ‘systemic racism,’ ‘white privilege,’ and ‘gender fluidity.’ Teachers also have to go through training sessions to cure them of their ‘whiteness.’”

There is more.

Seems to me that you have a choice: Fight the school system while your kids are in it, or get them the hell out and enjoy them at home!

And, forget about this notion of doing all the right things for them to get into some Leftwing college that will further indoctrinate them while breaking you financially!

If I had to do it again, I would encourage career and employment paths for my children that don’t require a college degree, or if college is a must for you and your kids at least find a very conservative college..