It’s Not Working Out so Well for the Rainbow Nation aka South Africa

“….the protests appear to have reawakened deep-seated grievances over persistent poverty, unemployment and inequality, some 27 years after apartheid ended.”

“….more than half of the country’s 60 million people were living in poverty last year, according to data collected by the World Bank Group.”

(ABC News)

While we are fixated on the unraveling of Communist control of Cuba, South Africa, supposedly another model of the Socialist/Communist dreamers, continues its downward spiral and serves as another present-day reminder of the fact that Communism’s track record is “not so good.”

I’m interested in the latest news of massive riots and unrest because South Africa, after Apartheid, was hailed as a beacon worldwide for its welcoming socialist nation image after Blacks took the reins of government.

Heck, Barack and Michelle went there to celebrate the achievements of Nelson Mandela.

I have an extensive archive at Refugee Resettlement Watch on the once prosperous South Africa because over the years the country has become a racist and xenophobic hell hole from which we resettle black African ‘refugees’ that are actually from other parts of Africa who believed the Leftist propaganda that South Africa was welcoming to all.***

Here is a 2019 post:

Myth of South Africa as Beacon of Hope for African Migrants Eroded Further Yesterday

I also have posts at RRW about the anti-White violence terrorizing the minority there.  Here is one from 2018:

Russia entertaining idea of inviting persecuted white South African farmers to relocate in Russia

So here is a quick update on the latest from the ‘rainbow nation.

Call it a cautionary tale!

LOL! The corporate media has been mum on decades of corruption and hatred there (doesn’t fit their biased messaging!), but it could hardly stay quiet as the latest violence is described as the worst in the 27-year history of post-Apartheid South Africa.


From ABC:

South Africa riots: At least 117 killed, over 2,000 arrested amid worst violence in decades

LONDON and PRETORIA — At least 117 people have been killed in ongoing riots across South Africa despite the efforts of heavily outnumbered authorities to quell violent unrest sparked by the imprisonment of former President Jacob Zuma.


The South African Police Service said in a statement Tuesday that many fatalities occurred during “stampedes” as scores of people looted food, liquor, clothes and electrical appliances from shops in poor areas. Other deaths were caused by explosions when people tried to break into ATMs as well as shootings, according to police.


Violence and unrest has gripped parts of South Africa since Zuma turned himself in to police on July 7 to begin his 15-month jail term for contempt of court. South Africa’s highest court handed down the sentence after Zuma failed to appear before an inquiry examining corruption allegations during the nine years that he served as president. Zuma has maintained his innocence, saying he’s the victim of a politically motivated witch hunt, and his supporters took to the streets last week. But the protests appear to have reawakened deep-seated grievances over persistent poverty, unemployment and inequality, some 27 years after apartheid ended.


“There is no grievance, nor any political cause, that can justify the violence and destruction that we have seen in parts of KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng,” Ramaphosa said. “The path of violence, of looting and anarchy, leads only to more violence and devastation. It leads to more poverty, more unemployment, and more loss of innocent life. This is not who we are as a people.”  [Gee, where have I heard that line before!—ed].

There is much more here.

And here, Gateway Pundit reported on this angle of the news earlier in the week:

“Ethnic Mobilization” and “Anti-White Racism” to Blame as 117 Dead in South Africa

***Just for fun look at the Bill of Rights of South Africa’s Commie constitution once praised by none other than now deceased Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Everyone has a “right” to a job and housing!

Is it any wonder there is on-going violence from citizens or that migrants from other African nations believed this s*** and traveled there to the Black-run rainbow nation.

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3 thoughts on “It’s Not Working Out so Well for the Rainbow Nation aka South Africa

  1. Courtesy Vlad Tepes
    “South Africa, how the plan is going down”
    by Eeyore

    This video has more substance than speculation. A refreshing change. So here is some speculation to fill the gap.
    Whatever forces are behind SO much of the chaos and horror and deceit we see around the world today, (COMINTERN) seem to have used the South African violence, or created it, to do some pretty organized violent revolutionary actions. Looting stores for things of particular use for a militia/army and leaving those stores open, in fact directing crowds of looters to them to empty any consumer goods after the fact, that took some thought and planning. This is a worthwhile watch, if for no other reason to give food for thought about what happens when similar things happen near you.
    Thank you Hellequin GB.

  2. Little known fact about Rhodesia (now called Zimbabwe): in the two decades or so after the advent of black rule, the population doubled while GDP fell by half — ‘do the math’ for what that means for standard of living as measured by GDP per capita.

    It was inevitable that SA would follow the same trajectory — the millions of Blacks in SA (and Zimbabwe) can be fairly described as extremely low quality human capital — you cannot build or maintain a first world nation, which is what Rhodesia and apartheid SA were, with such a population.

    The founding of SA was entirely equivalent to the founding/settlement of the US — there was no recognized nation state (or civilization as Europeans understand it) there at the time, nor millions of Blacks — the Blacks came later, in the following decades, from all over southern Africa, for jobs in the industrial economy created by Whites (in retrospect it was a mistake to allow this) — one of the biggest historical lies of the 20th century is that Whites somehow ‘stole’ SA from millions of Blacks who were already there, and owed them civil rights, including the right to vote, on a par with Whites — similarly idiotic and dishonest is the same claim vis-a-vis Europeans and Native Americans.

    Another little known fact: the magnificent St Peter’s in Rome was finished in 1589, 20 years before the pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock — keeping this in mind helps explain why the early European settlers did not recognize civilization or any kind of nation in America.

    For any people, the question throughout history has been the same: *rule or be ruled* — the same is true for Whites today — over the last year, Whites in the US have gotten a good look at who will be, and who will be electing, their future rulers.

    It’s a mistake for Whites in the US to believe Blacks here are any better than the ones who ruined Rhodesia while robbing and murdering Whites, and are now doing the same in SA — during 2020, everyone saw how quickly the veneer of civilization disappeared, and how little political will there was to stop or even control it.

  3. “persistent poverty, unemployment and inequality, some 27 years after apartheid ended.””….more than half of the country’s 60 million people were living in poverty last year, according to data collected by the World Bank Group.”

    ABC just can’t help themselves. Straight to the race hustling rhetoric they go. Forever denying the agency of accountability for the demographic denied it throughout the Western world by the same illiberal left. Shameful.

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