Fox Will be Eating Crow if Arizona Audit Demonstrates Massive Election Night (Week!) Fraud

First, I assume you are all following the news coming out of Arizona about the thorough audit of the disastrous November election.  The best coverage I see is daily (sometimes several times a day) at Gateway Pundit.

Fox News’ behavior on election night and in the days and weeks following the debacle caused me to ditch them in favor of Newsmax and other news sources (I can’t get OANN where I live unfortunately).  And, before I hear from readers, I get most of my news from reading a wide variety of online news outlets.

I have probably watched my once favorite media personality, Tucker Carlson, maybe twice since November.  The second time was the night before last when I just happened to see Carlson’s segment on information coming out of Georgia about the likelihood of fraud there and I fumed—so where have you been Tucker?  (I’ll put that segment at the end of this post if you missed it.).

And, then it occurred to me that perhaps sending Tucker out to report on the likelihood that there was massive fraud (in at least Georgia) allows Fox to try to save itself if a bomb drops and the Arizona certification in favor of Biden turns out to be a big lie with Fox clearly having helped Biden secure victory.

Here is the news from Newsmax that prompted me to think that Fox bigwigs are beginning to cover their asses.

Author Michael Wolfe seems to be a real creep and I have no intention of buying his book, but this sounds plausible to me….

Author: Fox News Gleefully Brought Down Trump

Fox News took glee in shockingly calling Arizona for Joe Biden before any major network, putting an end to Donald Trump’s reelection chances, author Michael Wolff claims in his new book “Landslide.”

Once the favorite news outlet of conservative Americans, Fox turned its back on its right-leaning audience last November when it decided to call Arizona shortly after polls closed — with all other networks, including Newsmax, standing down because the race was “too close to call.”

Trump’s advisers say Fox’s Arizona decision was done to create a sense of inevitability of Joe Biden’s win, limiting Trump’s ability to justifiably contest other close states like Pennsylvania.

In his book, Wolff says Rupert Murdoch, the chairman of Fox News, personally made the Arizona decision and set off a behind-the-scenes firestorm.

According to Wolff, Murdoch’s son Lachlan, the CEO of Fox Corp., was informed of the Arizona bombshell and telephoned his father to ask if Fox should report that Trump had lost the Grand Canyon State.

“His father, with signature grunt, assented, adding, ‘F*** him,'” Wolff wrote.

Next, Wolff reports in his book, Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer called top Trump strategist Jason Miller to inform him the network was kicking Trump to the curb and going ahead with the Arizona call.

Miller rose from his seat, shouting “What the f***?” Wolff writes.

But despite pressure from the Trump administration to retract the Arizona call, Fox refused.

Fox News has called Wolff’s claims of Murdoch’s involvement “wildly inaccurate” and “completely false.”

Wolff also asserts that Murdoch hated Trump, despite Fox’s support of him.

“Trump just made his skin crawl. But then, partly because of Fox News, Trump became the president of the United States, and Murdoch was forced to essentially suck up to him,” Wolff told Der Spiegel. “That was incredibly painful to Murdoch.”

More insider intrigue here, then this:

Democrat (smug) James Murdoch and wife.

James Murdoch has told members of the press that he and his Democrat siblings will someday control Fox News and plan on re-making it into establishment media.

I am done with Fox News.

Of course watch whatever you wish, but consider whether you want to enrich the Murdoch’s any further.

Here is Gateway Pundit praising Tucker for at least touching on the subject of the massive election fraud everyone with a brain knows took place.

Sorry if I am a cynic on the subject of Tucker, but I think he is their tool to begin to get ready for what I think will ultimately happen—that they will have to admit that they were wrong when they called Arizona for dementia Joe.

By sending Carlson out now on the subject, they will be able to say to faithful viewers that they did in fact report on the massive 2020 election fraud (more than six months too late!).

Here is Tucker’s report:

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7 thoughts on “Fox Will be Eating Crow if Arizona Audit Demonstrates Massive Election Night (Week!) Fraud

  1. I haven’t watched Tucker, except for one time when I turned him off after he laughed and cackled like Hillary and Kamala, since he took a dive on Election Fraud charges claiming he hadn’t seen “evidence.” He handed the White House to Biden, IMHO—undoing the good of his his pre-election laptop and Bobulinsky stories. Like George Will, he’s apparently just “controlled opposition” for the establishment — only on a longer leash, IMHO. This situation is not a laughing matter.

  2. Yes, I concur with your opinion. This is definitely an effort to ‘repent’ for egregious behavior. However, the revelation that Murdoch’s offspring ‘intend to remake the network’ is not news; they’ve been busy befriending/entertaining Hollywood Leftists for a few years now. Being popular and accepted into their new crowd is more important to these heirs than continuing the traditions and business model of the empire built by their father. Just like the adult heirs of other entities, these individuals will destroy, through greed, what their fathers accomplished.

  3. Ann, you are the sharpest person I know on these issues. You read thousands of more reports than I have time to do due to my work on my Dad’s homicide case.

    However, I have faithfully watched Tucker every time he is on the air…and Mark Leven. I just bought his book “American Marxist” and still haven’t gotten to turn a page.

    I have seen Tucker take some amazing risks in what he reports on ….whether Fox likes it or not. If you are saying that Tucker is not as strong of a Conservative as I think he is….then I’m going to be very disappointed and bitter if so.

    The places a I feel safe to go are dwindling. 7 months ago I was kicked off of Brietbart for praising President Trump.

    I sometimes review their list of stories, but since I can’t remark I move on.
    I basically follow you and Ann Geller. I’ve been with her since 9/ll when she fought everybody and their uncle to stop the Muslims from building one of their victory masques on the sight of 9/11. She’s tough like you.

    I’ve looked in on a few of the ones you’ve listed, but sometimes either not available to me on tv, but on the computer. I spend at least 6 to 8 hours on my computer a day working on my Dad’s case. I don’t think I could handle anymore hours looking at news on the computer.

    So, I check in with you most every day and get a quick update….so glad you are here.

  4. To say that we don’t like Joe Biden and what he is doing to our country is a great understatement.
    It is not a surprise that we would be looking for someone to blame. And one of the people who has a large profile and who we have come to rely on is Tucker Carlson, so it is typical, if unfortunate, that he would be the focus of our anger.
    Tucker does a thorough job on some very important issues. He does not own Fox News, but he has said that no one tells him what to say. To weaken someone who we need may be a fatal mistake. There is too much that is unknown, Rupert Murdoc’s plans, the truth in Wolfe’s book about Murdoc. We should ‘Hold The Center’ and not let go all wobbly.

  5. Starting in the late ’90s, when the internet was really developing quickly and its promise was already apparent, I started to ask people the following hypothetical question: If you had to choose between having the internet or cable TV, which would you choose? — as I recall, I was one of the few who chose the internet, partly because I’d already lost interest in TV.

    I don’t own a TV now and have not watched in about 15 years — I don’t really miss it.

    Remember when there were just a few TV stations? — even in major metropolitan areas there was only an affiliate of ABC, NBC, and CBS (all VHF), and perhaps a few independent stations (both VHF and UHF) — people had either a roof antenna, or maybe rabbit ears on the top of the TV — and these relatively few stations normally stopped broadcasting around midnite.

    I think 24/7 always on media, which started with cable TV, has been very damaging — it has created a kind of mass peer pressure, and conditioned people to react emotionally to superficial video stimuli, rather than think more deeply about things, including matters of great importance to society.

  6. It was reported all over cable news and internet, Dominion is suing Fox News for what some of the guests were saying early on about their machines counting fraudulent votes.

    I don’t like Fox, as well, but could it be because of that, Fox told all hosts not to talk about election fraud, the reason why Tucker didn’t discuss it until last week when clear evidence was made public.

    Newsmax also was sued and that stopped all discussion about it, too.

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