We Know Trump didn’t Incite Violence, But How did our Intelligence Community Miss the Planning?

Just the News has a lengthy piece this morning about how President Trump didn’t send his supporters to the US Capitol to commit violence on January 6th, we know that because we heard the speech.

January 6th was a massive security failure, and, for me, these are the most pressing questions I have about the events that day.

Did our intelligence community completely miss the advance planning by “knuckleheads?”  That is one scary thought.

Another scary thought is, if they didn’t miss the planning, then why wasn’t something done to back up the Capitol police?

And, my third scary thought is, if our vaunted intelligence agencies had an inkling of violence coming that day, why wasn’t Trump informed?

Read Just the News:

Growing evidence Capitol assault was planned weakens incitement case against Trump, experts say


Kevin Brock

Brock ( Kevin Brock, former assistant director of intelligence for the FBI) thinks that Trump “was caught by surprise at what happened” and was probably unaware of the segment of the crowd intent on violence. That was “a failure, frankly, on the intelligence that he should have been provided as president of the United States,” Brock said. “We shouldn’t be in a position where knuckleheads like Proud Boys and Oath Keepers can plan a disruptive violent event and it catches us by surprise.”

Still unanswered are questions about how much House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell knew in advance of the potential for violence and when they knew it. Also unresolved are lingering questions surrounding the Pentagon’s pre-attack offer to send National Guard troops to reinforce the Capitol Police.

Read it all.

Evidence Mounts! Capitol Attack was Planned! What did Nancy and Mitch Know Before Rushed Impeachment?

Last night I told you that a national security expert present at the Capitol on the afternoon of January 6th, 2021, a day which will go down in history as one of the worst days in our nation’s history—not because of the so-called Trump-inspired ‘riot’ but because of the massive security fail that was very likely planned in advance to get Donald Trump.

National Security Expert: The Capitol attack appears to have been planned in advance

One of my readers last night made this astute comment:

Since 9/11, Washington DC has become the most thoroughly surveilled, security-intensive city on Earth. The Capitol police, DC police, Secret Service, FBI, and other alphabet soup security agencies undoubtedly train and re-train for every terrorist contingency or breach. They have to be prepared for Al-Qaida-type operations on DC’s federal institutions, correct? And most assuredly at a Joint Session of Congress. And likely every superstar in private security and counter-measures is under contract to the federal government for consulting. Yet, with all that, we are expected to believe that a rag-tag bunch of 100 or so civilians with MAGA hats breached security and established a position within the Capitol Rotunda? Just not possible. If this doesn’t fail the smell test, nothing does.

Also yesterday, investigative reporter John Solomon dropped a bomb, too late to save the President from another rushed impeachment at the hands of what I now truly believe are evil people working against the average American, the deplorables as they call them, for their own personal power and to usher in a socialist/communist government.

In my writing, I have never labeled people evil, but I do so now.

Cowering lawmakers on January 6th. Instead of impeaching Trump yesterday they should have been demanding an investigation into the massive security failure that showed the world how weak they are.


Gateway Pundit reported on Solomon’s investigation, and here is their headline:

DC Police Reject FOIA Request For Records Related to Their Probe of Siege of Capitol – Insider Leaked Maps, Internal Docs to Help Assist Rioters Navigate Building


What did Pelosi and McConnell know of the planned attack on the US Capitol before the House impeached President Trump for inciting violence?

President Trump was blamed for the siege of the US Capitol last Wednesday, however the FBI confirmed the attack was planned several days in advance.

Investigative reporter John Solomon dropped a bombshell on Wednesday night and said the DC police rejected his FOIA request for records pertaining to their investigation of the siege of the U.S. Capitol.

The DC police said release of the records would be ‘personally embarrassing’ and privacy invading to release the documents.

Are we expected to believe that the FBI knew in advance and did nothing else about it, other than notify other law enforcement?  Could they not have at least notified the hundreds of thousands of innocent Trump people in advance that their lives were in danger. Did they notify the President?

Hell they are now blathering all over the mainstream media about expected pro-Trump “armed” riots planned in all 50 states in coming days—obvious for all to see it is a Leftwing disinformation campaign!

Why no such public warning in advance of January 6th?

Do Not Attend Supposed “Armed” Protests Leading up to Biden’s Inauguration!

At least three Trump Patriots died and others were injured because of the malfeasance of law enforcement!

Clearly the FBI didn’t tell the President because he surely would have warned people in his speech that the FBI had concerns that bad actors were going to be there!

Gateway Pundit goes on:

“We’re gonna fight for those documents but something tells me what’s in those documents has some very very big relevance to what happened on The Hill and the question I have is what did Nancy Pelosi know, what did Mitch McConnell know about these threats beforehand,” John Solomon told former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens. “If they didn’t know then, it’s an intelligence failure of the police. If they did know there’s something they didn’t tell us before we went into this impeachment.”

Solomon said the FBI, NYPD and USCP had prior knowledge of plans for violence at the US Capitol, including intel threatening murder of police officers.

Here is Solomon at his website JusttheNews:

Rush to judgement? Three crucial questions remain unanswered about Capitol siege

What did Nancy Pelosi know? A prior plot or spontaneous riot? Were there inside facilitators?

John Solomon

One thing recent history has taught America is the first storyline of major tragedies or controversies is never the most accurate.


Since the weekend, major bombshell revelations already have substantially revised the initial story of a spontaneous mob overrunning an unsuspecting Capitol police force.

Why didn’t FBI Director Wray go directly to the President with the information they had in advance?

The FBI admitted Tuesday it received information ahead of the Jan. 6 tragedy suggesting some participants were planning a “war” on the Capitol, including killing officers and distributing maps of the complex. It alerted Washington D.C. law enforcement through the joint terrorism task force alert system. It also “disrupted” the travel plans of some of the suspected trouble-makers.


The New York Police Department is reported to have given the Capitol Police similar intelligence warnings of impending violence.

The chief federal prosecutor in Washington declared Tuesday he is pursuing conspiracy charges, signaling the attacks on the Capitol involved multiple acts and multiple conspirators working in concert with each other. The prosecutor talked about the planting of carefully constructed IEDs as one such act. In other words, there was pre-planning for some elements of last Wednesday’s chaos.

And the official timeline of events constructed by the New York Times through videos shows protesters began breaching the perimeter of the Capitol a full 20 minutes before Trump finished his speech.

This new evidence raises the first compelling question that remains unanswered. How could Trump incite an attack that had already been pre-planned and was in motion before his speech ended?

A senior intelligence official told Just the News he has found no evidence that the president, the White House or the National Security Council was alerted in formal intelligence briefings to the pre-warnings or suspicions of violence the FBI and NYPD have admitted they had.


The second major question that remains unanswered is:

What did House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the other leaders in Congress know — and when did they know it — about the possibility for violence and the Pentagon’s pre-attack offer to send National Guardsmen to reinforce the Capitol Police?

The U.S. Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund, who resigned after the attack, told The Washington Post that security officials at the House and Senate rebuffed his early request to call in the National Guard ahead of a protest.

Sund alleged that House Sergeant-at-Arms Paul Irving was concerned with the “optics” of declaring an emergency ahead of the protests and rejected a National Guard presence. He says Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Michael Stenger recommended that he informally request the Guard to be ready in case it was needed to maintain security.


Finally, there is this troubling third question: Were there facilitators inside the Capitol and outside it who instigated or enabled the attack to be carried out?

Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.) one of the House’s longest serving and most respected members, first raised this question a few days ago. He aptly noted that protesters were able to locate and penetrate his unlisted, unmarked office within minutes, raising the possibility they had inside help.

And video taken contemporaneously shows officers and other people opening doors to rushing rioters and some people — purported by the filming cameramen to be leftist anarchists —smashing windows and urging protesters to jump into the Capitol.

Identifying any insider help and the motives will be the final and perhaps most delicate task investigators face.

More here.

I know there is not much we can do to investigate.

I admit I have been feeling sad that some of our people would break into the Capitol, but I am not feeling sad any longer.  I am outraged because I now believe it was a set-up designed to further ruin Donald Trump who has stood in the way of the globalists and socialists who want to change America. We must get to the bottom of it!

We aren’t trained investigators, but what we can do is support those who are and to speak up!  Now is not the time to shut up and hide (even if you are losing friends and family members over what you believe).

Repeat after me…..

The election was stolen! 

The election was stolen!

The election was stolen!

FBI Charges “Kenyan” with Plotting to Kill Americans in Islamic Terror Attack

Arrested in the Philippines in 2019, he is alleged to have trained to be a pilot in order to use a hijacked plane to crash into a building on American soil.  Novel strategy!

The FBI describes him as a Kenyan national, but it is pretty clear that Cholo Abdi Abdullah, working for the Somali terrorist group al Shabab, is a Somali.

Maybe the FBI doesn’t want to say that so as not to offend the sensibilities of Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Yippee! The FBI worked really hard, did I say really hard, to nab another Islamic terrorist, but I could care less when they have not worked really, really hard to discover who are the terrorists who plotted and are still plotting to overthrow our election system and indeed our government.

I know it would have been sad if this pathetic creep had gotten away with hijacking a plane, but that pales in comparison to the Communist takeover of the United States happening before our eyes.

So is this little nugget thrown out to divert our attention?

Reader Cathy sent me the Justice Department press release last night, here, and this morning I searched for news on the FBI’s big-get and it is everywhere.  Every Leftwing media outlet has the news***, probably front page, happy to distract us from the real terrorists behind the Democrat Party and their Chinese overlords.

As usual, the UK Daily Mail has a report with a photo of Cholo Abdi Abdullah.

“Thanks to the outstanding investigative work of the New York Joint Terrorism Task Force, and the FBI’s global partnerships with law enforcement agencies around the world, Abdullah’s plot was detected before he could achieve his deadly aspirations.” Whoop-de-do! How about using our global partners to find the plotters against our election system!

Feds charge Kenyan al-Shabab terrorist with plotting 9/11-style attack on American city: Jihadi trained as a pilot and was arrested in Philippines with a gun and a bomb

As usual the Daily Mail has a handy summary at the top of its story.

Cholo Abdi Abdullah allegedly spent years training to carry out a 9/11-style attack; he pleaded not guilty to the charges in a New York court Wednesday

Abdullah, who has been in custody since 2019, was extradited to the US Tuesday

He allegedly took orders from al-Shabab commander behind 2019 Nairobi attack

He researched ways to enter the US and how to hijack a plane, prosecutors say

Abdullah faces multiple charges and if convicted 20 years to life in prison

It is not clear which skyscrapers or cities were part of the alleged plot
But the acting Manhattan U.S. Attorney called it ‘a chilling callback’ to 9/11

I’m waiting for a mugshot(s) of the major plotters, the terrorists, behind the coup to overthrow our country.

***Search the Somali Islamic terrorist’s name and see what I mean about the widespread coverage.

Texas for a Big Laugh (until you see that the FBI is investigating the patriots)!

If you aren’t browsing through Twitter in these final days you are missing a lot of amusing and encouraging stories.

I love it that OUR people are on the offensive and using tactics the Left (Alinsky et al) developed.

Trump Train Running Kamala Harris’ bus out of the RED KINGDOM!

(Imagine what they must have been swearing on the bus!)

Now this morning I see that the New York Post is reporting that the FBI is investigating the ‘swarming’ incident.  Maddening of course as that same FBI was hiding the Hunter laptop for almost a year (and would be still hiding it if it wasn’t for a patriotic computer repair shop owner).

FBI investigating ‘Trump Train’ swarming of Biden bus on Texas interstate: report