Biden has a Problem: As Violent Crime Rises, BLM Anti-Police Message Tanking

Watch for the Biden Administration to begin weaving and dodging on issues involving defunding the police and “reimagining” policing as Americans now feel safer about the Chinese Virus, but are feeling increasingly less safe from violence especially in large Democrat run cities.

The George Floyd rioting has finally sunk into the American psyche and many are realizing that they need the police after all.


The Republicans just got some news that they can use!

Tie every Dem running in 2022 to the anti-police message of the faltering Black Lives Matter movement.

From Yahoo News:

You can bet the real numbers are even worse for BLM and others pushing their racist message because those polled by Yahoo News likely already leaned to the Left.

Poll: More Americans now say violent crime is a ‘very big problem’ than say the same about COVID-19

In stark contrast to last summer, more Americans now say violent crime is a “very big problem” in the U.S. than say the same about COVID-19, according to a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll — a shift that suggests policing and public safety could come to dominate U.S. politics as the pandemic subsides, potentially putting the Biden administration and Democratic leaders on the defensive.

The survey of 1,588 U.S. adults, which was conducted from May 24 to May 26, found that just 32 percent of them now describe COVID-19 as a very big problem, down from 61 percent last July.


In a certain sense, this isn’t surprising. While mass vaccination has driven COVID-19 cases, deaths and hospitalizations to their lowest levels in many months, violent crime has been rising (even though it’s still occurring at a far lower rate than it was for much of the 1990s and before).


Nearly two-thirds of Americans (65 percent) now believe violent crime is increasing, including 76 percent of Republicans, 68 percent of independents and 63 percent of Democrats, according to the Yahoo News/YouGov poll. It’s the rare issue that elicits bipartisan agreement.

The scandal swirling around BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors sure doesn’t help the image of the racial justice movement.

What is striking, however, is that while anxiety about violent crime has held steady across the political spectrum since last summer, concerns about race relations and sympathy with racial justice reformers have fallen sharply in the wake of the protests that followed the murder of George Floyd one year ago.

Overall, the share of Americans who see race as a “very big problem” in the U.S. is now 13 percentage points lower than it was last July.

As a result, the political scales seem to be tilting away from racial justice reform…


Last June, for instance, 60 percent of Americans told Yahoo News and YouGov that there was a problem with systemic racism in policing; 63 percent said there was a problem with systemic racism in America. Today, both numbers are significantly lower: 51 percent and 55 percent, respectively. And while 57 percent of Americans had a favorable view of Black Lives Matter last June (compared with 33 percent unfavorable), today more Americans view BLM unfavorably (45 percent) than favorably (43 percent) — a net shift of 26 points against the movement.

In fact, when Americans who believe violent crime is increasing are asked why, far more now blame “the racial justice movement” itself (57 percent) than blame joblessness (44 percent), systemic racism (40 percent) or the pandemic (35 percent).

Then this made me laugh….”Experts debate…”   There is no debate. Anyone with half a brain could see that the Progressives’ rhetoric was encouraging violence.

Yahoo News continues:

Experts debate whether progressive reforms and critical rhetoric have played any role in encouraging violence; they tend to cite the pandemic and record gun sales  [Duh! up because people are trying to protect themselves—ed] as likelier factors.

Either way, the issue could vex Democrats going forward.

Asked who has done a better job handling crime, more Americans (34 percent vs. 32 percent) and independents (39 percent vs. 23 percent) say Trump than Biden.

More here.

Quick!  Find every Democrat (or weeny Republican) you can find who snuggled up to BLM (or Antifa) in the last year and capture their laudatory words and images before they are scrubbed.

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3 thoughts on “Biden has a Problem: As Violent Crime Rises, BLM Anti-Police Message Tanking

  1. After seeing video of troopers killing Ronald Greene I’m on neither side. Let them twist in the wind like we did for Bush.

  2. Future scenarios:
    It’s 3:AM in the morning. I am a senior who lives alone in TN. My dog hears someone trying to get into the front door. He alerts me.

    Biden has just sent government gun confiscators to my house a week ago. Somehow a violent home invasion gang has a list of addresses where people’s guns were taken from their homes due to an Executive Order by Biden. My home is the next on the list. They have all of my information….who, what, where since Biden sent groups around to take our guns. They believe I am a helpless elderly that they can pick off easily.

    When the invaders hear my dog they no longer believe they have to be quiet, they bust in like Huns invading a village….

    I reach for the phone to call the police…oops…the police have been defunded…only social workers are on duty and they are out at another house somewhere trying to “talk the invaders” out of someone’s house while knives are held against their kids’ throats. The family is now tied up by the invaders, have already taken all the valuables and are negotiating with “the mental health experts” for them to leave with what they stole with no charges or arrests.

    Back at my home my dog has rushed the invaders and they knock him out with the butt of a gun to his head. They aren’t shooting because that would alert the neighbors. I’m told to give them my money and jewelry or I die. No one is coming to help me, the men are talking about raping me.

    I reach under my bed and pull out a can of hornet spray and blind them . While they are screaming and clawing at their eyes, I grab up my dog and run down the hall for the living room where I have a hidden weapon.

    I retrieve the gun from the hiding place, and as they come down the hall I shoot 2 dead and wound one in the gut who is still alive. I call the police. When they arrive they call for medical help for the invader and put me in handcuffs.

    Then a different team arrives and arrests me for having an “illegal weapon” and killing the 2 invaders, wounding the other, who dies in the ambulance, and for having a secret weapon. My beloved dog is taken to the pound. I spend the next 3 years in court, have lost all of my savings paying attorneys and end up spending three years in jail and, living in public housing when I get out that is full of the kind of men I had escaped rape and death.

    This is not a fantasy….this is prediction of what is to come in the Obama/Soros/Biden administration.

    Once they take our weapons…..we belong to THEM. WE HAVE NO SAY IN OUR LIVES FROM THAT POINT ON.

    George Orwell was brilliant. Reading “1984” was excellent….I did not see back then it would be life in America and globally. WE should have considered it prophecy. …not entertainment.

    Get off your dam couches, call every representative in your state and demand they start rejecting everything the Biden administration tries to do. Or, their names will be added to a list sent to every voter’s home of who not to vote for. If that Representative ignores you and does as he/she pleases because the money’s too good from the Marxists taking over our country…..recall them, fire them, or file charges against everyone of them. It has come to that.

    If you are still holding out and believe the magic fairies are going to save you….good luck.
    From a famous movie: THERE IS NO FATE, BUT YOU MAKE.

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