One Hundred Congolese Illegal Aliens End Up in Buffalo, NY

“These are not people who are wasting time with the system….”

(Anna Mongo, Jericho Road Community Health Center)

So, what does Ms. Mongo mean by that?
She means, although she dare not say it, that there is a LEGAL process by which legitimate refugees from the DR Congo are getting into the US right now (by the thousands), yet this bunch was financed by someone to rush our southern border.


Why is no investigative reporter finding out who is paying for the invasion?
Tell me that these poor migrants from Central Africa flew to Brazil and walked up from there through many countries, did not ask for asylum in any of them, and then stormed across our border.

Congolese to Buffalo
I call bullshit on this!  It is nearly 5,000 miles between Brazil and the Texas border. These people did not walk from Brazil carrying babies!

“It is beyond maddening!”

Here is one version of the latest news about the 300 plus migrants from the DR Congo who are fanning out across America to join the 50,000 we have admitted legally from that country in under five years.
They couldn’t get in line and wait their turn?
Before I give you the story, here (below) is the headline.  THEY ARE NOT REFUGEES! 
In fact, according to news accounts they haven’t even filed for asylum yet.  They will NOT be REFUGEES until an immigration court grants them that status. 
This is a prime example of how the Open Borders Left and the uninformed media (or is it lying media) try to sway public opinion.
These are still illegal aliens who somehow acquired enough money for plane tickets to Brazil (at about $1,500 per person) in addition to the funding to transport and feed them all the way to our border with Mexico.
From WKBW (hat tip: Joanne),

Jericho Road refugee shelter in urgent need of money, food after seeing a 250% influx in refugees


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Jericho Road Community Health Center has been taking in refugees for years, but they’re dealing with something unprecedented, now.
They are taking in a huge influx of people seeking to gain refugee status.
“This is a relatively new phenomenon from anything I can tell,” said chief program officer Anna Mongo. “Rather than going to camps and coming (into the United States), people are figuring out ways to come here directly and essentially ask for asylum after they’re here.”

Indeed they are gaming the system.
As of June 13th we had admitted 50,314 directly from UN camps in Africa since October 1, 2014 (not yet five years).  So, I just checked the numbers and see that between the 13th, last Thursday, up to today we have admitted another 409 LEGAL DR Congolese refugees.
You have been more than generous with your tax dollars—-50,000 costs us millions of dollars—-and we are now asked to cough-up more money for this bunch who couldn’t wait their turn.
Again, who paid for their journey?
WKBW continued….

The shelter received a 250% influx in asylum-seekers over the past 10 days.
These are people with legitimate asylum claims fleeing from the violent territory conflict that has been waging in the Democratic Republic of Congo for more than two decades.

“These are not people who are wasting time with the system, it’s well known that refugees are coming from the Congo.”

And Jericho Road did know they’d be taking in a few people last week — 8 families were expected — 100 people showed up at its doors. [Who picked this facility?—A refugee agency? ICE? And, why Buffalo?***—ed]

Anna Mongo

“So, if families get picked up, they’re basically going through processing and being released.
They’re being released all across the country and actually this group was originally intended to end up all across the country, but they’ve ended up in Buffalo.”
Many in the group that was just brought in flew to Brazil after fleeing the Congo, they then traveled by foot through south and Central America until they reached the Mexican border where they were mass processed and released into the U.S.

They did not travel by foot for nearly 5,000 miles, look at the photo!  The woman would have left that gut behind in about the first 1,000 miles! 
What a con job being pulled on us!

After ending up in Buffalo, Jericho Road says they now have over 140 people living at it’s Wyoming Avenue facility.
They could be sleeping there for the next two years as lawyers work alongside ICE and the courts to begin their refugee status approval process.
Right now — the center is in need of money for operating costs, specifically food.

More here.
*** I answered my own question after visiting the US State Department’s Refugee Processing Center.
Although Congolese are being placed in almost all 50 states, apparently Buffalo is especially ‘welcoming’ the DR Congolese and thus establishing a Congolese ethnic enclave (oops! “community”) there.
See here….
Screenshot (1014)_LI

Where are you Donald? 

Figure out who is paying for the border invasion and blow this thing sky high (and you will win the White House in 2020 to boot!).

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8 thoughts on “One Hundred Congolese Illegal Aliens End Up in Buffalo, NY

  1. It’s as though those enabling all this fraud want to start a war between Americans and these very unwelcome illegals and “refugees.”

  2. Yes, “Where are you Donald?” seems to be a very timely question, but Donald has already answered all the like questions with his recent “If I’m guilty of anything, it’s that I’ve been a great president”. I’m sure all the Congolese are just delighted.

  3. Is the woman in the picture ready to produce a new “American citizen?” An anchor will assure she will never be deported! Stop “birthright citizenship!” The baby in the picture, a citizen of another country, will be part of the next generation of DACA recipients. The beat goes on.

  4. Trump has not, and will not, do anything about this paid-for (Soros, most likely, for one, other NGOs) forced invasion of our Southern border. If, after 2.5 years, Trump has not done anything substantial about the illegal situation (remember his ad nauseam campaign promises on illegals?), he probably won’t now. He has Kushner giving him immigration advice and Kushner is an open borders advocate.
    If Trump was serious about immigration, he would have invoked the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution on day one of his taking office. All he has done since day one, is lay blame here, lay blame there, all the while, treasonous politicians, Soros, and others that want demographic changes to the US, have taken advantage and have put the proverbial final nail in the US coffin. And no, he is not playing 13-D chess or anything like that. He is not working behind the scenes plotting and planning strategy for a “deal”, either.
    What is so sad, is this situation cannot be fixed now, it is so far gone. Illegals coming over the broader, are at an all-time historical high; Trump has expanded the Visa programs, saying “we need those foreign workers.” (Another broken campaign promise). He has declared a “round up” of illegals by ICE, but what will that do considering the millions upon millions of illegals (visa violators too) that would need to be rounded up and what about the one that are still coming in? The ones slated for deportation, are only the ones who have been adjudicated..,good luck finding them.
    If it was not for the fact that I detest the thought of a sick-headed liberal winning the election in 2020, I would not vote for Trump. He let his base and the entire country down, big time. The damage is irreparable.

    1. Trump has proven himself to be a toothless tiger. He is the BFF that the pro-immigration crowd ever had.
      Beyond question, Trump could have closed our Southern Border and could have thereby halted the vast majority of illegal aliens from reaching American soil. It is not until they reach American soil that they acquire all of the “rights” we never knew they had (until they made it to federal court in Calimexifornia).
      8 U.S.C. 1182 (f) provides Trump with the absolute power to close the Southern Border to any alien or class of aliens:
      “(f) Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by President
      “Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”
      The Supreme Court in Trump vs. Hawaii affirmed the power of the President thusly:
      “By its terms, § 1182(f) exudes deference to the President in every clause. It entrusts to the President the decisions whether and when to suspend entry, whose entry to suspend, for how long, and on what conditions. It thus vests the President with “ample power” to impose entry restrictions in addition to those elsewhere enumerated in the INA. Sale, 509 U.S., at 187, 113 S.Ct. 2549. The Proclamation falls well within this comprehensive delegation. The sole prerequisite set forth in § 1182(f) is that the President “find[ ]” that the entry of the covered aliens “would be detrimental to the interests of the United States.” The President has undoubtedly fulfilled that requirement here.”
      Why won’t Trump act to protect American citizens from the ongoing invasion? Trump talks big, but delivers little.
      We are literally giving our country away. We have our heads in the sand, and are ignoring the long term consequences of the invasion to our culture and society.
      Tolerance, in lieu of staunch rejection, is all that is needed for insanity to take root and flourish.

  5. Not only is this upsetting, but look at how they are dressed and their physical condition. Far from

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