Trump Considering Giving Temporary Refugee Status to Venezuelans

No matter how much sympathy we may have for the plight of Venezuelans as their country is in turmoil, it is nuts to consider offering their citizens (who happen to be in the US at the moment) Temporary Protected Status.
First, because they will never go home! TPS is NOT temporary! That is what we have learned about all of the other countries over the years whose nationals—whether from El Salvador, Haiti, or Liberia—were allowed to stay until the crisis passed in their home country.

Mr. President, say it ain’t so!

Under TPS, they will be able to live and work here as legal residents for 18 months. 
However, that status is simply renewed time and time again.
They put down roots, buy houses, get work permits, get drivers’ licenses, send kids to school, and probably vote!, and then scream bloody murder when told the crisis is over in their home country and they must go home.
We thought Trump understood that as he attempts to send some of those backdoor ‘new Americans’ home! I guess not!
And, by the way, the TPS designation is a magnet for more to come. 
Technically TPS recipients are supposed to already be in the US when the designation is made, but you can bet more slip in and claim they were here earlier.  Indeed just the mention of this window of opportunity must be encouraging Venezuelans to get here at this very moment, ASAP!

From the Washington Post earlier this week,

Trump says he’s looking at protections for Venezuelans in US

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump said his administration is considering granting Temporary Protected Status to thousands of Venezuelans who have fled to the United States amid ongoing unrest.
The once-wealthy oil nation is now facing severe shortages of basic goods and hyperinflation. Trump said the situation in Venezuela is a horrible thing that’s “been brewing for a long time.”

Carlos Vecchio: “relief” for Venezuelans is on the way!

Temporary Protected Status is granted to people from countries ravaged by natural disasters or war and lets them remain in the U.S. until the situation improves back home. [That is a myth!  Salvadorans have been here nearly two decades with extensions given every 18 months for their temporary refugee status.—ed]
The Trump administration has moved to discontinue that protection for many countries. But when the president was asked Tuesday about TPS for Venezuelans, he said “we’re looking at that very seriously.”
Carlos Vecchio, who serves as ambassador to Washington for Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó, said at a Miami press conference Tuesday that he is confident that TPS or some other kind of relief for Venezuelans will come soon, either from the administration or from Congress.

Of course if Congress passes legislation that would give temporary refugee status to Venezuelans, the President will still have to sign it.
No time to tell you more about what a sham program TPS is, so go to Refugee Resettlement Watch for more, here.
And, then if you agree that TPS is a sham, let the President know how you feel.  Click on the image of the White House in my right hand sidebar.

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4 thoughts on “Trump Considering Giving Temporary Refugee Status to Venezuelans

  1. I know from vast experience that the mere mention of TPS being granted for a country, makes the alien smugglers go wild. This was how Chinese smuggling all began and hasn’t stopped. The Golden Venture was the tip of the spear.

  2. While I believe Trump would not cavalierly extend TPS for these folks beyond 18 months, especially if prevailing conditions in Venezuela don’t objectively justify such an extension, it’s also clear that the TPS program has been terribly abused–more by our self-serving politicians than by the TPS folks themselves. My hope is that in the next Congress TPS requirements are tightened up considerably. Law and objectivity, not feelings are arbitrariness alone, must dictate our immigration policies. Sadly, but not surprisingly, we can’t expect anything constructive along these lines from this congress of obstructors and subversives. Keep up the great work, Ann. Your efforts are appreciated!!!!

    1. The problem America has always had is that we are very good at letting foreign nationals in, but lousy at getting rid of them, when they won’t leave.
      You might have missed it, but this past week the Democrats were trying to get a bill passed that extended legal permanent residency to former TPS folks who refused to leave. Following Trumps election a lot of Haitians fled to Canada, fearing Trump would order the end to their TPS.
      TPS is just as abused as asylum.

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