90% of Migrants Seeking Asylum in the US Never Show Up for their Court Date

That is the statistic given by the acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security before a hearing in Senator Lindsey Graham’s Judiciary Committee yesterday.

They don’t show up because they know their asylum claim won’t pass the smell test!
border crashers
The third world marches to America.  https://usaherald.com/southern-border-breaking-point-says-customs-border-patrol-commissioner/


For the umpteenth time when someone seeks asylum (wants refugee status!) claiming they have a fear of returning to their home country, they must prove that they would be persecuted for one of several reasons—race, religion, political opinion, or because they are a member of a certain (persecuted) group.

(And, they must ask for that asylum in the first safe country they reach!)

The UN and the Open Borders Left want you to think that running from gang violence or seeking a better life are reasons to grant asylum (refugee status); they are not!

So, that is why Acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan said in his testimony yesterday to Graham that they suffer from “misaligned asylum standards.”   

Someone (a smuggler or a Lefty immigration lawyer) has told them what to say to border patrol resulting in agents determining that they have a “credible fear” of returning home, but that claim can’t later be substantiated in court, and they know it.

So they disappear into the urban woodwork of America.

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Bangladeshi Illegal Aliens Skyrocketing at the Southern Border

The news story I’m about to tell you about is really meant to question the government’s use of dental examinations to help determine the age of mostly young men arriving at our southern border and claiming they are minors, however after using a Bangladeshi man as the star of their story, the LA Times goes on to give some shocking data about Muslim Bangladeshi’s coming across our border.

Breitbart reported on the arrests of large numbers of Bangladeshis here last fall.  https://www.breitbart.com/border/2018/11/26/120-bangladeshi-migrants-apprehended-in-south-texas-since-oct-1/

I wasn’t planning to post this when I saw the title because I’ve written about the issue of dental x-rays to determine the age of a migrant and I knew the Open Borders agitators were agitating to make sure science wasn’t used in determining how an illegal alien was going to be treated, but the Bangladeshi angle is important.

It’s annoying that after we have been badgered by the Progressives that we, conservatives, don’t believe in science (how many times have you heard that regarding global warming!), but they want nothing to do with science when it goes against their political agenda.

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Open Borders Gang Launches Major Push to get Immigrants Ready to Vote in 2020

That means pushing them hard to get through the naturalization process they say the Trump team is deliberately slowing.

CASA vote campaign
CASA de Maryland hosts the kick-off for the Left’s “Naturalize Now” campaign

And, at the same time, the Trump Dept. of Homeland Security announced it has reached a five-year high in citizenship approvals (of course that means higher than the final term of the Obama administration). If true then why is the National Partnership for New Americans squawking?

Where does the truth lie?

Heck, we don’t know, but the point is that the Leftwingers, the Dems, are working overtime (they know they are in a fight!) to try to get as many immigrants registered to vote in order to defeat the sitting President in 2020 (and to get more of their people in office everywhere).

It has never been clear to me why the Open Borders Republicans and Libertarians don’t see that they are politically done once a large enough number of socialism-loving immigrants are voting.

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Refugee vs. Economic Migrant: Europe’s Story is our Story

For the last dozen years I’ve followed the issues surrounding what the UN calls a refugee crisis (to the UN, it is always a crisis!), but there are now some serious efforts underway to better define the language surrounding migrants-on-the-move around the world.

The International Left works day and night to convince the uninformed public that anyone on the move around the world for any reason is a REFUGEE with a right to live in a first world country.

Salvini stop invasion poster
Italy’s Salvini: Most are “fake refugees!”

That is just not true! Most migrants are economic migrants seeking employment (or welfare!).

Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini is one of the first European leaders to label most of those trying to get to Europe as “fake refugees.”

That is also the case for those trying to break into America across our southern border.

Here is news a few days ago from NBC News of all places:

Europe grapples with distinction between refugees and economic migrants

I’m posting a couple paragraphs from near the end of the story first:

According to the United Nations, a refugee is someone who is “unable or unwilling to return to their country of origin owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted” and has the right to asylum in another country. [Right to apply for asylum says the UN, not a guarantee of asylum!—ed]

An economic migrant is generally considered to be someone who leaves their country in search of work or a higher standard of living, not to flee persecution.

It is persecution for race, religion, political view, etc. they must prove, and NOT because there are criminal gangs in their own country, or that they simply want a better life!

Here are the opening paragraphs:

LONDON — With every new storm-tossed rescue ship that hauls drowning migrants out of the Mediterranean Sea, European governments are becoming increasingly reluctant to throw open their ports.

The distinction between “genuine” refugees and economic migrants is being seized upon as countries, weary of playing the good Samaritan, are now pushing to prevent asylum-seekers from reaching their soil in the first place.

Italy and Malta have closed their harbors to rescue ships and are demanding that other European countries share the responsibility or that migrants are taken to ports in places like Tunisia instead. Migrants must claim asylum in the first European Union country they reach. That means the nations closest to conflict and poverty in the Middle East and Africa have been forced to cope with the biggest proportion of new arrivals.

Americans pay attention!

Those caravan migrants from Central America and elsewhere, passing through Mexico to our border, should have asked for asylum in Mexico, at its southern border, if they were legitimate refugees.

But, in fact, they are “asylum shopping” which is a term used to describe those looking for the best deal in a more generous country.

Since last summer, Italy has also clamped down on humanitarian operations by detaining rescue vessels on charges ranging from illegally aiding migrants to not being properly registered. That has resulted in fewer boats searching for people in distress — with no rescue vessels sometimes operating in the central Mediterranean Sea.

The language used by some governments to refer to asylum-seekers has also been shifting in recent months. [Shifting to what it is supposed to be!—ed]

Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, who also serves as interior minister and who is a member of an anti-immigration populist party, has railed against “fake refugees.”

More here.

question markWhat do you do?  Pay attention to the language of the Leftwing Open Borders agitators and attempt at every opportunity to counter it.  That means if you see a local news story using the word ‘refugee’ loosely attempt to correct it either with a letter-to-the-editor or call the reporter.  
Likewise when you see a dumb elected official showing their ignorance about the word ‘refugee’ try to set him/her straight!
Don’t let your friends and acquaintances get away with loose language on the issue of refugees either! 

Minneapolis: Open Borders Agitators Organized and Active

On January 24th, a Minneapolis government employee led a public forum entitled “Immigrant Moral Witness, Moral Action.” 

I’m posting this for a couple of reasons. First, to show you once again how the Open Borders (really I should call them No Borders) activists are working to control the language.  The implication is that if you don’t agree with them, you are somehow immoral!

And, of course they are again trying to get the media and you to think about all immigrants (legal and illegal) as “New Americans.”

But, more importantly I want you to see that they are organized and have tips for the types of actions they want citizens to take. Are you getting organized?

From the MinnPost:

10 things you can do right now to help immigrants and refugees in Minnesota and beyond

Michelle Rivero
Rivero works for the taxpayers of Minneapolis at the Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs:  http://www.minneapolismn.gov/ncr/oira/index.htm

At last week’s “Immigrant Moral Witness, Moral Action” forum at First Universalist Church of Minneapolis, Michelle Rivero wrapped up her presentation by talking about the importance of speaking out with love. Given her experience as an immigration attorney and as Minneapolis’ first-ever director of the newly created Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs (OIRA), Rivero said it was an emotional but necessary bit of information shared amid the rest of the night’s topics. Rivero expanded on her comments for MinnPost, and provided some nuts-and-bolts information for anyone interested in helping out in the face of how the federal government is treating asylum seekers and would-be new Americans.


“I strongly feel that if you are advocating for a position, it’s important to do so with sincerity, with honesty, with humility. If an issue is very important to you, and obviously immigration is very important to me, I think the more that we can all do to convince people of why the path that we feel we should be on is the right path, the better off we’ll be as a society. And I think when you do that with sincerity, even people who disagree with you, you can find commonalities with.


Now here (below) are Rivero’s ten tips for Minnesotan Open Borders activists. (It isn’t just more Somalis they are looking for!).

Read the whole MinnPost article for details because it will give you information you can use if your goal is to see immigration to the US (and to Minnesota) brought under control.  Knowledge is power!

1. Give money to organizations and causes.
2. Be a vocal advocate for the causes you support.
3. Support an organization working to provide support to asylum seekers at the border
4. Pay immigration bonds.
5. Learn about what your city is doing regarding immigration-related issues and ask how you can partner.
6. Send local immigration attorneys to the border.
7. Support the work of Clues and other social service organizations.
8. Be informed on immigration issues and issues that touch immigrants.
9. Support MIRAC (Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee).
10. Support Release MN8.

Read it all, here.

question markIt is one thing to read news on the internet and to watch cable news, but are you talking to those around you and getting politically organized? They are!

Limbaugh: Pelosi’s Message is that she and the Democrats Hate Trump and YOU!

If the Democrats’ intransigence on border security for which a small amount of money is required for a barrier along our southern border (as another caravan is on the way) puzzles you, radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh describes this as a much larger pivotal moment for America.

We all know the Democrats depend on immigrant voters—they want more of them and want the ones they have to be happy (with their social services!).  The immigrant numbers beef-up certain Congressional districts controlled by Dems as well.

In addition, the business community wants the cheap “new American” laborers and both the Dems and some Republicans are working to provide them with an uninterrupted supply of those.

Yeh, we get that.

Of course we have no idea what the President will say to the nation today at 3 p.m., but he can’t give an inch because as Limbaugh said on Thursday, the stakes are too high.
rush and nancy
Important day in US history? What will the President say today?


(An aside:  As you know I watch the phony baloney at CNN each morning to see where the Leftwing media is going on any given day. Yesterday they were all a tither (we got him now!) about the now discredited BuzzFeed story. Today they quietly, and not as their lead story, reported the bombshell of last evening that Mueller’s team has said the story is wrong. Of course the reporting yesterday gives all of us more evidence of the media bias against this President and frankly against us!)

What follows is a transcript of the Rush Limbaugh show on Thursday, hat tip: Paul.

For all of us wondering how Nancy Pelosi could even have thought going on a foreign taxpayer-funded junket right now made any political sense, Rush’s comments make it clear.  To heck with the poor government workers who aren’t being paid, creating chaos and strife and making sure Trump loses is key to the Democrat’s (and the Swamp’s!) future.

I know it is long and although Rush (effectively) repeats his points, read it all. Added emphasis is mine.


RUSH: I want to try to have as many people as possible understand what is really going on here.

And the first thing that I have to tell you, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, and I’m not exaggerating, and I’m not trying to be provocative, and I’m not trying to make anybody mad. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t care one whit about the hardships of anybody or anything during this shutdown. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Party care about one thing: making sure that nobody like Donald Trump ever tries this again.

swamp hates you

The message being sent here is that somebody Washington disapproves of being elected president is going to be shut down and will not be cooperated with and nothing will ever get done because the objective here is twofold. It’s to get rid of Donald Trump and then to paralyze Donald Trump. Paralyze him first, get rid of him, and then send the signal, you Republicans better never, ever send somebody like this, because it’s gonna end up being like this every damn time, ’cause we’re not gonna do business with somebody like this. We’re not gonna let somebody like this ever be legitimate.

That’s what this is. It is nothing about the shutdown. It’s nothing about the hardships that are being faced. It’s not even about the wall! Pelosi and the Democrats, as you said, have supported a wall in the past. This is about making sure, about doing everything they can do to make sure that this guy who they despise does not have one demonstrable success so that nobody like him will ever, ever try this again.

This is a long-term message to everybody outside Washington, everybody outside the Washington political class, the elites, whatever, you’re not welcome here, and we will damage whatever it takes to make sure none of you ever end up here again. And those of you who voted for this, don’t you ever do this again. Your votes are wasted. You’re not gonna get one thing you want, you’re not gonna get anything, and we’ll be glad for all this destruction to send the message that you don’t get to do this.


RUSH: Right after I just made my point to the last caller and to — let me briefly repeat it. Nancy Pelosi and most of the Democrats have a singular message in all this, and it has nothing to do with the wall or with the money or any of this. We have two years until the — actually less — ’til the next presidential election. And that’s all this is.

This is Pelosi and the Democrats swearing that no matter what Trump wants, if it’s gonna make him look good, presidential, if it’s gonna help the Republican Party, it isn’t happening. But there’s more than that. This is really about Nancy Pelosi — I cannot — I’ve tried to describe this numerous times. I’ve tried a bunch of different ways. I cannot, I don’t believe, adequately describe for you how personally despised and resented Donald Trump is and those of you who voted for him.

I mean, folks, there is visceral hatred. Donald Trump being elected president, not just beating Hillary, but just being elected is the equivalent of a killer virus being released in Washington. And they have stop it. They have to kill the virus. That’s Trump and you who voted for him. This was never supposed to happen. The governed are never supposed to have this much influence over what happens in that town. You’re not supposed to have anywhere near this much say over what your government does. You’re not supposed to have much say at all.

You get to vote, but beyond that, (raspberry) you. And Trump brought you with him to Washington. Trump is doing everything he can to keep every promise he made. I cannot tell you how offensive that is to them. I can’t tell you how disruptive it is. I can’t tell you how they are livid about it. And this whole government shutdown and the intransigence that Pelosi has, the unwillingness to even negotiate anything here is purely and simply about making sure that none of this is ever seen as legitimate.

It’s always, if she has her way, gonna be seen as one of the most oddball things that ever happened in American history that was a pure quirk of fate, it was abnormal, it was not supposed happen, and because of that, it’s not going to be legitimized. The previous two years have been all about that, not legitimating President Trump, his agenda, his voters, especially now, ’cause everybody’s racing to get ready for the 2020 presidential election.

As far as Pelosi and her side are convinced, it’s all about getting rid of Trump and it’s all about erasing these past two years, it’s about erasing the two years of the campaign that led to Trump. And it’s personal. And it is literally governed by a visceral hate. This is why there is no compromise here. Some of you are saying, “Well, how do you think Trump can win?” I think the longer this goes on, the more people are gonna see this for what it is. The longer it goes on, the greater opportunity for people to finally see the Democrat Party as they are, who they are and so forth. Not a slam dunk.

But there is no way in my book they get away with delegitimizing you and your votes in 2016. There’s no way they get away with essentially saying, “You don’t really count. You count on Election Day if you vote the right way, but other than that we couldn’t care less about you.” The Democrat Party agenda is aimed at undermining everything you believe in. The Democrat Party is championing everybody who isn’t you. Sanctuary cities, open borders, anything that disrupts the foundational structure of this country — and I mean foundational, from the days of the founding — that’s their agenda.

So here’s the tweet from Charles Grassley, senator from Iowa. “Good news for Iowa farmers: USDA will reopen 37 Farm Service Agency offices in Iowa during partial govt shutdown. Seems to me Trump admin trying to help ease burden of shutdown & Pelosi trying to maximize + refusing to negotiate or even show up.”

Exactly! Exactly! I got this tweet during the break, after I had made my original point, but he’s exactly right. Pelosi is trying to maximize the burden on everybody so you’ll not never (sic) do this again. She wants you getting hurt! She wants you suffering! She wants you thinking you’re responsible for this. You elected Trump! This is what happens when you send somebody to Washington they don’t prove of. You deserve to be suffering, damn it, for this act of insolence of yours. It’s bad enough when you elect a traditional Republican like George W. Bush, but this? You’re going to pay.

And Grassley here is exactly right. And it is about exactly that, folks. It’s, “I wish Pelosi would negotiate, we need to put the air traffic controllers back, certainly some –” Pelosi doesn’t care about the air traffic controllers! She doesn’t care! In fact, the more chaos and the more disruption, the bigger the opportunity for her and others like her and her party.

Creating chaos and disruption is a tired old strategy of the Communists and Socialists as they attempt to undermine governments, but it’s a long subject for another day!

More from Rush here.

Sure hoping and praying the President stays strong this afternoon!

Trump Administration Stepping-Up Investigations of Citizenship Fraud

patricia corrales
This is it in a nutshell! Trump wants to limit ‘new American’ voters and we want to increase them because they mostly vote for Dems! Duh!

And, Open Borders activists slip-up and reveal their own intentions about why they want so many immigrants in the US.

Hint! It has to do with voting!

That is the news yesterday from Fox News.

On-going citizenship fraud investigations are also something I became aware of and shared with readers at Refugee Resettlement Watch here in February of last year.

In that case, the USCIS was asking Burmese refugees to meet with immigration officers as rumors swirled that an undisclosed number might have gotten in the US having lied about who they are.

Here are some snips from Fox’s report yesterday,

Denaturalization, the process of revoking a person’s American citizenship, has been around for years – but it has rarely been used and the burden of proof set intentionally high. Citizenship can be revoked either by civil proceeding or pursuant to a criminal conviction.

But statistics show under the Trump Administration, the number of civil cases filed has slowly been on the rise.

“This renewed focus on and renewed use of the tool of denaturalization is an important element in the Trump Administration’s efforts to restore integrity to our legal immigration system,” said Jessica Vaughan from the Center for Immigration Studies. “Because after all, citizenship is the ultimate prize.”

Last year, a new unit was formed in the Los Angeles Office of U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services, designed specifically to review the records of people who became U.S. Citizens since 1990. A September 2016 report released by the Inspector General showed that 315,000 old fingerprint records for immigrants who either had criminal convictions or deportation orders against them had not been uploaded into a database used to check identities.

Officials found nearly 900 people who had been ordered deported or removed under a different identity, so now more than 2,500 cases are under the microscope.

Keep reading, it is a very enlightening report.

And, here is the juicy bit when pro-immigration lawyer, Patricia Corrales, let’s the cat out of the bag,

Corrales believes the formation of a unit is a part of a broader plan by the Trump administration to limit legal immigration.

“Because they really want to limit the population of immigrants who may not want to vote for the Republican Party next time – that’s why I think they are doing it, “Corrales said.

Yes, and conversely Ms. Corrales and the Open Borders cabal want as many immigrants voting for Dems as they can get signed up!

Imagine this scenario: Most illegals crossing the border plan to vote for Republicans (just imagine!).  How fast do you think that wall would be built—in a nanosecond!

question markDid you see the news Thursday at Breitbart about how many DACA ‘kids’ voted. John Binder’s story suggested there were enough to flip key districts from red to blue. The big question is how can the Republicans have been so stupid to not see all this coming?