Harris/Biden Open Door Immigration Policy Could Sink Dems

“The voters see the border as a growing problem and blame the Biden administration policies…. “This is the administration’s greatest weakness right now.”

(Democrat pollster Mark Penn)

A poll (and you know most of these polls skew to the Left) demonstrates that the new Administration is in deep doo-doo and the alarm bells are ringing.

So, the message to you is to keep spreading the news and howling  about the invasion at our southern border (along with all the other efforts the White House is making to change America by changing the people).

For instance if you don’t read my other blog, Refugee Resettlement Watch, you may not know that we are only a little over three months away from opening the sluice gates to 125,000 ‘refugees’ from the Middle East, Africa and Asia, on top of the border crashers.

The Hill:

Majority of voters say Biden should implement stricter immigration policies: poll

A majority of voters in a new poll say that President Biden should implement stricter immigration policies to limit the number of people illegally entering the country.

Sixty-four percent of registered voters in a new Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey released exclusively to The Hill said Biden should “issue new, stricter policies to reduce the flow of people across the border.” Meanwhile, 36 percent said the administration should continue its current policies.

Apparently Kamala’s trip to Central America in search of root causes did not satisfy voters on either side of the aisle. To get 64% saying they want stricter immigration policies means that a fairly large chunk of Biden’s (Ha-Ha) 81 million voters are unhappy.  Kamala 2024 (NOT!)

The question comes as the White House continues to deal with a high number of migrants looking to cross the southern border while rolling back policies that were implemented by former President Trump.

While Biden has not yet put forth a comprehensive immigration platform as he focuses on infrastructure and combating the coronavirus, the president has revoked Trump’s policy that barred immigrants from obtaining visas unless they proved they could obtain health insurance or pay for health care, scrapped the travel ban targeting Muslim-majority nations and upheld the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, among other things.

Putting Covid and infrastructure as top priorities right out of the gate (probably figuring two easy wins), while allowing the border to completely spin out of control, the Harris/Biden team may have fatally miscalculated!

Biden this month also formally nixed the “Remain in Mexico” program, which forced asylum-seekers to stay in Mexico while awaiting the result of their case in U.S. immigration court. The Department of Homeland Security also officially banned family separations for prosecutions of illegal border crossings, another reversal of Trump’s policies.


Those moves have led to praise from Democrats who say the White House is taking a more humane approach to immigration, while Republicans have howled that Biden is making the border less safe.  [Yup, howling is what we must continue doing.—ed]

Voters say Biden should have left in place the Trump administration’s immigration policies.

Fifty-five percent of voters said the previous administration’s policies should have been kept, while 45 percent say they should have been undone.

Mark Penn was a chief strategist for Hillary in 2008. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Penn

LOL! I figure that the reason 55% said Trump policies should have been left in place is because that is likely the margin who voted for Trump to continue in the White House!

Have you noticed that the Administration and the Dems are not out and about bragging about their historic 81 million votes?

But, I digress, back to The Hill.

Overall, 67 percent of voter say that people who cross the southern border illegally should be sent back to Mexico, while a third say they should be released into the U.S. with a court date.

A number to remember to tell your friends—200,000 a month crossing the border illegally!

“The voters see the border as a growing problem and blame the Biden administration policies. The voters vastly underestimate the size of the problem and so once they learn it’s nearly 200,000 a month making illegal crossing their temperatures rise on this issue,” said pollster Mark Penn. “This is the administration’s greatest weakness right now.”

Fight back! Spread the word!

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2 thoughts on “Harris/Biden Open Door Immigration Policy Could Sink Dems

  1. Democrats will get elected regardless of the issues by the same fraudulent activities that took place in 2020. Nevada just made mail in voting legal in all future elections, with drop boxes. It will cost the tax payers 17 million in the 2022 election alone. Unless you can force your County Commissioners to require your local Registrars office to clean up their voter rolls and get rid of machines that can be connected to the internet your vote does not count.

  2. This is the media equivalent of a ‘modified limited hangout’ by The Hill, which is an ultra liberal publication — as I stated before, Trump did not do the one thing he had to do in order to stop the asylum scam: conclude a ‘safe third country’ agreement with Mexico.

    All the NGOs have to do is setup/expand operations right across the border in Mexico and tell or remind all who are about to cross/enter to say they are applying for asylum — crossing to apply for asylum is not ‘illegal entry’, and as a 1951 signatory the US is legally obligated to duly consider all applications for asylum — in fact, it would be illegal to simply turn away anyone who says they are applying for asylum — doing so would result in immediate court challenges, and these would succeed.

    I live in Europe, where asylum as well as legal issues around the asylum process are CONSTANTLY in the news, and local/national courts, also the European Court of Human Rights, not infrequently issue rulings related to asylum (mostly favorable to asylum seekers of course) — 2015 was exceptional only due to how many ‘refugees’ (asylum seekers) made their way to Europe — but due to Europe’s relative proximity (as compared to the US) to the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, there is, and has been ever since I’ve lived here, an unending flow of both asylum seekers and news about asylum generally — as a result, you become familiar with legal framework around asylum.

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