Biden Tasks Harris to Find “Root Causes” of Migration Because He and Barack were Stumped for Eight Years

This is an Op-ed published at the WaPo earlier this past week that gave me a chuckle.

Veep Harris has the most difficult job of her lifetime— a job Biden failed to accomplish when Obama designated him as the point man to solve the “root causes” of migration during the years he and Obama put a lot of kids in cages.

Their intentions are good (Trumps were bad!) and who knew that all they need to do is to get some refrigerators down to those Northern Triangle countries of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala and they will have a good start on solving the “root causes!”

If only those Romans had a few refrigerators to give away, the world would look a lot different today!

Opinion: Kamala Harris is confronting the challenge of a lifetime

Here is how columnist Greg Sargent sets the stage…

On Monday afternoon, Vice President Harris met with members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to brief them on what may be the most complex challenge she’ll face in office: the effort to address root causes of migrations from Central America.

If Republicans had their way, our entire conversation about the migrant influx would be about the border. They say former president Donald Trump’s “toughness” at the border was a smashing success — never mind the humanitarian disasters it unleashed — precisely because cruelty deterred more migrants from seeking asylum, an inherent good in their eyes.

But this analysis largely erases from the equation the actual causes of these migrations. Whatever failures we’ve seen in the Biden administration’s handling of immigration, there is a sharp contrast here:

They are trying to address those root causes in a systematic way, which is the job that President Biden has tasked Harris with.

It is all about trying for these Socialists especially when they do it with good intentions and in a systemic and robust way!

“This work is difficult and important,” Harris told Democrats, per her prepared remarks, citing hurricanes, pandemic, drought, extreme food insecurity, corruption, violence, poverty and climate change. “And progress will take time.”

Just how difficult this work will be continues to go underappreciated.

Just think, if B and O  had put in the time to stem the invasion a few years back, maybe they would have avoided four years of Trump in the White House (and likely another 4 years coming soon).

Send them refrigerators!

Now you are talking Nancy’s language! Send them refrigerators!

Sargent talked to the man with the answers.

He spoke with Ricardo Zúñiga, the State Department’s special envoy for the Northern Triangle.

He laid out the challenges in remarkably vivid terms.

Yup, people are poor, and the countries are crime ridden, but if over the long term we send them stuff like refrigerators they might stay in politically corrupt “s*** hole” countries.

In the short term, Zúñiga said, our best hope is that a robust humanitarian response can start meeting immediate needs. People who are leaving because they don’t have refrigeration or food, he noted, might be persuaded to stay if those shortfalls are made up.

But, while we are sending them stuff (to see if American money and appliances can turn those countries around) we have to make it easier for them to get into the US!  Of course!

Two conclusions…. Let them in or they will keep coming anyway! Huh?

All this leads to two conclusions. The first is we should be making it easier for people to legally migrate from the region into the United States, by expanding guest worker programs and refugee resettlement, among other things.

The second is that cyclical spikes in migration are going to continue, creating future political challenges for the administration.

Wait!  Didn’t he say sending them stuff would keep them home?

More here.

Hey Kamala! We will be watching!

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3 thoughts on “Biden Tasks Harris to Find “Root Causes” of Migration Because He and Barack were Stumped for Eight Years

  1. The people in the White House are the most incompetent morons I’ve ever seen in our Government.

    Every day I feel like I’m watching the Key Stone cops. At this point I would add….and the most corrupt.

  2. The USA has been giving Mexico and the CA nations hundreds of millions of US dollars every year for a long time to improve their economies so their people would stay home. But, none of those dollars has changed a thing in those nations. In addition, each of those corrupt nations have been, and still are, totally complicit in their people moving to the USA illegally. They, along with their citizens, are simply scamming and exploiting America, the people are purely economic opportunists seeking as much of American’s material wealth as they can get and the nations exploitation of America is each getting tens of billions of US dollars remitted home annually by their citizens living well here at the expense of American taxpayers. It is all a super con game being run by these nations and their people against weak, foolish, easily manipulated America. Of course, none of these cesspit nations are going to take any action to stop their people, or any others, from forcing their way into the USA. Plus, there is the added incentive in all of this, the more foreigners in the USA getting free use of our resources, the sooner will come the collapse of America as a nation, but even before the final collapse will be the destruction of America, its every foundation and everything this nation has ever stood for to the world. Then, the final collapse will finish off the USA and there will no more help for anyone; only the ultra wealthy families and businesses behind all of this will benefit. Then the USA will be no different, maybe worse, than Mexico, the CA nations, and others are today. But there will be no more America to act as welfare service to the rest of the world or to fight their wars for them. Hope the world is ready then to be ruled by China/Russia, etc.

  3. The “See The Crisis Act”:

    [To be introduced this Thursday]

    “To limit travel by the Vice President until after certain activities are undertaken with respect to the southwest border, and for other purposes”. …

    Sec. 2. Limitation On Federal Funds For Vice President International Travel.
    No Federal funds may be obligated or expended for the travel of the Vice President outside of the United States until on or after the date that each of the following conditions are met: …

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