150 Nobodies Want a New Path for the Republican Party: Want Trump Gone!

From reports earlier in the week it looks like the 30-something Miles Taylor is the leader of the breakaway group that includes many of the Never-Trumpers involved in the disgraced Lincoln Project.

Here is their press release from yesterday.  Seems they have backed off from earlier declarations that they were going to announce the formation of their own party—darn!

Instead they plan to bully the GOP for awhile and if that doesn’t work, then they will think about a new party.

Looks like the plan is a redux of pot shots from the wings using the Lincoln Project model.

Keep in mind that likely most of these “prominent Republicans” voted for Joe Biden (many have admitted doing so).

150 Prominent Republicans and Independents Release ‘A Call for American Renewal’ Charting New Path

WASHINGTONMay 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A coalition of 150 prominent Republican and independent leaders have released A Call for American Renewal, a principles-based vision for American leadership, as an alternative to the current direction of the Republican Party and growing extremism in the nation. Their call for a return to principles (available at: www.acallforamericanrenewal.com) follows a February summit and subsequent organizing.

Miffed over the mistreatment of Cheney!

As GOP leadership marginalizes Representative Liz Cheney and other honorable members and citizens for simple acts of truth-telling and conscience, founding signatories to this statement are mobilizing disaffected voters to impact competitive elections around the country and shape the future of the nation. This “common-sense coalition” seeks to catalyze the reform of the Republican Party and its recommitment to truth, founding ideals, and decency or, if unsuccessful, lay the foundation for an alternative.

Calling for a return to decency and integrity is none other than Miles Taylor who while working at the Dept. of Homeland Security undermined the sitting President by penning a NYT op-ed anonymously claiming he was part of the “resistance” working to yes, undermine President Trump.

“These principles are vital to our individual and collective flourishing, overcoming modern challenges, and preserving our way of life. They’re a foundation to unite Americans from diverse backgrounds in common cause. Our nation is calling out for a new coalition of principled, pragmatic citizens to renew America and counter the partisanship and extremism infecting the country,” said Evan McMullin, Executive Director of Stand Up Republic, former House Republican Conference policy director and 2016 independent presidential candidate.

Trustworthy fellow?

“There’s only one thing that can beat back the tides of extremism, fear, and conspiracy, and that is a people, unified behind common principles, joining their voices to demand better. That’s what we’re doing with A Call for American Renewal. Together, we can — and will — return our politics to the principles which should define us, and lead the way to a better, brighter future for all Americans,” said Miles Taylor, former Homeland Security official and co-founder of Republican Political Alliance for Integrity and Reform.

One thing they have done is create a handy list of Never-Trumpers you can reference when and if you hear from them locally.

Key signers of A Call for American Renewal include Michael Steele, Barbara ComstockChristine Todd WhitmanDenver RigglemanMichael Chertoff, Charles DjouGeorge ConwayCharlie DentReid RibbleEvan McMullinCharlie SykesAnthony Scaramucci, Mona CharenMiles TaylorTom RidgeMichael Hayden, Paul MitchellBill WeldMike MadridClaudine SchneiderJim KolbeMary PetersJohn Negroponte, and many others. For a full text of A Call for American Renewal and list of signatories, visit www.acallforamericanrenewal.com. To speak to one of the signatories or for assistance, please reach out to the point of contact below.  

Go here to read their high-minded sounding, but lacking in policy detail, statement of who they are and what they want for our “diverse” nation.

See who signed.

Other than the few I highlighted above, I don’t know who the heck most of these “prominent leaders” are, do you?

However, one of my ‘special’ favorites—Not!—is former Pennsylvania Governor Ridge (also a former Sec. of Homeland Security).

Take a trip down memory lane to 2014 when he and other Republicans including Grover Norquist and Jeb Bush went public with their demand that MORE refugees be admitted to the US.

The ‘humanitarian’ industry loved it….

‘Human Rights First’ praises ten open-borders REPUBLICANS who say ‘bring in the refugees!’

See my Political Rats category.  It was created for ‘leaders’ like these.

P.S.  Did you see that Trump is going to resume having MAGA rallies.  That will make these 150 “prominent Republicans” heads explode!

Trump Traitor Scarammuci Says RINOs Could Break Away from Republican Party

No, he doesn’t call himself a RINO (Republican in name only), I call him and the creeps at places like the Lincoln Project that, but that is who he is talking about.

Surely you remember Anthony Scaramucci, a supposed Trump loyalist, who lasted only a few days, a week, or whatever it was as a Trump White House Communications Director.

I still don’t understand why/how Trump had little ability to identify sleaze balls in his administration before they did damage to him.

(By the way, it is my view that President Trump’s greatest shortcoming was that somehow he, or those hiring the people, seemed only able to find people who did not have Trump’s, or our America First’s interests at heart.)

He was on Anderson Cooper last night saying that the never-Trumpers might have a convention in the fall to see if they will break away from the Republican Party.

Not a bad idea, leave the Republican Party to the America Firsters!

At Yahoo News:

President Trump’s former Director of Communications, Anthony Scaramucci, appeared on Anderson Cooper 360, Monday, to discuss the state of the Republican Party. Scaramucci, a lifelong Republican, claims there is a sizable faction of members of the GOP who are looking to create a new party.

This next line is amusing.  Does he really think that the 63% of surveyed Republicans want a new party that would follow Scaramucci and his ilk.

The 63% are Trumpers who want a new party!

“Listen, 63% of the surveyed Republicans say that they want a new party,” said Scarmucci. “I think there’s a large group of people in the party that are organizing now and are debating whether or not to have a faction inside the party or to literally spin out and have a fall convention for a new party as a precursor to the congressional midterms and then start slating candidates.”

Scaramucci believes that 10-15% of current GOP members would be willing to leave in disagreement with what the party has become under the previous administration.

He says that the majority of Republicans who love Trump “want to destroy democracy.”

“You can go with radical fringe Trumpism, where these people literally are signaling to you that they want to destroy your democracy,” said Scarmucci. “Or you can try to set up, people that really love the country, that have center-right values can try to set up something new.”

Hey, Scaramucci, if you start a new party will you promise to take Mitch McConnell and Liz Cheney with you!

It was for stories like this one that I created a special category here at ‘Frauds and Crooks’ entitled Political rats.

Editor’s note!

Please see that in response to questions from readers I’ve begun what is going to be a weekly tutorial of sorts on Community Organizing.  This post will be updated regularly and you can find it in my sidebar under the photo of yes, Barack Hussein Obama, community organizer extraordinaire!


So far, TWELVE US Senators Have Announced They Will Object to 2020 Presidential Election Results

Your prayers are being answered!

Frankly I didn’t think it was possible to find this many brave Senators willing to buck the Democrats and their own Republican leadership.  You might think it shouldn’t be so hard to buck Mitch McConnell in light of the glaring election steal, but these Senators (a few of them newly elected) will see that McConnell will find ways large and small to retaliate against them in the coming year(s).

For us, who believe in America and the Constitution that guides us, these twelve, so far, are the leaders of America first.

The rebels, the “faction” as Politico calls them include in addition to Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri who announced days earlier, are as follows:

The new faction of GOP lawmakers includes Sens. Marsha Blackburn (Tenn.), Mike Braun (Ind.), Cruz (Texas), Steve Daines (Mont.), Ron Johnson (Wis.), John Kennedy (La.) and James Lankford (Okla.), as well as Sen.-elects Bill Hagerty (Tenn.), Cynthia Lummis (Wyo.), Roger Marshall (Kan.) and Tommy Tuberville (Ala.).

If one of these is your Senator, thank him or her.

If your Senator is one of those Republicans who have already said they are with McConnell remember them!

Here The Hill tells us that Senator Mitt Romney of Utah is lashing out against Hawley, Cruz et al.

If nothing else comes out of January 6th, we are going to have a very clear idea of who is for and who is against the MAGA movement.  Mitch wanted to avoid that, but it looks like it is too late!

Romney: Plan to challenge election ‘egregious ploy’ that ‘dangerously threatens’ country

“Romney also called out Trump, who has urged his supporters to come to Washington, D.C., on January 6, warning that the strategy could “lead to disruption, and worse.” ” (what a wimp!)

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) on Saturday offered blistering criticism of a plan by at least 12 Republican senators to challenge the results of the election next week, warning that they “imperil” public trust.

“The egregious ploy to reject electors may enhance the political ambition of some, but dangerously threatens our Democratic Republic. The congressional power to reject electors is reserved for the most extreme and unusual circumstances. These are far from it,” Romney said in a statement.

Romney had previously told reporters Friday that objecting during Wednesday’s joint session, where Congress will formally count the Electoral College vote, would help “spread the false rumor that somehow the election was stolen.”

Romney says the courts have already decided that there was no election fraud!

“My fellow Senator Ted Cruz and the co-signers of his statement argue that rejection of electors or an election audit directed by Congress would restore trust in the election. Nonsense. … Members of Congress who would substitute their own partisan judgement for that of the courts do not enhance public trust, they imperil it,” Romney added.


Romney, the only GOP senator who voted for one of the articles of impeachment against Trump last year, is the latest GOP senator to formally weigh in after Cruz and 10 other GOP senators, or senators-elect, announced that they would support challenging the election results.

Come on Alaskans! How can you elect this _____?

Sens. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) and Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) formally announced on Saturday that they would vote against any attempt to challenge the election results on Wednesday.


Toomey said the “evidence is overwhelming that Joe Biden won this election.”


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) previously urged Republican senators to not join an effort by House conservatives to object, warning that it would only force a politically tough vote that won’t change the outcome of the election.


We will have a list!

By “politically tough vote” he means that the Republicans can’t win it with defectors like Toomey, Murkowski and himself who would side with the Dems, but because we, the upwards of 80 million Trump voters, will know who is willing to fight for us and who isn’t.

In addition to those I just mentioned who want Biden installed in the White House, we previously mentioned South Dakota’s John Thune.

And how on earth did you Nebraskans elect Ben Sasse, a Never Trumper from the very beginning?


Which side is your Republican Senator on? Where are you: Lindsey Graham? Marco Rubio? Rick Scott? Rand Paul? Mike Lee? Chuck Grassley? Susan Collins? Tom Cotton? Tim Scott? Shelley Moore Capito?

Some media outlets report that 140 or so House Members will object and when I see a list I’ll post it.

Tomorrow, Monday morning, begin calling all of your Senators and House Members  and tell them (Democrat or Republican) what you think.

Stop the Steal’s website has all of the contact information for your elected officials in Congress.

Trump: Republicans Not Willing to Fight for the Presidency; How many are owned by China?

“[I]t’s just not going anywhere. It’s going down like a shot dog.”

(Low class comment by Senator John Thune (R-SD) about any election challenge that might occur on January 6th.)

If there is any bright side to the train wreck, the Election Steal of 2020, it is very clear that most Republicans are timid and vile creatures as Trump pointed out in a series of recent tweets.

Weasel #1 China Mitch McConnell (right) and his deputy weasel John Thune.

On January 6th, a MAGA movement is going to have a very clear list of those who are friends and those who are foes as the socialists/communists make their big move to take over the country.

And, MAGA must root-out those doing China’s bidding!

After that weasel and friend of China, Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, is his sidekick Senator John Thune of South Dakota, both are good bets for history books to label traitors of the century.

By the way, McConnell has been given brownie points for his push to get supposedly conservative judges appointed, but now some are questioning what sort of judges he did promote.  See Federalist Society judges under the microscope!

Here is the Epoch Times on Trump’s latest blast at the Republican cowards:

Trump Urges GOP Senators to ‘Step Up and Fight for the Presidency’

President Donald Trump on Saturday called on Republican senators to “step up and fight for the presidency” as they continue to distance themselves from efforts to challenge electoral college votes on Jan. 6.

“Time for Republican Senators to step up and fight for the Presidency, like the Democrats would do if they had actually won,” Trump wrote in a series of Twitter posts.

“The proof is irrefutable! Massive late night mail-in ballot drops in swing states, stuffing the ballot boxes (on video), double voters, dead voters, fake signatures, illegal immigrant voters, banned Republican vote watchers, MORE VOTES THAN ACTUAL VOTERS (check out Detroit & Philadelphia), and much more. The numbers are far greater than what is necessary to win the individual swing states, and cannot even be contested.


“But when it is all over, and this period of time becomes just another ugly chapter in our Country’s history, WE WILL WIN,” he added.

The president has ramped up his criticism of Republican senators in recent days for their reluctance to support efforts to challenge votes cast by presidential electors in contested states during a joint congressional session on Jan. 6, where Vice President Mike Pence will be counting the votes.

Keep reading.

Then see NPR’s rundown of what will happen on January 6th and a mention of the President’s anger at Deputy Weasel John Thune.

Congress’ Role In Election Results: Here’s What Happens Jan. 6

Referring to Thune’s comment about shot dogs, Trump responded:

Thune’s remarks appear to have caught Trump’s attention. On Tuesday evening the president blasted the senator on Twitter, writing: “South Dakota doesn’t like weakness. He will be primaried in 2022, political career over!!!”

Your mind likely immediately went to the the latest GOP darling, SD governor Kristi Noem who promptly said she wouldn’t primary her good friend John Thune.

Typical Republican politicians sucking up to the President when he arrived to do his now famous Mt Rushmore speech in South Dakota last July.

Senator Thune is on the left sucking up to the President


For those of you who have latched onto Governor Kristi Noem as a possible national office holder (Prez or Veep), get rid of that idea. She is basically a  RINO with a pretty face.

This post is filed in my ‘political rats’ category. https://fraudscrookscriminals.com/category/political-rats/

I know I shouldn’t judge pols on one issue, but I do.

A few years ago, she abandoned the President when he attempted to give some local control (some say-so) to communities that could be chosen as new refugee resettlement sites.

Is this why?

China owns Smithfield Foods located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota!

Does China own Thune and Noem?

China needs their pork!

South Dakota has been swamped for many years now with impoverished refugees, low skilled workers for their globalist meatpacking plants, and Noem dares not cross them.

China gets its pork and rural America is changed forever as it must deal with the needs of tens of thousands of low-skilled, low wage third world workers many of whom were very sick from the Chinese virus earlier this year.

(China almost got its hooks into Montana, see here.)

See my post at RRW from last spring….

Changing South Dakota One Slaughterhouse at a Time


A few years ago, I traveled the state, saw what was happening with the meat plants changing South Dakota, and I heard from our people there that Noem was nothing special (she was a Congresswoman at that time), just a typical pol.

P.S. If you are wondering what the schedule might be on January 6th, the NPR article tells us Congress goes into joint session at 1 p.m. that day.


Sarah Palin was Right: McCain Campaign Honcho is a Republican Traitor

“[I]t’s only the Democratic Party—which is the oldest political party in the world—that stands for the ideas and ideals of American liberty.”

(Steve Schmidt, the guy who lost the Presidency for John McCain in 2008)

“Wolves in sheep’s clothing….never on our team to start with!”

(Sarah Palin, populist VP candidate in 2008)



While on the subject of political rats, see yesterday’s post about Elizabeth Neumann, I thought you might like to hear about another rat—Steve Schmidt, former Bush and McCain aide who has come out of the closet to announce Surprise! he is a Democrat.

Actually I told you about him here as he was one of the founders of the Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump pac that spent millions inundating the airwaves with vile anti-Trump ads as they pretended to be Republicans who wanted Trump gone.

That post was the inspiration for my category ‘political rats.

Early last week, Schmidt went public validating Sarah Palin’s claims that Schmidt was a traitor who undermined the Republican Presidential campaign of Senator John McCain.

Here (below) is the news of Schmidt’s outing.

By the way, wikipedia reports that his anger at Trump was first about moving the capital of Israel to Jerusalem (he did not want it moved, said Trump would have blood on his hands) and secondly he opposed Trump’s policies involving the southern border.  Anti-Israel, pro-Open borders: Sounds to me that he was a Dem all along.

From The Hill:

Longtime GOP strategist Steve Schmidt announces he’s registering Democrat

Schmidt made the announcement during an episode of the “Battleground” podcast published Monday, as he and co-host David Plouffe were discussing the Republican House members and state attorneys general that backed Texas’s ill-fated election lawsuit before the Supreme Court.

Weasels united! Isn’t it interesting that David Plouffe, who ran Obama’s 2008 campaign against McCain, and Schmidt who was running McCain’s campaign, were pals.

“I spent 29 years as a Republican, I’ve spent two and a half as an independent, and later this afternoon I will register as a member of the Democratic Party,” Schmidt told Plouffe. “Because in America today, it’s only the Democratic Party—which is the oldest political party in the world—that stands for the ideas and ideals of American liberty.”

Schmidt worked on the the presidential campaign of late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) in 2008, and on former President George W. Bush’s campaign in 2004.

The former Republican renounced the party in 2018 and identified as an independent. He’s been one of the president’s fiercest critics, and is a co-founder of The Lincoln Project, a prominent anti-Trump PAC.

More here.

Sarah Palin on the saboteurs working for the swamp “uniparty!”


No wonder the swamp hates Trump so much!  He has exposed their decades-old game—a game that cheats Americans out of the President of their choice.