Sarah Palin was Right: McCain Campaign Honcho is a Republican Traitor

“[I]t’s only the Democratic Party—which is the oldest political party in the world—that stands for the ideas and ideals of American liberty.”

(Steve Schmidt, the guy who lost the Presidency for John McCain in 2008)

“Wolves in sheep’s clothing….never on our team to start with!”

(Sarah Palin, populist VP candidate in 2008)



While on the subject of political rats, see yesterday’s post about Elizabeth Neumann, I thought you might like to hear about another rat—Steve Schmidt, former Bush and McCain aide who has come out of the closet to announce Surprise! he is a Democrat.

Actually I told you about him here as he was one of the founders of the Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump pac that spent millions inundating the airwaves with vile anti-Trump ads as they pretended to be Republicans who wanted Trump gone.

That post was the inspiration for my category ‘political rats.

Early last week, Schmidt went public validating Sarah Palin’s claims that Schmidt was a traitor who undermined the Republican Presidential campaign of Senator John McCain.

Here (below) is the news of Schmidt’s outing.

By the way, wikipedia reports that his anger at Trump was first about moving the capital of Israel to Jerusalem (he did not want it moved, said Trump would have blood on his hands) and secondly he opposed Trump’s policies involving the southern border.  Anti-Israel, pro-Open borders: Sounds to me that he was a Dem all along.

From The Hill:

Longtime GOP strategist Steve Schmidt announces he’s registering Democrat

Schmidt made the announcement during an episode of the “Battleground” podcast published Monday, as he and co-host David Plouffe were discussing the Republican House members and state attorneys general that backed Texas’s ill-fated election lawsuit before the Supreme Court.

Weasels united! Isn’t it interesting that David Plouffe, who ran Obama’s 2008 campaign against McCain, and Schmidt who was running McCain’s campaign, were pals.

“I spent 29 years as a Republican, I’ve spent two and a half as an independent, and later this afternoon I will register as a member of the Democratic Party,” Schmidt told Plouffe. “Because in America today, it’s only the Democratic Party—which is the oldest political party in the world—that stands for the ideas and ideals of American liberty.”

Schmidt worked on the the presidential campaign of late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) in 2008, and on former President George W. Bush’s campaign in 2004.

The former Republican renounced the party in 2018 and identified as an independent. He’s been one of the president’s fiercest critics, and is a co-founder of The Lincoln Project, a prominent anti-Trump PAC.

More here.

Sarah Palin on the saboteurs working for the swamp “uniparty!”


No wonder the swamp hates Trump so much!  He has exposed their decades-old game—a game that cheats Americans out of the President of their choice.

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9 thoughts on “Sarah Palin was Right: McCain Campaign Honcho is a Republican Traitor

  1. Just show how incompetent Republicans are when choosing people to work for them. Like those who advised Trump on Barr, the clown at the FBI and the woman at CIA who he should of fired. They have people who support them but they aren’t smart enough to watch the Democrats cheat and have no answer for it. Hillary cheated in 2016 but not enough to win an no one knew. Bad deal.

    1. Trump knew and that is why he signed the executive order in 2018, concerning any foreign involvement in our elections. Problem is that he can not do it alone.

  2. McConnell, Graham, Cornyn are all also traitors/ sell outs, but without Trump the election rigging will only get worse and we will never truly have a voice again. If every person reading this does not email or call elected Republican House and Senate members and tell them to elect Donald Trump, America will be overcome by China. Stand Up or Shut Up!!!!

    1. It could have an impact if there are set dates, perhaps in the days before January 6th when hopefully hundreds of thousands show up in person at the Capitol. If the phone calls shut down the entire House and Senate Switchboards it might help. To tell you the truth maybe it’s time we start surrounding their homes like the Left does, give em something to really be scared about.

  3. Palin was a newly minted national candidate in 2008. She could not understand at that time that people like Schmidt were sent over from Bushland to make sure that McCain “Lost Gracefully” to His Oneness. The Palin pick was an instinct call by McCain (they had probably decided on Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, but he provided no bounce at all to the McCain ticket) and no one in the Permanent Government expected the excitement that Palin would cause. Republicans hadn’t seen this since Reagan.

    What Schmidt did was to do what he could do to undermine McCain’s campaign. The banking crisis had already been baked in the cake, so McCain-Palin were never going to make it to the White House. Schmidt’s job was to run McCain into the ground and see to it that his friends at the WaPo and the Times blamed Sarah Palin, which they did. His job was always to make sure that nothing stood in the way of a Jeb Bush Restoration.

    But like most institutional flunkies, people like Schmidt never anticipated a random event like Donald Trump. Palin did, which is why she took a chance on him early in the primary campaign. The rest was history.

    1. Thanks for that great analysis! It is too bad Trump didn’t fill his cabinet with the Sarah Palins who would have been loyal. In my view his greatest fault is not fully understanding the deep state Republicans who were undermining his administration from the beginning. I guess he gets it now!

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