For All of the News Junkies Out There: Aggregator Sites You Should Know About

If you have been attempting to follow conservative news for at least the last decade, you probably originally followed Drudge.  Well, forget Drudge.  Something weird happened there and it’s not worth looking into, but somehow Drudge sold out.

Here are a few sites available as an alternative.  This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it’s a start.

Whatfinger News

Revolver News


Update:  A reader suggests and a second reader reminds us about The Epoch Times.

Update #2:  More suggestions from another reader:

Citizen Free Press

The Right News

Real Clear Investigations

Update #3:  A reader recommends:  The Liberty Daily

Update #4:  Another reader suggests Weaselzippers.

And for news on immigration, I recommend Borderhawk.

In addition, one of the sites I visit from time to time is Survival Pulse which collects an interesting mix of new posts every day from the prepper/survival blogs.

Update!  Looks like Lin Wood must be reading the prepper blogs too!


Of course you have likely already figured out that most patriots are moving to Newsmax TV and One America News (OAN) for cable news.

If you have some other aggregation sites you like, please send me a comment to this post.

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