Repost: On this last Saturday of July in the year from Hell, what are you doing to prepare?

Editor: A reader suggested I post again what I said in July. It appears that during this last week of December what I said in July still resonates maybe even more so as the brazen election steal by a man with dementia, continued Chinese virus scare tactics and even that massive giveaway to the world puts us in even more jeopardy for the s*** to hit the fan.

Never, ever, succumb to normalcy bias!


I don’t think preparing for the possibility that we could be visited by chaos and catastrophe this fall and winter is giving into the COVID panic.  Sensible people prepare for life changing events—they buy life insurance, change the batteries in smoke detectors and keep their automobile gas tanks full.

Do we call those people preppers?  We could because they are!

The warning signs have been right in front of our faces since about March!


The media has over the years depicted preppers as those who take to the back woods, lugging water from a nearby stream, and killing game to eat which they cook over spits in the ‘yard.’  But there is a wide range of possibilities for how much you want to prepare, and some of it is completely sane and sensible.

I had no interest this morning in writing one more crooks and criminals post that will only serve to feed your news reading addiction, because today I’m working on my to-do list for being prepared.

And, hey, look at it this way.  If conservative-minded people prep for the worst and the libs think the government is going to take care of them, guess who might survive riots, civil unrest and a pandemic.  You guessed it!

I just started reading a great book (well, I’ve only read a few chapters, so shouldn’t prematurely call it great) entitled “Start Prepping” by Tim Young. I subsequently learned a great deal from Young’s book and others.

The author discusses something that keeps most people from moving when faced with immediate or longterm danger.  He calls it ‘normalcy bias.’  He lists several examples of where people died because their brains just couldn’t go there—that they were in danger of being killed—and so they did nothing.

Case in point….

I recently read a novel about the Titanic and subsequently read a non-fiction book on the horrific sinking of the unsinkable ship.

The ship (on its maiden voyage!) sank in about two hours and 40 minutes from the time it struck an iceberg in the north Atlantic until it went down.

Initially the captain and officers didn’t think it was possible that they would lose the whole ship and many passengers did not move to lifeboats (there weren’t enough anyway) continuing to play cards and otherwise entertain themselves as normalcy bias overcame them.  At least 1,500 people went down with the ship.

Bad things do happen in history, after all, Rome fell, Nazi Germany nearly conquered all of Europe, the Twin Towers fell, is it so far-fetched that we are due for some rough times.

Heck we have had a little taste of it already.

Six months ago would you have dreamed that millions would lose their jobs and fat women would be punching each other in the aisles of supermarkets over toilet paper?

So what is the downside of learning how to protect your family?  A few people might think you are nutty—so what!

I suggest you stop reading this post, and look for a few good books and then head out to the grocery stores near you that are (still) open and begin getting in the things you would hate to live without even for a brief time—coffee maybe?

But, don’t forget water!  Author Tim Young says it is the most vital commodity for surviving even a few days.  Those of you living on ‘city water’ could find your water supply suddenly shut off for myriad reasons.

And, so what if you spend some time preparing, get in some food, water and other supplies and thank God nothing out of the normal happens later this year, then you can enjoy a few less shopping trips over the winter, eat some of what you have stored, and spend the extra free time on your political news reading addiction instead!

Finally, are you an ant or a grasshopper?  Aesop figured this out, oh, about six centuries before Christ.   Of course, one big difference now is that the ‘grasshoppers’ of today are mean SOBs often with weapons.  And that is another thing you need to be prepping for!

Trump Signs the “America Last Porkulus,” Avoids Shutdown

And, he thinks he got some promises from the Senate Weasels.

You can read the disappointing news yourself at The Hill:

Trump signs $2.3T relief, spending package

There will still be a vote on whether to increase the federal dole to certain people to $2,000 per person, but without a reduction in foreign spending that will only dig us deeper into an economic hole.

Trump will ask Congress to rescind some of that foreign aid, but fat chance that will happen.

Michelle Malkin in her syndicated column this week, provides a larger list than you have likely seen elsewhere of the wasteful spending going out of your pockets to the rest of the world.

‘America Last’ porkulus

This country is not governed by a “Republican Party” and a “Democratic Party.” It is governed by an establishment “uniparty” that betrays our citizens at every turn.

Exhibit A: The joint annual ritual of fiscal vulgarity known as the omnibus spending bill.

While Americans are distracted with the holidays, Beltway crapweasels stuff their legislative Christmas trees with multibillion-dollar goodies for every special interest except the American people.

I’ve reported with depressing regularity over the past quarter-century on how these pork-laden monstrosities get rammed through Congress, unread, with little scrutiny or outrage.

But finally, light bulbs are going off.

The juxtaposition of measly COVID-19 relief for U.S. citizens against the backdrop of lavish aid for illegal immigrants, the military-industrial complex, Big Pharma, overseas social justice warriors, nongovernmental organizations and foreign countries is just too brazen to ignore.

Go to her column to see the full list.  Here is one that jumped out at me:

$200 [million]to Bangladesh, including $23.5 million to support Burmese refugees and $23.3 million for “democracy programs.”

The Burmese refugees referenced here are the Burmese Rohingya Muslims who have been causing strife in Buddhist Burma for decades.  The Rohingya then fled to Bangladesh, a safe Muslim country.  They are not our problem!

We are told in The Hill story that Trump’s State Department was responsible for many of the foreign give-aways, and that is probably true. The US State Department is a little Progressive fiefdom that Trump or Pompeo never did get under control.

Malkin continues…..

What about our borders? What about our domestic peace? What about our health? What about our sustainability? What about our schools? What about our small businesses? What about our human rights?

Americans who dare ask these questions are viciously attacked by the uniparty gatekeepers and globalist water-carriers as “xenophobic,” “racist” and “anti-Semitic.” We’ve had enough. A manufactured public health crisis, post-George Floyd anarcho tyranny and the wholesale hijacking of our election system are pushing citizens to the brink of revolt.

In such times, and at all times, any self-respecting sovereign nation must put its people first. If you don’t demand leaders who represent your interests, you deserve the serial abusers you elect, embolden and empower.

More here.

You should consider the rally in Washington on January 6th as a show of force of course for Trump and a protest against the brazen 2020 election steal, but consider it as a warning shot at the “crapweasels” we continue to elect.

If you aren’t going to DC, then you must at minimum get on the phone in the days ahead and blow up the phone lines to your elected officials and tell them what you think about the stolen election and the financial crisis they are bringing down on us and future generations.

You can’t put it off any longer, you must fight like the Left and work tirelessly where you live to destroy the Socialist/Communist America Lasters at all levels of government.