What are You Doing to be Ready?

I didn’t write anything yesterday, partly because I worked hard outdoors and the heat fries my brain a bit, but mostly because I was thinking about the question of being ready and how I might not be doing you a service by yammering on about wonkish policy, or which evil-doer we admitted to America has killed or raped someone,  or which creep ripped off the SNAP program or Medicaid/Medicare as if everything was normal.

Your time is limited, are you reading and yakking or preparing to stay alive and well?

It isn’t normal and I was firmly reminded of that when my friend Leo Hohmann’s post was sent to me in an e-mail from another friend asking if she and her husband could come live on our farm.  I chirped back that they were welcome as long as they brought their arsenal.

In recent days another friend told me he and his wife abruptly sold their home in Washington, DC and moved temporarily to Florida.  They had lived near the Friendship Heights section of DC that was wrecked by rioters in late May.  But, it wasn’t the noise at night from on-going unrest, it was the fact that some of their neighbors were “taking a knee” in the street and making sure others in the neighborhood were informed of their capitulation to the mob that sent them south.

So how am I not doing you a service?

Well, first you must read Leo Hohmann’s post from two days ago entitled:

Welcome to the new abnormal: How to survive the growing civil unrest


(I’m not even going to snip any of it because I want you to read it all!)

So how am I doing you a disservice?

My blogging is simply adding to your addiction to the news and taking time away from what you must be doing now—you and your family must get ready for the unimaginable as November approaches and that is the possible breakdown of civil society.

I know most of you are addicted to reading news (so am I), and it makes you feel good (maybe even smug) because you know that you know more than most people around you about what is happening with the presidential campaign, the Left’s strategies, or what dirt Ghislaine Maxwell may or may not be dumping (if they keep her alive).

But, is knowing the latest news and yakking about juicy tidbits on Twitter or Facebook, or commenting at your favorite websites and blogs going to help you survive what could happen in the coming months?

My continued writing about what the latest plans are from say Bloomberg’s New American Economy and his sidekicks at Welcoming America is, I think, a way of making you believe everything is normal and we are just having disputes between warring policy ideas for the future of America.

And, thus reading time is taking your precious time needed to prepare, to even consider moving if you live in a vulnerable location.

Maybe I’ve read too many dystopian novels, but there is no downside to being the most prepared you can be.

If the Marxists’ takeover attempt fizzles and we have a normal election and a calm aftermath as Trump is reelected then we can thank God.  But, in the meantime, it will give you some peace of mind to be ready for the worst possible outcome.

I’m not saying to stop reading altogether (you need to get the best prep ideas), but I am suggesting you sit down with your family and make plans for your immediate family and with the help of like minded patriots for your local community.

That said, I will shut up.  Definitely read Leo’s post and get to work where you live.

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13 thoughts on “What are You Doing to be Ready?

  1. Hello Ann Corcoran,

    Just read your latest Blog early this morning.
    I also read Leo Hohmann’s latest Blog; of which I happen to agree with at least 99%.

    I have been following your blogs for at least two years – I think it is three.
    Leo’s for close to a year.
    Never in that time have I felt the end is near – until this year. (I think it was you who said: “2020 the year from hell”).
    But the worst is yet to come: From September 2020 thru February 2021, what has happened so far will make those coming months look like a Sunday school social.

    But here is a “thought” for you and your followers to contemplate:

    WHO are the people who will be affected the MOST?
    Answer: The individuals like us who KNOW and CARE what is happening to America.

    WHO are the people who will be affected the LEAST?
    Answer: The individuals like the person I have known for 50 + years, an individual who is deeply seeped in the leftist news media, the medical and vaccine Nazis of America, and who follows and swallows hook, line, and Covid-19 propaganda as though it was delicious candy!

    I cannot nor do I wish to do so, speak for anyone but myself when I say this:
    I am glad that I will NOT be alive much longer – I take no pleasure nor desire in living the life of “hell”; I prefer to go there in person and live it full throttle.
    You are a smart, intelligent person Ann, I think you can read between the lines of my last statement.


    1. Dave, hang in there. If you believe in a higher power at all, please have faith in your (our) purpose here. No skipping out early. Work hard in the coming months to be prepared however you see that to be and guide and take care of those close to you. Forget about those deeply seeped in the Leftist media, you will never reach them! Find like minded souls and be strong for them. Be their rock.

    2. Today, listen to Ann’s response to you. It’s wise. You’re here for a reason, you’re here for a purpose, and you do have a sphere of influence. Stay strong and live well in your sphere of influence. God bless. Marilou

    3. Dave, your response concerns me, but I understand your sorrow. I share it, BUT if you are not a follower of the One who died in your place on the cross for your sins, you might want to start reading the Bible. You will find out that all this going on was predicted by Jesus for the end of times. It is not a surprise to Him or any who have studied the Bible. Just sad to see! He is in control and uses the evil of man to accomplish His plans. Jesus did die for your sins, as He did for all of us. Your can thank Him by accepting what He did for you on the cross and turning your life to follow Him. Hell will not be a place you would ever want to go to. It is eternal torment designed by God for the devil and his followers. Please consider Him. He loved you enough to suffer an agonizing death to give you an amazing eternity with Him….if you would like to talk further, I would be happy to.

  2. Ann, you are a fire cracker :0)

    It has to occurred to me that this rioting in certain high dollar areas of the country is causing real estate to drop rapidly…..is it too sinister to believe the ones who snap up homes and hold onto them until the rioting is quelled…and it will be at some point…so they can make a killing on resales? Do they encourage this violence and rioting to scare off residents?

    When this kind of unrest starts….I always look around in the background to see who it benefits most.

  3. Ann, You are always right on. Read your posts daily. Thanks much! Mike in Chelan, Wa.

  4. To add; Jordan Peterson has said that people like Hitler and others did not come to power without the consent of the majority at the onset of any political battle. His words on this put a chill down my back. Being a young guy in the Army at the time I read everything I could about the Communists asking why, why, why. I either missed it or it was not there. Now I know, for sure. Mike

  5. I read everyday to be prepared…. The silent majority must stop being silent….We need to fight back to save the Country…..
    But nobody knows what or how to do that. Yes we can own a gun but how can you fight a enemy that you cannot identify?
    How can you fight a mob that attacks you, ambushes you, surprises you with a march thru your neighborhood and burns it down? It appears to me that if the Government can’t take your guns away, you will be a criminal for using one to defend yourself.
    We need advisors, leaders to alert us and guide us because like I said NOBODY knows what to do and people are terrified.

  6. Hi Ann – I’ve enjoyed your daily e-mails for probably 10 years and I use to get so annoyed what is happening with the refugee program and the illegal aliens but now my frustrations are close to home and it’s getting scary out there.

    I enjoyed Leo’s blogs and it’s just unbelievable what is going on in this country with the domestic terrorists operating here and our local officials catering to them. I keep saying we need to nip this in the bud but I think it’s too late for that as it is blooming already.

    I’m glad info on the BLM is getting out about the leaders and their mission. Preparing for the near future is confusing but for starters I will probably get a gun although it would be hopeless with a mob. All we can do is keep the faith and hopefully people in power will wake up and start to confront what is right in our face.

    Keep up the good work reporting and you’re probably lucky living on a farm! Stay safe.

    1. Hi Marilyn, I am going to have more on getting ready! Nipping in the bud is likely too late as you say.

  7. Ann, I think a lot of people of faith or at least people with a Biblical worldview believe we are really nearing the end of days. Whether it’s that close to the end of days or not, we have certainly reached the end of the United States of America as a free, capitalistic, justice and liberty for all nation. We have done as much preparation as we feel we are able to do in multiple areas, financially, security, and spiritually and emotionally. We are putting our trust in God and hoping to influence as many as we can during this time of isolation and sequester, and we know that if we don’t survive on this earth we have a better home awaiting. We just grieve for those left after us. We never thought we would live to see the almost overnight overthrow of the United States from within or from without. However that time is now. Thank you for all of your fighting, strength, and influence. We are not racists, we are not homophobes, we do not hate people from other ethnic backgrounds. We just hate socialism and communism and fascism and long for freedom of speech, freedom of religion,And the pursuit of life and liberty and happiness.

    1. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment. That about sums it up….sigh…

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