The Plot to Steal America!

I expect everyone reading this post to watch this 18 minute video that the media does not want you to see.  Those 18 minutes will dispel any confusion you might have about what is happening to us at this critical juncture in the history of our great country! 

For the moment it is here at Youtube with an introduction explaining why it might not continue to be available at Youtube which is censoring any video that questions the integrity of Election 2020.

Update: As expected this version was removed as well.


If it disappears, you can view it at Rumble here:

You will learn why it is so important for the Communist Party of China to make sure that Donald J. Trump is removed from the White House.

When you come to Washington DC on January 6th, or when you do whatever you can where you live to resist the Biden/Harris coup, remember you aren’t just fighting a corrupt Democrat Party (and weak Republicans) and their media lackeys you are standing up to the Chinese Communist Party.  It is 1776 all over again!

From the Plot to Steal America:



I don’t ask much of anyone, however…. 

I have 1,339 subscribers to ‘Frauds and Crooks’ and I am asking every one of you to click on the Rumble link (even if you have been able to watch the video on Youtube).   Rumble is Youtube’s competition.

I can tell how many of you click on links and am going to be pretty ticked-off, if you don’t do this.  Frankly I will know if spending my time writing this blog is a waste!

Here is the link again:

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23 thoughts on “The Plot to Steal America!

  1. I have clicked. You do so much wonderful amazing stuff that I’d be happy to click 10 times.

  2. Hi Ann, I’ve been a long time reader of your work and I appreciate it very much. But this Seth Holehouse guy is a Falun Gong member and there is talk that this Man in America video and persona is a Falun Gong front. Please investigate him and let us know what you find.

    1. Thanks, oh yes, I see that “fact checkers” are saying Holehouse is Falun Gong. “Fact checkers” are also saying the election wasn’t stolen. But, is Holehouse wrong? If he is Falun Gong then sowing discontent toward the CCP isn’t a bad thing? Is it? Sowing any kind of dissent in China isn’t bad is it? Heck, they sow dissent here every day. Just asking?

    2. The Falun Gong are an amazing group of people. Persecuted in China. Imprisoned. Murdered in China’s organ “harvesting.” They practice something like Tai Chi. I’ve met a number, especially someone who spent years in prison in China, and is lucky that somehow she was released and got to the West. These people are very aware of the dangers of Communism. Many work to raise Western awareness of the dangers.

  3. President Trump’s response after watching this video was “Wow.” Did the “Wow” mean he learned something he didn’t know? I hope not, but I often thought he wasn’t getting the extent of the danger to the country.

  4. Ann, this post does not show up in my WordPress Reader feed. I just signed out and signed back in again and still it is not included in their feed for your site. I only saw it because I was already on your site and requested a search of all articles on the tag word “Activism”.

    The latest they have from you is the article with the creepy photo of those who shall remain nameless. The one I didn’t need to see on that one special day.

    1. That is very strange. I hope you are laughing a little about those who shall remain nameless.

  5. Hey Ann, I clicked on Rumble and posted it at 6 places, 3 Facebook groups, plus, Parler and Gab, been following you for years and love your work!
    I’ve tried to get back on Refugee Resettlement Watch, have clicked 3 times to no avail. You once told me it was up to the email handlers. They probably think in the past I re-posted too much of your work!
    Anyway, I hope you keep up the good work
    James W. Nelson (aka Forest9patrol)

    1. That is funny about RRW. You should be able to get it here

      I’ve wondered why the subscriptions are so low there when I once had 5,000. I don’t get to add subscribers, the host does. Try again sometime.

      I have been writing a lot there.

  6. Ann, I always look for your emails and truly appreciate your work since September 2015. I would miss you if you stopped. Thank you,Scott.

  7. What’s wrong with Falun Gong? I think the Epoch Times is associated with them. It’s the best newspaper in America. They (both Epoch Times and Falun Gong) are intensely anti-Chinese Communist Party, which makes them good guys in my book. I watched this earlier but I clicked on it again for your numbers.

  8. Ann: Everyone needs to see the video. I will be watching Rumble now that I am aware of it. Some of us don’t find things as fast as we should and I thank you for sharing.

    1. Great! Glad to help. I don’t find things so quick either, but some of my readers do!

    1. I just got back to the computer now, at 6ish and see it is gone. Good thing you can get it at Rumble! Wonder when it was actually yanked.

  9. I watched the video on Rumble. Youtube has taken it off, no surprise. I am 69 years old and afraid for my children and grandchildren, who some seem perfectly okay with being led around like sheep. Their generation never experienced world war, world famine or loss of freedom. The history in public schools is only about identifying that their predecessors were racists. I don’t know if this generation will have freedom, nor will they be able to fight for it. Bless you for all you do.

    1. Thanks Carol, I know what you mean. BTW I just turned 70 recently and I share your concerns about our children/grandchildren. They can’t see what we see. So sad.

  10. Thank you Ann. So many are blinded by the constant lies being fed to them. I thank God for the wisdom and discernment He reveals to us. I continue to stand in faith even when things look impossible. Keep up this good work. Our prayers will be answered.

    1. Yes, we all need to remember that as it looks like we will be tested.

  11. Forwarded! We are fighting the same battle in Canada….keep up the great work, Ann….
    Canadian veteran……

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