Priceless! The Obamas Vacation in Hawaii While Peons are Told to Stay Home Alone!

I know it is Christmas eve, and I shouldn’t spoil the day for you, but I can’t resist posting this from reader Paul who directs us to this post at Powerline blog today:



When I saw the photo of President and Mrs. Obama on Twitter (below), I wondered if it was the real deal. It seems to cry out for a thought bubble (or two). Have the Obamas defied the public health guidance handed down by Saint Fauci to head off for vacation in Hawaii? And is the Missus as unhappy as she appears with the contribution of her husband in propelling the kayak on its course? The Daily Mail answered my questions one way or another in

“It takes two, baby! Michelle does all the hard work as she and buff-looking Barack enjoy Xmas kayak trip in Hawaii.”

The Obamas leading by example…..

(For some strange reason the Tweet won’t embed, but here is the picture worth a thousand words!)


Go to the Daily Mail for more amusing pics.  The story there says the girls are joining them for Christmas.  How about you?  Are your kids traveling this holiday?  I bet not.

I have a serious post at RRW today, and it too involves special rewards for special people—those guardians of the socialist Left.

Dear reader, I know it isn’t in your character to make fun of people, but know that we are in a life or death war for the future of the United States and believe it or not, humor is one of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal.  Aim it at the Left because they, of all people, can’t stand to be ridiculed!  

Merry Christmas!

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5 thoughts on “Priceless! The Obamas Vacation in Hawaii While Peons are Told to Stay Home Alone!

  1. I can’t help it but this so called LADY is UGLY. I mean he is just Ugly and his boyfriend Barry is No peach either.

  2. OMG….Big Mike looks awful….for a minute I thought that was a island man paddling Obama. I’m serious……my how she’s changed.

  3. In all fairness, professional photographers are adept at catching people during that split second when they have an unnatural look on their face. She might have been spitting out a bug or something. All the same, I always felt that creature to be hideous and the media’s fawning over her to be a form of gaslighting aimed at people with a normal sense of what beauty is. He/she/it looks like a shaved Ewok in my eyes, albeit an oversized one.

    Anyways, being shut in for Christmas has its perks. I was able to reduce two days of political arguments down to a 20 minute phone conversation and spare myself six hours of driving. Still managed to put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day, though.

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