So 80 Million Americans Voted for Four Years of Biden as a Laughing Stock?

Joe Biden at the end of his Christmas message was asked a question about his son’s financial dealings by Fox News reporter Peter Doocy.

If you missed this latest ‘gaffe’ from Joe-the-gaffe-machine here is what he said.  He called Doocy a “one-horse pony.”  Huh?  Did he mean one-trick pony?

But more importantly he dismissed any questions about his son’s shady international business deals as Russian disinformation.

We can have another good chuckle over ol’ Joe, but it is plain for all to see that the man is rapidly declining into classic senile dementia.

(I can’t believe that Youtube took down the clip I had posted here of Biden sounding nuts!  Here is another one)….


Here is a nice little roundup of Biden’s signs of cognitive impairment (very sad).

Amazing that ‘Dr.’ Jill allowed it to come to this! Doesn’t strike me that she can love her husband much as he will go down in history as a laughing stock (and a crook).

Joe Biden gaffes 2020 edition: ‘One-horse pony’ to ‘Luhan virus’, top Bidenesque blunders of the election year

President-elect Joe Biden on Tuesday, December 22, said the federal tax probe targeting his son Hunter Biden’s murky financial dealings is “Russian misinformation”. And Biden went on to call the FOX reporter who asked for comment on the probe a “one-horse pony” in another blunder. Biden apparently meant to say “one-trick pony”, which refers to somebody with only one talent or area of expertise.

See a whole list of Biden ‘gaffes’ (really signs of advancing dementia) from recent months.

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  1. This is such a true post. It is an embarrassment to the greatest country in the world.

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