“Conservative Momma” asks very important question!

If Biden got over 80 million votes, the most for any presidential candidate in history, then why are they so worried about Donald Trump running in 2024?

As I have been saying, ridicule is the most powerful peaceful political weapon.  Use it!  Conservative Momma does!

It is very difficult to appear powerful when one looks foolish!


And, check out her impersonation of “Circle Back” Psaki…



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Fox Cancels Trump Defender Dobbs

The purge continues…

From Conservative Review:

Breaking: Fox News cancels Lou Dobbs Tonight

Fox News canceled “Lou Dobbs Tonight” from its lineup and is expected to part ways with the show’s host, it was reported Friday.


Dobbs, 75, has been one of the most stalwart defenders of former President Donald Trump on his show and often featured interviews from the Trump campaign and the former administration.

The program aired twice daily on Fox News Business. It had its last show on Friday with guest hosts, and will be replaced with “Fox Business Tonight.”

They are all running scared:

Some speculated that the move might have been related to a $2.7 billion defamation lawsuit filed by voting machine company Smartmatic on Thursday. The filing specifically mentioned Dobbs’ comments related to claims that the company helped rig the election against Trump.


The show garnered very high ratings and had just celebrated its 100th straight week of viewership dominance over CNBC, its competitor, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Besides his outspoken support for President Trump and his belief that the 2020 election was stolen, there could be another reason Dobbs was dumped.

He has been a longtime expert and critic of our border policies especially those now being pushed by the Biden administration to open borders and legalize illegal aliens.  The Murdoch family, which owns Fox News, is on the OPEN Borders side on immigration. 

Here is one of many reports of Rupert Murdoch’s immigration stance.  His views have nothing to do with humanitarianism, it is all about global corporations needing cheap labor.

One more reason to turn off Fox News!

Move over Peter Doocy! Imagine this look on Jen Psaki’s face when she has to answer questions from a sharp White House reporter for the Trump News Network!

And, one more reason Donald Trump must launch his own news network.

How about a Trump News Network!

Donald Trump could have more power as a media mogul than he would mucking around in the present mess that is the Republican Party.

In fact, he could change the Republican Party faster through media than from inside the RINO-infested party. And, it would be so much more fun!

Imagine The Trump News Network with great commentary by The Donald himself.

He could hire the best and brightest investigative journalists to dig into the deep state, election fraud, and other frauds being perpetrated on the American people.

He could launch his own late night comedy show to lampoon the Left for a change.  As one of my readers pointed out just this morning—conservatives are much funnier than socialists.  [LOL! I originally posted the word harpoon instead of lampoon, he could harpoon them too!—ed]

I can dream can’t I!

Laugh at Them! Just as President Trump Did Yesterday!

I’m sounding like a broken record, but one of the most valuable (peaceful!) political tools is ridicule and if you haven’t seen it, President Trump’s letter to a snooty actors’ union will have you rolling on the floor laughing.

Here is Newsweek’s description of what The Donald did:

Read Trump’s Resignation Letter From Screen Actors Guild—’You Have Done Nothing for Me’

Gabrielle Carteris

Donald Trump’s days in the Screen Actors Guild are over [Gasp!–ed]. The former president resigned from SAG-AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) on February 4 in a letter addressed to the guild’s president, Gabrielle Carteris. Trump had been a member of SAG since 1989…

His letter of resignation came after SAG-AFTRA National Board ordered a disciplinary hearing for Trump following the January 6 insurrection on the Capitol. [Insurrection?—ed]

Trump’s response—who cares!

Here (below) is the letter.

If this is a sign of what we can expect from the President once the Congress gets past the UNCONSTITUTIONAL IMPEACHMENT CHARADE, this is going to be fun!

(In order for me to enlarge the letter, I separated the header, which I did not want you to miss, in the following screenshots.)



It will be very difficult for them to look powerful, if they look foolish.  So let’s all laugh at them every chance we get!

That reminds me, as Twitter is keeping me from getting to my account (I refuse to give them more information about myself), I have moved over to Gab where I have to be careful.


Because there is so much humor there that I find myself sucked into reading gabs and not getting a lot else done.  Deplorables are so clever!

Young, Healthy and Woke Jumping the Line for China Virus Vaccine

I’m not picking on Stacey Griffith per se, because you know there are others like her who have been so freaked out by Dr. Fauci (and Chairman Joe) that they are willing to push grannies out of the way in order to get an experimental vaccine.

It really is amazing how powerful herd mentality can be.

Snagging the vaccine appears to be the new craze for the Lefties.

President Trump was criticized for trying to keep Americans calm about the pandemic, but now the Fauci (Biden) frenzy is unleashed and has gone into high gear.

From Yahoo Life:

SoulCycle instructor apologizes for getting COVID-19 vaccine, which sparked backlash

A star instructor for the trendy cycling workout brand SoulCycle is backpedaling after being criticized for getting the COVID-19 vaccine under the pretense of being a teacher.


On Friday, Stacey Griffith — a top fitness coach in New York City who, according to a recent Vox report, makes at least $800 per class — shared footage from her trip to Staten Island to get the Moderna vaccine.

“Now I can teach @SoulCycle with a little more faith that we’re all gonna be OK if we get the [vaccine],” Griffith, whose celebrity clients have included Kelly Ripa and Madonna, told her 64,000 followers on Instagram.

It didn’t take long for many of those followers to chide the 52-year-old author of Two Turns from Zero for bypassing elderly and high-risk individuals who have yet to be vaccinated.

“Let’s celebrate that we are making the world safe for in-person spin class in the midst of a global pandemic,” read one comment, from a woman who shared that she and her wife, a cancer patient, were still months away from being eligible for their own shots. “What’s left of any respect that I had for Soul and the leaders it celebrates is done and gone.”

There is more if you feel like reading it.

UK Daily Mail had a lot of fun with the story yesterday.  See here.

A Little Virtue Signal from the Right? Why Not!

A friend sent a photo of a yard sign she had seen recently.

Here it is:


When I looked around this morning, I found a 2017 story about the signs at the Philadelphia Inquirer.  The story includes a link for where they can be purchased.  I’m not posting it here because I am short on time and can’t check it out at the moment. (Gotta post at RRW right now.)

The message made me laugh and hope it gives you a chuckle.

Remember that humor is a powerful political weapon! Fight back!