You Must be the Media Where You Live: Third in a series on fighting back locally

Here I am nagging again!

President Trump at CPAC last year. He sure knows how to light up the left!

Washington isn’t going to save you and as excited as we are to hear what President Trump has in mind when he speaks at CPAC later today, you know your energy must be focused on your local community and to some degree at your state level.

There is not much hope in some Blue states, but it was Republican state legislatures that are really to blame for the great 2020 Election Steal as they sat by and let Democrat governors set the rules and run their elections.

The Left has been for decades and decades working to control governments at the local level, and you must now work there to try to catch up and push them back.  I know in some cities that is just about hopeless, so your choice there is to leave or stay and at least be a thorn in the side of your Democrat Socialist local leadership.

You can read Parts 1 and 2 of my series on Community Organizing 101 here:

What do we do now? Fight Back Locally!

In Part 1, I talked about getting your facts on whatever issues you plan to tackle.  I used refugee resettlement as an example, and in Part 2 the focus was on finding others to help and support your efforts.

In this one, Part 3, I’m nagging as I have been for over a decade and begging you to set up your own local or state website or blog.  Your local paper is probably a leftwing rag even if you live in a red county!

You need to become the alternate news source!  

Yes, it is great to network on Facebook, but you can’t count on how long that will last. And, you really can’t offer detailed information there or maintain an archive for new people as time goes on.

Make your conservative website a general one about your city or county, or choose a specific issue that is plaguing your area.

It is no use if you have gathered factual information and then have no way to get it out beyond your little group!

The easiest place I found initially to set up a blog was at, but as you know they deplatformed RRW in 2019 without notice.

I did have to find a professional to help me find a new host and to recover RRW and set up ‘Frauds and Crooks.’ 

If I can do it, so can you.

WordPress Would Not Tell Me Why They Removed Refugee Resettlement Watch


If you simply think this is way beyond your abilities (I assure you it isn’t), then at least try to get letters and opinion pieces posted in your local paper.  Keep it toned down with the idea of getting nuggets of factual information out to the public without getting yourself banned.

If you are trying to educate the community on the refugee program (your fear that your area will be flooded by Biden/Harris migrants), a good message is to simply raise the concern about your own local poor and suffering people—the jobless, the homeless, veterans and so forth.  America hasn’t run out of poor people yet.

Another option for garnering local media attention is to attend (assuming the meetings are open in the age of COVID) local city or county commissioner meetings and be available to the press there.

If they have a public comment period, using the refugee issue as an example, ask your elected body if they plan to encourage more refugee resettlement in their jurisdiction and remind them that you have suffering Americans to care for first.

Don’t let them Alinsky you!

Assuming you have gathered a small group of likeminded patriots as I suggested in Part 2, take turns attending meetings, or take turns speaking.  If only one of you becomes identified as the ring leader, the Left will pull an Alinsky on you.

They will try to take that one person down with personal attacks etc. as a way of bringing you all down.

Of course it is commonsense, but be very courteous to the print and/or TV reporter whose beat is local government, after all, your goal is to get your information out through the media filter and it will do you no good to antagonize the reporter when you are just getting started.

Ask yourself every day: What work have I done today to save us all from the Socialists’ war on my community and to help Make America Great Again?

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13 thoughts on “You Must be the Media Where You Live: Third in a series on fighting back locally

  1. Anne, I salute your unending efforts to get us off our rumps and fight for freedom! I am now 85 and can’t do much but eagerly await your posts daily! A fan!

    1. Thank you Jane, but I have gotten lazy (or tired) and can’t seem to get a post out every day, so forgive me on those days!

  2. All the things that we want prevented or changed flow from fraudulent elections. The first and only thing to do is eliminate all machines in voting. Per Mike Lindell’s “Absolute Truth” documentary you will see that all states are affected by the black box/fraction magic of the current voting systems used here and around the world. Democrats are the minority. The tail is wagging the dog . Even MD. & Va. which are thought to be “lost causes” are really a “blue mirage” Facilitated by MSM,DS, CCP,et al. Unless you rage against the machines; all the facts, common sense arguments, and grass roots movements will fail. You only get to vote for socialism once! Gotta get back to (human) hands on Paper period.

  3. WordPress won’t remove you if you have your own domain name and hosting company, and merely install WordPress software on it. Then you also have control of all email, and can have many email accounts. There are all sorts of plugins to use for sharing, keeping down spam, etc. Never give someone else control of your site! Even godaddy has deleted folks.

    1. Thanks, yes of course we can (and I do) use the wordpress writing program. I was deplatformed by which is a separate hosting company like Go Daddy. I am now hosted elsewhere and use the wordpress writing software.

  4. Oh my gosh! Help the world and we help our country. What a criminal cabal is doing!

  5. Thank you for sharing information that can be used in cities and towns across our great country.

    I’ve spoken with many people who want to do “something “ to help but don’t know what to do or how to help.

    Just taking one small first step is a step we hadn’t taken before and hopefully will result in additional steps toward reaching positive results. 🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸

    1. Exactly! Just ask every day, what have I done to help MAGA! It can be as little as talking to a neighbor about patriot concerns.

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