Where is Chairman Joe’s State of the Union Address?

Update!  So where is Joe?  Seems that everyone is noticing that the State of the Union address went missing in February.

Why Is Biden First President Since 1981 To Not Give First SOTU Speech By End Of February?…Will Kamala Have To Step In?


The traditional address to the nation happens in February, so as we flip the calendar to March, inquiring minds are asking when do we see the Joe Show?

The speech often runs two hours long and we wonder if Biden can stand and speak that long.

My guess is that it will not happen and they will blame fears of a domestic terror attack as previewed by the acting head of the Capitol police last week.

In the meantime….

President Trump gave a rousing state of the union address yesterday at CPAC which I am sure most of you witnessed.  The big news of course is that he plans to continue his control of the Republican Party and hinted that he is considering a run in 2024.

Heads surely exploded when he uttered this line: “I may even decide to beat them a third time.”


Trump’s ability to speak without pause for hours stands in contrast to the man in the White House that 80 million Americans supposedly elected to lead the free world who can’t seem to go a few minutes without a gaff.

Here is the Washington Times wondering where is Joe?

So where’s the big Biden speech?

There were some observers who declared that former President Donald Trump‘s speech before CPAC on Sunday was actually a State of the Union address. There is some truth to that. His comments covered the state of the union, the state of unity within the Republican Party and conservatism, and the prospects for the future.

Mr. Trump’s appearance, however, occurred just as the public, media and lawmakers themselves are wondering whether President Biden will make the traditional presidential speech before a joint session of the Congress.


In historical perspective, Mr. Trump gave his first address to Congress on Feb. 28, 2017; former President Barack Obama on Feb. 24, 2009; and former President George W. Bush on Feb. 27, 2001.

So where is the 46th president in all this?

My guess is that Acting Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman is setting up the excuse and blaming it on us, on Trumpsters: No state of the union this year because of the threat of domestic violence.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi advised on Feb. 11 that Mr. Biden would not be making any big speeches until “we pass our COVID relief bill.” The House did that on Saturday.


Other factors, such as the threat of the virus in close quarters, and the security challenge on Capitol Hill, have been cited as a reason for the delay.

“We know that members of the militia groups that were present on Jan. 6 have stated their desires that they want to blow up the Capitol and kill as many members as possible with a direct nexus to the State of the Union,” Acting Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman told the House Appropriations Committee during an appearance Friday.

More here.

See my previous post on Pittman, here.

By the way!

I was shocked when I saw the stats last night on yesterday’s post, part 3 on community organizing.  And, this morning I see the post has been visited nearly 24,000 times.

That is unheard of for a little blog like mine.  However, mystery solved when a friend notified me that Sidney Powell posted the link at her Telegram account.  Thanks to whoever brought it to Powell’s attention!

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10 thoughts on “Where is Chairman Joe’s State of the Union Address?

  1. Congratulations on getting Sidney Powell’s notice, Ann!

    And as a halfhearted defense of Biden, I note that the State of the Union wasn’t always delivered as a speech in front of Congress. Earlier it was a written report sent to Congress. But I doubt the Biden administration has come up with one, or is even capable of it.

    1. Thanks! I wish I knew how it happened. As for the speech: the speech in recent years has become such an interesting show and people expect it. I don’t think he is capable of it and we should all get out ahead of this and say that (due to his limited fitness) before they blame us—violent Trump supporters—for the continued presence of the fence and for Congress’ personal body guards, the national guard, at the Capitol.

  2. Ms ‘No confidence’ Pittman stated the ‘militias’ said they intended to blow up the capital?
    I never heard this news from any source. Is this true? Is she making it up or did she have insider information from the FBI? Notice the left changed the rioters to ‘insurrectionists’ and militias. It is all being orchestrated to paint the picture of us as domestic terrorists. We are NOT. That is why they are leaving up the wall around the capital to further their picture for the world to see and so all will think the conservatives are blood thirsty extremists. It is all propaganda and we need to turn the tables on them. They are the cheating, lying corrupt party that succeeded in a coup.

    1. Hi Michelle, yes, look around, many reports of ‘no confidence Pittman’ saying that. It is so outlandish. Do you remember in the lead up to the inauguration that every state capital had a police/national guard presence because the FBI warned of violence everywhere. That was the leftists creating a fake story and the FBI fell for it. Same thing here is my guess. I don’t know what is scarier that the FBI is missing “knuckle heads” amateur planning, falling for head fakes by the Left, or them knowing what was coming and not warning police agencies and making sure protective measures are taken.

  3. God Bless Sydney Powell! and God bless you, Ann!!! All your effort and cataloguing of info on immigration and schemes under the guise of ‘refugee’ SHOULD be known by as many millions as possible. What a grand connection.

  4. How the heck do such incompetent people wind up in such positions of authority? Oh, sorry; they’re Leftists.

    I thought I was being clever about comparing Jeff Dunham’s dummy, Walter, to Joe Biden. Come to find out there are a lots of memes on the two of them especially at imgflip. Check them out. Funny stuff!

  5. I recall hearing Biden’s inauguration speech…..It went something like this……zzzzzzzzzzzz……smack, snort, dribble……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………

  6. Why a State of Union, we have no acting President and don’t want the VP or Pelosi

    1. Personally I have no interest in a State of the Union address. Just one more sign that Joe isn’t capable and I think that is why the delay, or whatever it is.

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