What do we do now? Fight Back Locally!

Update!  Lesson number two is here!

Fight Back Locally! Second in a series of posts on Community Organizing

Update  February 28th!  Lesson number three is here!

You Must be the Media Where You Live: Third in a series on fighting back locally

Update March 7th:  Lesson number four! Ridicule is a powerful political weapon!

Community Organizing 101: Attack the Leftwing Ideology with Ridicule



In a post at Refugee Resettlement Watch recently I asked if readers wanted some help getting started with a local political campaign to, let’s just say, ‘educate’ your communities about the US Refugee Admissions Program.

This is information you will need as the Biden/Harris administration is threatening to bring in more refugees in a year than have been admitted in nearly 30 years.  Congress isn’t going to save you from the upheaval, nor is your governor.

And, frankly you can’t count on any conservative or immigration restriction ‘think tank’ operating in Washington, DC either!

I told readers in response to my post that I would prepare a tutorial of sorts on how to begin.

Personal Story From a Reader Reminds Me! It is now up to YOU!


(And, by the way, when this question was asked of me in 2019, I wrote this post and kept it posted on my sidebar for over a year).


A Reader Asks: What Should We be Doing Now? Answer: Re-Elect Donald Trump in 2020!

You did great! He did win the election! But, alas, there is a usurper in the White House putting cornball cardboard hearts on the White House lawn today!

Here is what I am going to do. I am going to try to keep it simple and give readers weekly commonsense tips.  This tutorial post will be linked in my sidebar at both blogs and I will add to it weekly.  It will be up to you to come to either of my bogs to see what is new.


If he can do it, so can you!


If I try to explain how to ‘community organize’ all at one time, not only will you be overwhelmed, but my head will explode trying to write it all at once.

What I plan to describe can be applied to any issue you decide to undertake, but here is the basic idea—YOU MUST ACT LOCALLY!

I know it is fun to think and talk about national big issues and politicians at the top of the pyramid, but resist that temptation.

For example, shut up right now about who could possibly be a White House candidate in 2024 because when you spend precious time doing that, it might be fun, but you don’t accomplish anything!

Basically all you are doing is hankering for someone to save you, to save you from having to work hard to save us.

How has the Left taken over almost everything in some states as they now work on the states they haven’t captured yet.  They work locally.

I know it can be boring and just plain drudgery, but local is where you must begin.

It is winter, we are shut-in in many cases and not just because of the weather, but also due to the hysteria surrounding the Chinese virus.

Okay here we go with Lesson 1:

Get your facts by doing your homework!

This is the perfect time to do the most important and time-consuming step in any effort to act locally no matter what the issue.

Discipline yourselves! Make time every day to do your research.  On refugees for example, see my Knowledge is Power category. Or, search your state by name at RRW.

Search the internet, find out what has been happening in your state over the last couple of decades on the issue.  Call some government agencies.  Many states have a state refugee coordinator for example and politely get information from them about what is happening in your state.

Do not get adversarial with any government agency official, elected official or other citizens from whom you are seeking information. If you do, that is just dumb.  There may be time for that later, but not right away!

Oh and did I say: Learn the facts.

For example, you will never get anywhere if you spout off-about the southern border when you are trying to organize against the resettlement of refugees who are chosen by the UN and flown into the country to be distributed by one of the nine federal resettlement contractors.

If you want to organize against illegal aliens invading, that is fine and dandy, but don’t mix the two issues or you will be completely dismissed by the much more highly-informed advocates for open borders.

Enough said, time to go to work learning the facts about the issue around which you are organizing.

Priceless: Trump Defense Attorney Michael Van der Veen Rips the Media

No sooner had I posted my previous post and mentioned that the nut cases on the Left were attacking a winning legal team attorney by vandalizing his home and threatening his life, Philadelphia lawyer Michael Van der Veen, I saw this incredible CBS interview with him.

Trump Acquitted Again! MAGA Lives!

This is a video you should be sending far and wide.  The best slapdown of the media you may ever see…

Trump Acquitted Again! MAGA Lives!

Surely you have seen the news before now, but I would be remiss if I didn’t give you the ending to the latest assault on President Trump and you, the America Firsters who these people despise.

Attorney Van der veen has hired private security and police have officers guarding his home.

It was riveting TV, well at least the defense lawyers were inspiring, Raskin not so much.

The defense’s testimony featured videos of the hateful threatening language used by Democrats and their supporters as they encouraged rioters who burned and destroyed American cities in 2020.

Keep these videos handy and use them extensively in the days and weeks ahead.

Day 4: President Trump’s Impeachment Defense Team was Superb


By the way, it was reported on Fox last night that yesterday’s primary defense lawyer, Michael Van der veen, had experienced attacks to his family home and law firm from the crazed Biden/Harris/Pelosi lovers.  At least a hundred death threats were reported.

Following his acquittal, President Trump issued the following statement.  This line stands out:

“Our historic, patriotic and beautiful movement to Make America Great Again has only just begun. In the months ahead I have much to share with you, and I look forward to continuing our incredible journey together to achieve American greatness for all of our people. There has never been anything like it!



Disgraced, in addition to Senator Mitch McConnell who apparently hates the President so much that he took to the Senate floor following the vote to blast him, are seven Senators who voted to convict the President in what Trump’s lawyers meticulously showed was a shameful and unconstitutional witch-hunt.

Even if you didn’t like Trump, the vote to convict was clearly wrong for the future well-being of our Constitutional government.

If one of these is your Senator, speak up where you live.  But whatever you do, don’t stoop to the level of the creeps who vandalized the home of Trump’s defense attorney.


Patriots in Utah, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Alaska, Maine, Nebraska, North Carolina, and yes, Kentucky, you have work to do! It might take years in some cases, but never forget!


In some ways, I wish we had heard from witnesses, because one of the most pressing questions remaining, at least for me, is this one:

What did Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell know from law enforcement about the coming attack on the Capitol, and yet obviously did nothing to beef up security in advance? 

Either our supposedly great FBI was caught flat-footed by an assortment of troublemakers or they knew what was coming and nothing was done to stop it.  Very scary either way!

I suspect it is that question that the Dems feared when they backed down on their last minute demand for witnesses.